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"Prince Bartek, how about i give you your reward now"
— Majin Bulma about to give BH "something"

"Back off Chi-Chi, he's mine"
— Majin Bulma to Majin Chi-Chi about Chi-Chi being first in line for BH

"Hey Son! Haha i called you by your last name! You're mad bro?! I never liked you anyway, i hope master BH beats you down"
— Majin Bulma taunting Goku

— Majin Bulma and Majin Chi-Chi fusing into Chilma

Bulma is wife of Vegeta and the mother of Trunks and Bulla. She died when Bartek used the "the destruction of evil humans" attack on the humans, but ressurectes her anyway

Dragon Ball GTEdit

GT Bulma by cdzdbzgoku

Bulma in GT

5 years after the end of Z, Bulma has made a training room for her husband, Bardock and Turles, she was turned majin by Prince Bartek and devolpes machines for him, she later fought Super Saiyan 4 Goku as Chilma

She died before the events of Goku jr's story

BH Game 3Edit

Bulma apears as a spectator and is shocked to see her in the saiyans' universe being treated like a sex toy by that universe Vegeta and yells at Vegeta stating that Yamcha universe's Bulma had better.

Vegeta worries if she was planning a devorse

GT new heroesEdit

Due to Hiromi Tsuru's death, Bulma will be revived in her GT outfit, with nicer personality starting from Gine's return chapter

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