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ブラ, Bura
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Three Foolish Monkeys

Country Matters


Nicknames: Eschalot
Species: 1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Human
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Capsule Corp., West City, Earth
Birthdate: Age 780
Date of Death: n/a
Personal Pronouns: あたし
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: Student
Organizations: Z Fighters (support) (Age 780 - present)
Starchasers (Age 793 - present)
Family: King Vegeta (paternal grandfather)
Kusa (paternal grandmother)
Dr. Brief (maternal grandfather)
Mrs. Brief (maternal grandmother)
Vegeta (father)
Bulma (mother)
Trunks (brother)
Tarble (paternal uncle)
Tights (maternal aunt)
Chari (girlfriend)

Bulla (ブラ, Bura) is a Saiyan/human hybrid. The daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, she is a princess of the Saiyan species. While not much of a warrior, she was inspired by her friend Chari to begin sparring in earnest at the age of 13. Afterwards, she joined the Starchasers and became a warrior in her own right. She is a major character in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.

History[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[edit | edit source]

Three Foolish Monkeys[edit | edit source]

At the start of this story, Chari and Bulla were playing in the backyard of Chari's house while Jia was inside cooking dinner. Bulla showed her friend Android 21, whom her mother had taken from Gero's laboratory many years ago. His appearance scared Chari. Bulla told her not to worry, for the android was not yet completed and was in lockdown. Her mother had been trying to reactivate him for many years, but had been unsuccessful so far. Then, the girls tried to bring his infinite energy device back online.

Bulla's attempt to bring 21 back online didn't work. She was shocked that he wasn't turning on and gave credit to Dr. Gero for programming the android so well. At that moment, Jia came outside and asked Chari where Olivien was. She told her that he was sparring in the gravity training unit. Jia called Oli over, asked Bulla if she was staying for the night (she was), and then told the kids that she had to step out for a few hours for some reason. She did not tell them why, but instructed the three to go to bed at once, though they were allowed to watch television for an hour or so. She promised to tell their father if she caught either of them out after their bedtime.

She raced out the front door, not even bothering to take care of the curry. Moments later, it boiled over, leaving Jia a huge mess to clean up when she returned. Bulla laughed at that. The Saiyans went to bed afterwards, though they didn't remain there for more than three minutes before they opened their bedroom window, flew out, and pursued Jia to wherever she was going.

In the second scene, Chari, Olivien, and Bulla tracked Jia to Seikishi City. They tracked her to a Morizakura warehouse on the ocean's edge. There, Morucan and Tresparson, associates of Cardinal, waited for her. They told her that something had gone amiss at Ledas' house. They had installed something there that had run out of batteries. Jia was greatly worried about that, telling them that if anything had happened with the children, she could have died. They promised to replace the device's batteries that night while the kids slept. Morucan did not make it clear what the device they were talking about did. He told Jia that Cardinal was waiting in the warehouse and wanted to talk to her. She went inside to see him.

The Saiyans moved in, trying to see where Jia had disappeared to. Olivien tried to pronounce the kanji for 'Morizakura', but was unable to read them properly. Chari corrected him, although her voice rose high enough for Morucan and Tresparson to hear them. The men ran over, noticing immediately that the kids had tails. They drew their weapons, trying to scare off the kids, for they didn't want them entering the warehouse. At the sight of the guns, however, Olivien instinctively blasted Tresparson with a Kyorra Flash, and Chari did the same to Morucan, lest the men inform Jia that the Saiyans had followed her to that place.

Afterwards, Bulla scolded the other two and then they flew back home in silence. They watched television for a short while before falling asleep. In the morning, Jia returned and reprimanded them for leaving the television on.

Country Matters[edit | edit source]

At the start of this story, Olivien was seen exercising in the backyard of his house at night during a rainstorm. When he came inside, his twin, Chari, rebuked him for being so foolish. She asked him to clean himself up, for Bulla had come over to hang out. He barely acknowledged the other girl, which embarrassed Chari. Because of the rainstorm, they decided to stay inside the house and play games. While the girls waited for Olivien, Bulla promised to upgrade the house's CLEAN-BOT 6000s.

They played some card and board games for a while before Olivien got himself some vodka. Chari was none too pleased with that, but it was not like she could stop him. Bulla didn't care, for she had plenty of texting to do. Once they had finished with their games, Oli went to the kitchen to make handmade pasta, while Chari and Bulla watched a movie together on the couch. Chari remembered that Trunks had told her that Bulma had been a rare beauty in her youth, and she thought that that beauty was clearly coming out in Bulla. She was feeling aroused sitting next to Bulla and it took a lot of willpower for her to not make a move.

Once the movie was over, Bulla requested Oli to give her the vodka bottle. He did so, teleporting back and forth, while eating his tortellini and pesto. The bottle was empty. Chari was once more concerned that Olivien had drunk the entire bottle, but he dismissively replied that it had been an old bottle. Chari was not soothed by that response, for it implied that he had other bottles stashed around the house. Bulla cut in, telling them that she wanted to play truth or dare with the bottle (after spinning it, whoever it pointed at would have to tell a truth or do a dare).

The first spin landed on Chari. Bulla asked her who her crush at school was. She lied and told them that it was a boy named Billy Shears. She admitted that she didn't know if she wanted to be his girlfriend, though. The second spin landed on Chari again. Olivien asked her how many boys she had given blowjobs too. While she offended at the question, Chari nevertheless admitted that she had gone down on four boys. Her answer made Bulla giggle. The next spin landed on Olivien. He decided to do a dare. Chari told him to spend ten minutes outside in the rain. He did not like that, but those were the rules, so he left.

Afterwards, Chari asked Bulla if she liked Olivien. Bulla told her that she saw Oli as a friend and nothing more. They continued the game. The bottle landed on Bulla. Chari asked her what type of boy was her type. Bulla responded by asking for some vodka. Chari could not refuse the princess, so they took a bottle from Olivien's hidden stash (which Chari knew the location of). She used the bathroom before returning. When she did, she was surprised to see that Oli hadn't come back inside. She wanted to look for her twin, but Bulla thought that he would be alright out in the cold.

Just then, Jia, their caretaker, returned home. She asked the girls if they had had dinner, and they confirmed they had. She asked Bulla if she was staying the night. The half-Saiyan said she was, and promised to text her mother about it. She asked where Olivien was. Chari told her that the boy had gone out and that she would go fetch him soon. Then, Chari told Jia it would be perfectly fine for her to go to bed, as she looked tired. The woman did not need to be asked twice.

After Jia retired to her quarters, Chari admitted that she wasn't going to go looking for her brother. She poured them each a cup of vodka and soda. Bulla never ended up answering the question that had been posed to her. Instead, the girl asked Chari what her deepest, darkest fear was (which Chari had tried to ask her moments before). Chari said that it was disappointing her father. Bulla agreed, although she was probably pressured more to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Bulla was getting drunk and started teleporting around the room. She found one of the CLEAN-BOT 6000s, caught it, and threw it into a wall. The next thing Chari remembered was her and Bulla outside, throwing up into the grass. As it started to rain more, she raced into her father's gravity training unit to escape from the cold. The AI Theodosius greeted her. She requested bots to dry the two of them off and a bed for them to sleep in, all of which Theo provided instantly. Drunkenly, Bulla thought the two of them should spar. She swung at Chari, hitting her in the nose and breaking it. Then, she passed out on the bed. A few minutes later, Chari drank some water and then got Bulla to do the same (though she spilled a lot of it). She pressed her body against Bulla's and felt her up a bit before falling asleep.

The next morning, in the second scene, Chari went to Capsule Corp., figuring that that was where Bulla had gone, as she had not woken up next to the princess. When she arrived at Capsule Corp., she met with Bulma and learned from her that Bulla had not returned home that morning. Chari asked her to craft her a new set of armor, in the style of Vegeta's, but black and white in color. She wanted to start sparring again, for Bulla wanted to as well. Bulma was surprised to hear that about her daughter. She remarked that not even Vegeta had been able to get Bulla to spar. All Bulla had wanted to do was help Bulma work on activating Androids 21 and 22, a pair of unfinished creations that Bulma had found in Dr. Gero's laboratory. Nevertheless, taking Chari's word for it, Bulma promised to craft armor for the girls later that day.

She arrived back at her house to find Bulla in the dining room, working on repairing the CLEAN-BOT 6000 she had damaged the previous night. She told Bulla about Bulma making them armor. Bulla was confused, as she did not remember bringing up sparring the previous night, nor punching Chari. She grew tearfully sorry when she learned what she had done. Nevertheless, the two agreed to spar in Ledas' gravity training unit later, and they also both agreed not to disfigure each other's faces.

Bulla had not remembered that they had sparred when they had been much younger. Bulla did not want to take the blame for the hole in the wall, but Chari would not let her get out of that one. Jia would know one way or another. Then, Chari told her that she needed to run a few errands before her father returned, so she would be gone for a few hours. Bulla decided to return home to finish up her homework, work on cracking the deactivation codes of Androids 21 and 22, and finish updating the CLEAN-BOT 6000.

Later on, Olivien told Chari that she should tell Bulla about her feelings for the girl, regardless of the outcome. Bulla deserved to know, and Chari deserved to know her answer. Chari was embarrassed and didn't know what to say, thinking to herself that Bulla was surely not bisexual.

In the third scene, Chari and Bulla began their duel in the gravity training unit. Olivien was the referee. Their fight was bloody and brutal, with neither girl blocking much, but both landing many hits. Bulla got very mad every time Chari hit her in the face, but that did not stop Chari from getting even with the princess. Bulla mocked Chari by calling her the granddaughter of a King's Guard.

Then, Bulla shot off a ki explosion/energy beam (known as Cut Thrust) which overwhelmed Chari. The Saiyan fell to her knees and noticed a ton of blood on the ground. With horror, everybody realized that she had been nicked bad just beneath the heart. One of her breasts had been exposed as the blast had peeled away the armor on half of her chest and left a hole in her lung. Olivien picked her up and told her that he was taking her to Korin while Bulla just stood there, regretfully, crying. Later on, Chari and Bulla both agreed to retroactively consider that sparring session their first date.

Girl[edit | edit source]

In the second scene of this story, after Olivien found Chari's dildo and was denied being allowed to use it, he remarked that she was probably saving it for Bulla. When Okinaro and Olivien met in the third scene, the Inari told the Saiyan that he would be staying on Earth until at least Bulla's birthday, which was in ten days from their conversation. He later told the boy that Chari and Bulla would be joining them in their upcoming training.

In the fifth scene, Oli and Chari were in their kitchen. It was the next morning. Chari was baffled that a girl had dyed his hair pink, but he swore Akina had. She made some rude comments and looked at him with the disappointment only a sister could, for she believed that he was hiding that he had been out all night with some boy (which was not true). Bulla soon came into the kitchen, yawning. She complimented Oli's hair. Not wanting to confront what Chari was about to say about him, Olivien turned their attention to the fact that Okinaro was out back, waiting for the three to come out so he could train them. Bulla ran out to Okinaro.

Before going out, Olivien asked his sister if she had slept with Bulla yet. Chari looked away, biting her lip and blushing. He knew she had, and thus revealed to her that he could smell Bulla on her breath. That severely embarrassed Chari, but Olivien just marched off to Okinaro, thinking to himself that he was not nearly as happy as his sister, but perhaps one day he could end up in a situation like hers.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Non-combative Moves[edit | edit source]

Offensive Moves[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In KidVegeta's universe, Bulla is bisexual.
  • When Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon was conceived of in 2012, I was originally going to make Bulla the protagonist of the entire thing before its plot was massively expanded and Dragon Ball Super was released.

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