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Original Bulla

Gen no Bura
Anime name Bulla
Manga name Original Bra
Alternate names Bra
Bulla Brief
Debut Manga: "10 Years After"
Anime: "Granddaughter Pan
Appears in
Z Ball
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Human-type Earthling-1/2 Saiyan
Gender Female
Date of birth Age 780
Date of death Age 796 (timeline altered; erased from existence)
Address WST 3338926 K
Allegiance Z-Fighters
Team Bulla
  • Bulla (parallel timeline counterpart)
  • Original Bulma (mother)
  • Original Vegeta (father)
  • Original Trunks (brother)
  • Original Tights (aunt)
  • New Future Tights (aunt, alternate timeline/fusee)
  • Original Pan (fusee)
  • Original Bulla is the Original Main (GT Timeline) counterpart of Bulla, and the daughter of Bulma, and Saiyan Prince Vegeta.

    Biography Edit

    After Super 17's attack the Z-Fighters assemble to fight against the Dragon Ball Abusers. Bulla becomes Super Saiyan after witnessing the death of her mother, and fruitlessly attacks the Android.

    She later uses Original Super Shenron to change the timeline, but remaining abusers manage escape to the Timespace Rift.

    Techniques Edit

    • Flight
    • Ki Blast
    • Galick Gun
      • Super Galick Gun
      • Hyper Galick Gun
    • Sexy Smile
      • Super Sexy Smile
    • Ki Transfer
    • Final Flash

    Transformations Edit

    Super Saiyan Edit

    Original Bulla managers to become a Super Saiyan by experiencing great rage towards the death of her mother. While she is easily overpowered by Super 17; she became much stronger than Pan.

    Fusions Edit

    Bulpan Edit

    Bulpan is the EX-Fusion of Bulla and Pan.

    Tiglla Edit

    Tiglla (タイラ; Taira; Tigra) is the EX-Fusion of New Future Tights, and Original Bulla. She was strong enough to defeat Android 17, and Android 1920. However she is defeated by Team 18.

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