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Buk, despite his size, is actually quite smart for a Half-Saiyan. Buk fights many opponents, however, appears to be slightly weaker than Sivus. However, this does not bring him down

Power Level[]

At Full Power, 5,100,231

50% Saiyan Power, 15,000,000

100% Saiyan Power, 25,000,000


  • Absolute Death! - The technique based off of the whole series, this is where Buk draws strength from the entire universe, then, forms a large Spirit Bomb-like sphere, and throws it at his opponent.
  • Rampage - Despite it's name, this is actually a sensible attack. Usually at the start of a battle, Buk starts screaming gibberish as if he was insane, then, starts wacking his opponent. At the end, he chuckles and fires a Trap Shooter, and damages his opponent.
  • Trap Shooter
  • Ki Wave
  • Finger Beam


Buk appears to skip 10% Saiyan Power, however, why this happens is unknown.

  • 50% Saiyan Power

    Buk, 50% Saiyan Power

Buk appears to take the form of 50% Saiyan Power often against his enemies who overpower him.

* 100% Saiyan Power

Buk takes this form not as often as 50%, however, still takes this form alot.

Broly LSSJ

Buk, 100% Saiyan Power