Bubbles is the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 6. Bubbles is accompanied by her angel attendant and trainer, Ariel. In contrast to Bubbles is Vela who is the Supreme Kai. Together, they comprise the cosmo-triumvirate. The characters appear exclusively in the GAU mythos.


Bubbles has the appearance of a young woman. A basic description characterizes her with white-blue skin, ruby-coloured eyes and neatly combed white hair, shoulder length. Despite her power and status as a destroyer, Bubbles has a petite and delicate appearance.

She customarily wears the formal attire of a God of Destruction which includes shoes, trousers and a banner about the neck which she wears over a bandeau, a band bra, to cover her upper chest region.





Bubbles is the youngest of the destroyer god pantheon, only recently coming into the position. She competed in a battle royal, at the behest of her predecessor, against a number of candidates.

Battle of GodsEdit



In terms of power and skill, Bubbles is in the same tier as her fellow destroyer gods. She is infinitely powerful, able to destroy planets and even stars without effort. The depths of her power remain unknown but it is safely assumed to be universe destroying.

Being surpassed by her angel attendant Ariel and the previous God of Destruction, Bubbles is not the strongest being in her universe. Universe 6 possesses a number of fighters on par with, and even greater than her.


  • Flight - The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The ability to project ki as a destructive force.
  • Destruction - As a Goddess of Destruction, Bubbles possesses the ability to destroy anything.
  • Life Link - Bubbles' and Vela's lives are linked, so if one of them dies, so will the other.


  • Bubbles vs. God of Destruction candidates


  • The name Bubbles is derived from bubbly which is informal for champagne.
  • The character was designed by salvamakoto.
  • Bubble’s appearance was revised to fit in with the God of Destruction lore. As a result, her long pink hair was replaced by a shorter, white hair and her bunny motif was removed completely.
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