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"I'm going to be the best Saiyan ever. But not without the support of my family!"
— Brussel looking up at the sky on Planet Vegeta.

Anime name Brussel
Manga name Brussel
Alternate names Bruss, Sell, Russell
Debut That Brussel seed is being planted
Appears in That Brussel seed is being planted
Race Saiyan
Height 3'02
Weight 98 lbs
Affiliations Kohlrabi (brother), Spina (sister), Aspara (brother), Zucchini (brother), Beetroot (brother), Cele (sister), Leek (sister), Articho (brother), Parsnip (sister), Chard (brother), Turnip (brother), Avocado (sister), Melaton (father), Okra (mother)


Brussell has fair skin, short black spiky hair, dark-brown eye irises, a saiyan-tail hanging out wears a dark-black body-suit spandex with the Saiyan RIT armor over it. The colors of it being a burnt-orange chest piece with green khaki dual shoulder pads, green khaki gloves, green khaki boots, green khaki thigh guards on each side, and a green scouter on his right eye.


Brussel is somewhat cool, calm, collected, and confident in being a future saiyan-elite like his dad with wanting to take care of his friends and family first than his goal. He is cautious by nature, and intends to keep his family together when danger approaches.


Born on planet vegeta and sent to planet Pudding with his nine brothers and five sisters, Brussel is a young saiyan who was born with a low power level of 500. With his brothers and sisters having power levels of 400, 300 and lower than 50.

Powers and TechniquesEdit


  • Brussels name is a pun to the vegetable Brussel sprouts.
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