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Brudiko is the result of the fusion dance between Brudikai and Jaduko led by Brudikai in terms of fighting style and tactics. First fused in the fight against a heavily supressed Demigra, Brudiko held his on driving Demigra from the time nest. At the time of their first fusion Brudiko is at the strength of Super Vegito. In the 93rd universe of Dragon ball PD the Fusion dance is a better solution than the patora earings confirmed by Amaterasu. When the fusion ended Brudikai finally accepted Jaduko as being his brother in law.


Brudiko the second time fused on Namek

character image
Dragon Ball PD Character
Vital statistics
Birthplace: First fused on a time Patrol mission on Namek
Power level: unknown
Homeworld: Earth since both fusees live there
Species: Saiyan
Gender: male
Birthdate: first fused in 762 on a time patrol mission during the freiza saga
Hair Color: black
Mother: half Bulma half amaterasu
Father: half Vegeta half Broly
Brother(s): Half Trunks half Hiku
Sister(s): Half Bulla
Spouse(s): Half bulla
In-Laws: Half Trunks
Children: Half Brock half Brulla
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


Erasor Masenko

Super Kamehameha

Ultimate blaster Kamehameha- a stronger version of Brudikai's Omega kamehameha

Super saiyan 1-3 (Can only go ssj as of the current episode)

Ultimate ki: Galicksenko cannon

Ultimate melee: Instant transmission inner ki punch
Dragonball-Z - Gogeta's theme

Dragonball-Z - Gogeta's theme

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