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Brouse is


the 27-year old descendant of Vegeta and Bulma and sister toAgafh. She survived his attack on her family mainly due to the fact that she was out training with her master, Polie. After discovering the horrible thing Agafh had done, she vowed to aid Singan and his allies in their search for the Dragon Balls in order to resurrect her family members and Singan's dead friends.


Brouse is a fun-loving, cynical, outgoing woman. Her perkiness and sometimes bossy attitude can get on the nerves of Singan's group, but, still, they care for her like family. She was told to be "the most normal member of the group" by Gnik.

Power level[]

Her power level is at a stunning 678,994, due to her Saiyan blood and her incredible training activities.


Brouse was given a weapon by Apiden as a gift for saving her life. Apiden formerly called the weapon Fritzo, but Brouse changed the name to AT-DB.


  • The name Brouse gave to the weapon is named after the initials of both Akira Toriyama (author of the Dragon Ball manga series) and his manga series Dragon Ball (ala Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball).



  • Beatdown: Brouse will leap into the air, kick the opponent in the face, then, after the enemy falls flat on the ground, will pound his face with her fists.
  • Dadum Cannon: Brouse will fire a purple and blue beam from her hand.
  • Last Shot: Brouse will pound the opponent's stomach repeatedly and then shoot him with AT-DB.
  • Screw Strike: Brouse will disorient the enemy by punching him in the face, leap up in the air, and quickly spiral down and kick the enemy in the stomach.
  • Nth Spiral Cannon: Brouse will blast the enemy with a more powerful, spiral-like variation of the Dadum Cannon.
  • Finisher: Brouse will elbow the enemy in the face, kick his gonads, leap backwards and fire a yellow beam of energy.
  • Shoutout: Brouse will fire a red beam of energy from her mouth at the opponent.


  • Brouse's name is a pun on the clothing known as a blouse.