This acticle is about the Broly twins edit from niconico that i liked and decided to use them, if you're one of Z Broly fanboys who think Broly can beat everybody, don't read this to avoid anger, thank you and happy reading

The Broly twins are the twin sons of Paragus and his lovely sexy but barbaric wife. Then they were young they were uncontrolable so they punched their father in the face and make him completly blind. Then they meet the Dragon Gang and upon seeing Goku, transformed to their LSS status, then (unlike the original story with one Broly) easily killed our heroes, and went Earth using the spacepods to wreck it

Earth and aftermathEdit

Once there, they met the dauther of Mr. Satan - Videl as they said she looks lovely, so they fought with each other to get her

BH Game 3Edit

Upon cleaning the Earth, Prince Bartek came to this universe to recuit them for his multiversal tournament, however since they were uncontrolable, he turned them into majins but (unlike with Majin Vegeta in most universes), didn't rise their powers to maximum. Then they fought Pan and Pum. The first Broly twin was unlucky to face the dauther of ultimate Gohan as she easily beat him up. After losing consciousness, the prince and his older brother teleported Broly back to his universe and then give him an senzu bean becuase he might attack the organiser for making a fool outta him thus the prince killing him for breaking the rules. The second Broly twin was lucky to be faced againts Kakarot's granddauther as he easily beat her since the little saiyan couldn't go super saiyan yet. Vegeta remarks that they are just as "weak" as when they fought them 18 years ago

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