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We all know Broly, well, most of us I'm sure. The Legendary Super Saiyan? Well, how would his life be if his psychopathic ways were affected by others? Let's find out shall we?


Broly- Protagonist







Head Guard- Supporting character/Minor Antagonist

Surviving Guard- Supporting character

Dende- Supporting Character

Cargo- Supporting Character

Guru- Supporting character

Frieza- Main Antagonist

Dadoria- Minor Antagonist

Zarbon- Minor Antagonist


Planet Vegeta, May 5th, Age 737Edit

Two Saiyans had just been born. Prince Vegeta was sent by the king to make an inspection on these Saiyan children's faith. The weaker one would be sent to exterminate life on Earth (a weakling planet), while the other would get sent to learn the secrets of some special race, then destroy the planet. Vegeta was eager to accept this mission to prove he was ready to become king. He sent Saiyan army commander Nappa with him just in case some Saiyan elites tried to attack, even though he was certain the young prince could handle himself. Now, Prince Vegeta at the time was 8, and Nappa was 9, but they appeared as 5 and 6, because Saiyans retain there youth. Now, these particular Saiyans were mature for their age. Vegeta, the feared Prince, already knew how to drive a Saiyan space pod. And Nappa, Nappa was in charge of the Saiyan army (who, under King Vegeta's orders, were secretly training to rebel against their Emperor Frieza). Anyway lets get back to the story, which focuses on Broly's coming up, shall we?

Birth Saga Edit

Prince Vegeta and fellow Saiyan Nappa arrived at the Saiyan hospital on order from King Vegeta himself.

At the hospital, Vegeta and Nappa could hear the wails from baby Kakarot.

When they arrived, they headed straight to the nursery. There, they seen the two new born, and a Saiyan kid standing over Kakarot. Kakarot's wails were so loud, that they could be heard all across the planet.

Kakarot's constant crying made Broly cry. Nappa was gaining a headache.

"Sniveling Brat," Nappa yelled as he was about to pound baby Kakarot into oblivion.

"Nappa, my dad sent me here to inspect these what ever I'm not going to let him think for a second that I'm incapable of handling this responsibility, because your retarded, use your head for once, but on the other hand, I shouldn't be taking orders from him, father or not," said Vegeta.

"I should be king, he's the king and he's weaker than me? His own son, He's not fit for the position of King. I am. I am the one fit for the Saiyan Throne. I have the power to become...the Super Saiyan." said the Prince. Nappa didn't respond to this though, as he knew better than to disagree with Prince Vegeta.

"Hey kid," Vegeta pointed at Raditz. "Check their power, Do it now! Do as your Prince commands or die!" ordered Vegeta.

"P...P...Prince Vegeta, yes sir right away." Raditz followed orders and obeyed his prince, scared as to what might happen if he didn't.

"First Kakarot," said Raditz.

Scouter Beeps. Raditz let out a sigh of disappointment.

"Only 2." said Raditz.

"Well a being this weak doesn't deserve to live, I think I'll destroy him," said Vegeta.

"I know your the prince, but my dad cares for him, So could you lay off?" asked Raditz.

"Lay off? Lay Off! LAY OFF! Do you know who I am. I think I'll kill you now. I am the Prince of all Saiyans, nobody, especially a low-class like you, ever tells me what to do. I am the strongest in the Universe." said Vegeta. Vegeta then shot a Ki blast at Raditz, who dodged it with luck. Bardock then showed up and grabbed Raditz by his throat, kicked Vegeta in the neck, breaking his neck, grabbed Kakarot, and flew off.

Bardock arrived at King Vegeta's palace with Raditz still in his hand.

"Hault," said one of the Saiyan guards with a spear in his hand.

"You may not enter. This is the King's palace, you are not welcome here. " Bardock, blood going down one side of his face, and tears the other (as he just finished the Planet Meat mission.) Bardock bashed the guard's heads in.

"I don't have time for this, my comrades just died on a mission for King Vegeta," said Bardock as he barged in, and headed to the throne room."

"Listen, King Vegeta," he commanded.

"My power has risen highly due to the Zenkai of our species, rising highly above yours, I can easily kill you now! My comrades just all died from a mission from you, and your son tried to kill mine for no reason. Its time you die, for all the wrong-doing under the name, King Vegeta" He said as he shot a ki-blast at the king, slightly maiming him. King Vegeta looked at Bardock with a sinister smile on his face. "Highly above mine? Not even in your wildest dreams kid, and I keep track on powers that began to rival mine, wouldn't you think." King Vegeta said with a chuckle. "You may have defeated my guards with ease, and just as easily put my son down with one kick, but that last blast of yours really took a lot out of you, I could feel you attempting to downplay your exhaustion, there's a reason I'm king, boy." Said King Vegeta as he walked up to Bardock and side kicked him in the ribs. "Another thing, did you really think I wouldn't continue to train, you I'm that naive." King Vegeta continued as he kneed Bardock, who was already on all fours, in the face, knocking him to the ground. "How do you think I became king, it takes a lot more than just strength and power alone my boy, you also have to have the smarts for such a position." King Vegeta exclaimed, as he walked Bardock, since killed the king, (by the way the only reason Bardock is stronger than King Vegeta is because they said Bardock's power kept rising, and they also said that his power level was around 10,000, and they also said that Vegeta was way stronger than King Vegeta as a kid, and if Vegeta's power was 18,000 durring the Saiyan saga, then as a kid Vegeta should've been around 9,500.) had become the new king. When this news reached Vegeta and Nappa, Vegeta had forgotten about the infants and the mission his father sent him on, and was infuriated. Vegeta rushed towards the palace, but being he was no longer the Prince, there were guards awaiting his approach.

"Hault," said one of the guards. "This kingdom is no longer yours, you are fobbiden from entering." said the guard.

"Oh Really, lets just see about that, shall we"," said Vegeta sarcastically with a croocked smile on his face.

"Get the Hell out of my way," yelled Vegeta as he blasted the Guard to oblivion, and did the same with the rest until he got tired. He was breathing heavier, but there were still 10 guards standing. Two of them charged at Vegeta, but he grabbed each of their spears and stuck them in one another. Then, Vegeta did one more blast, killing the remaining soildiers. He then limped to the throne room, where Raditz was being declared prince by his father.

"You, you!!!!!!!! You... Killed my father..."~sighs heavy~, "now... you must...die, as for he...was the only person, I truly cared for." said Vegeta through breaths.

"As your new king, I order you to keep him locked up," said Bardock in a deep voice.

The Super Elites at the time showed up and grabbed Vegeta by both arms, but not before he got his messege out.

"You, you... will pay for... killing my father... and taking what was rightfully mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Just then, Vegeta's aura began to glow, and his hair started to turn yellow. Yellow to black, black to yellow, yellow to black, black to yelllow, then, eventually it stayed black, and he collapsed into the guards arms.

"Father, what was that power Vegeta just displayed, could the legend be true? The legend of the Super Saiyan?!" asked Raditz to his father.

"I do not know son, but go get your brother. And tell low elite Parugus to come with his son Broly," Bardock commanded.

So, Raditz followed his father's commands, but when taking his brother from the hospital, Nappa appeared in front of him. "So, i heard your the new prince huh, well you'll never stand a chance against me let alone Vegeta. Now DIE" screamed Nappa, as he fired multiple Raditz, who barely dodged them, dodging for his life.

Meanwhile, back at the kingdom, Parugus had just arrived with his new born son, Broly.

"What do you plan to do with my son?" asked Parugus.

"This child, he has incredible strength, he could be a great warrior someday, he dosen't deserve such a home. I'll send him to Planet Namek, a place where the reisidents are peaceful, as for you Parugus, you will become my top soilder, the most powerful warrior, and an ally against Frieza," Bardock ordered. Parugus exited the throne just as Raditz, half-dead, walked in with a sleeping-baby Kakarot. Parugus went outside, set Broly off in his space pod towards Namek, and returned inside for training. Parugus had sent Broly a learning how to video that taught him how to walk, talk, fight, and his origns as a Saiyan. But what it didn't teach him was how to navigate a saiyan space pod.

"Raditz, send Kakarot to earth, hopefully he'll adjust and won't destroy the planet." Said Bardock. So, slowly but surely, Raditz sent Kakarot to earth, where he shall be.

"If there is a Super-Saiyan power, I will acheive it." said Raditz, as he walked back toward the palace.

Namek SagaEdit

Eventually, after a three year flight through space, where Cooler spotted it, and chose to ignore just as he did with Kakarot's, the space pod landed on set destination, Planet Namek. Three year old Broly climbed out of his space pod, and grabbed the scouter from inside. He walked until he found a green alien. He then engaged in battle with the alien. He killed him then the next two. He then approached another one that seemed to be the leader and battled him.

Due to the saiyans ususal nature before the era of King Bardock, and the fact that Broly's mental course was 48% disturbed by Kakarot's persistent crying, Broly's instinct was to attack. Altthough only 3, Broly had the upper hand, until struck with a fierce kick from the Namekian Warrior, causing some major brain damage. 47% of the distruption was reversed, meaning Broly was near sane. But the kick did alot more than help him, it also erased his saiyan nature, making him hardly remember he was a saiyan. Although, deep inside, he still had a pasion for fighting, he did no longer fullfill it with slaughtering, instead, he satisfied that passion by training to get stronger.

Nail, the fiercest warrior on the planet at the time, and the one that had the confrontation with Broly, had took the young Saiyan as a brother. He taught Broly the ways of the Namekian. But Broly is a Saiyan, and Saiyans are like wild animals, no matter how much you attempt to domesticate them, they will never be 100% tamed. So Broly was put to the test. Although Nail knew that those put against Broly would die, he had plans to revive all of them with the Dragonballs after Broly's training was near completion.

At his 5 year old age, he had to fight Namekian children. Being a Saiyan, he slaughtered them. Between ages 6-7, he began to destroy Namekian teens. At ages 8-12, he had to fight warrior Nemekians, he pulverized them as well.

Then, when he turned 13, he wanted to know his origin.

Kid Broly

"Nail, where am I from?" Broly asked.

"What do you mean? You grew up here, us Namekians raised you." Nail replied nervously.

"Nail, you don't have to lie. I know I'm different. I am stronger than most of your warriors at only age 13. I am not green like the rest of you. I don't have antenas, and I have a tail. So tell me, where am I from," Broly asked again.

"Well, I personally don't know your true origin, as you crash landed on this planet at the age of 3. You had an outstanding power level for only a toddler, but you were cruel. After you emerged from the pod you landed in, you defeated then pulverized the three strongest warriors on the planet at the time, besides me that is. Then, I was your next target. Although you serverly damaged me, I was able to survive and defeat you. And that is how we got to where we are now. You came to this planet at a threat, but became it's greatest protector," Nail explained.

"So where is it?" asked Broly.

"Where is what?" Nail replied, confused.

"You said I landed in a pod right? Where is the pod?" asked Broly.

"Follow me," said Nail.

The two then took off heading south. Sure enough, within half of an Namekian hour, the two arrived at the pod Broly had came to that planet in, 10 years ago. Broly approached it, eagar to find out where he was really from, and Nail followed with caution.

The pod opened up, and Broly seen all the advanced technology. He picked up his scouter. he put it on his eye, and aimed it at Nail.

"That's weird, theres a number over your head that says 57,000." said Broly.

"Interesting," said Nail.

Broly then returned the device to the pod then pressed a red button. A hologram of a man with a dark complexion in green armor with a white cape appeared.

"Broly, I am your father, Parugus. You come from a species of vital warriors known as the Saiyans. King Bardock ordered me to send you to Planet Namek to destroy their best member, then become allies with them, as he believes they can aid us in our rebellion against Frieza. You're the Legendary Saiyan. While most Saiyans are born with power levels around 10, yours was 10 as well, 10,000. So, train real hard, an eventually, you will, in due time, become a Super Saiyan! We will eventually come to retrieve you, Parugus out."

"So, your a Saiyan huh? So are you going to destroy me now, like you were inteded to do upon your arrival?" asked Nail.

"No way! But I will become a Super Saiyan!" Broly said eagar.

Broly then did extensive training, and slaughtered more warrior Nemekians, but most were accidents. As his power was legendary, he didn't know his own strength. He was trying to hold back, but he did not know how to.

"So, you kill because you don't know how to restrain yourself? Is that it?" asked Nail.

"Yes, that is it." Broly replied.

"Excuses. Do you want to be a real/true warrior or not?" asked Nail.

"I already am, I'm the strongest being on this planet." Broly said arrogantly.

"So, whats that suppose to mean? Strength and power doesn't make a warrior. Speed and duribility does not make a warrior. Stamina and agility don't make a warrior! Motives make a warrior!" explained Nail.

"Motives? What are motives?" asked Broly.

"The reason behind the things you do. Why you do the things you do," explained Nail.

"And if you want to be a true warrior, acts of selflessness. You don't do things so you can gain, you do it so others can benefit. I may not know your Saiyan heritage, but this Super Saiyan seems like legendary power. And you don't gain legendary power by just having that power. You reach that level by finding inner peace, but you don't have that right now. People can be powerful without even having an ounce of power. You need heart." Nail exclaims. Then he breaks into song.

"(Superbreath can come in fire, frost, or just plain bad. Shrinking's a power, but its kind of sad. Shifting shape into a snake can give folks quite a fright, but only your heart will win us fight. There's portal creation, and asterial projection. Telekinesis and dead ressurection. With mind control you're on a roll and if your lucky flight, but only your heart will win us the fight. Who are you? Just a Saiyan or a Super-Saiyan? The Saiyan we turn to for the plan.Who are you? Just a Saiyan or a Super-Saiyan? The Saiyan we need to take a stand. There's time travel, streching even while crawling, a sonic scream helps you with your bad guy brawling. Fists of steel can make you feel an increased sense of might, but only your heart will win us the fight!!!!!! Who are you? Just a Saiyan or a Super-Saiyan? The Saiyan we turn to for the plan. Who are you? Just a Saiyan or a Super-Saiyan? The Saiyan we need to take a stand." Broly took heave of those words spoken by the experienced Namekian to heart. So not only did he train, he now trained his endurance, speed, knowledge, and he also taught himself how to love peace and nature.

So Nail and Broly begun the real training to mode Broly into the right Justice defending warrior and the strongest in the universe. 

Months laterEdit

Nail kicks Broly to the side, breaking three ribs, Broly flies up to Nail, punches him in the face, and sends him crashing into a nearby mountain. Nail recovers and fires multiple ki blast at Broly, who easily evades them all. While Nail is being trigger happy, he does not realize that Broly is gaining ground. Broly gets within striking distance of Nail, knees him in the stomach, and while croutched over, Broly kicks him in the face. Blood now rushing down Nail face, as he uses the after image technique on Broly. Broly takes to the sky, frustrated because of the lack to since Nail's solid chi amongst the virtual copies. Broly begins to level the plainfield by sending powerful ki blast repeatedly below him towards the ground, amongst where Nail was hiding. 

Nail appears behind Broly and taps him on the shoulder. Broly turns and Nail delivers a mean haymaker to his face, spending him spiraling into the ground.

Nail then lands in front of him.

"I thought perhaps, you might be ready, but you are not. You are still a warrior of anger and rage, and not yet the warrior of compassion and patience that you need to become. We will resume tomorrow, but for now, eat and rest up, because each day, it will get more intensed" Nail informed him.

Meanwhile on EarthEdit

Goku had just finish his first week of training under Master Roshi. 

"We will keep doing this, you two, until you have become faster than me, 5 times stronger than you are, able to withstand the most brutal of beatings, and able to sustain a high level of energy throughout the course of an excrutiating battle." Master Roshi spoke to his two disciples.

"And if you want to give up now while you're ahead, go on. You must not belong here. And Goku, your grandpa trained for many years, so give up now, and you're not his grandson." Master Roshi encouraged. 

Meanwhile, back on home Planet Bardock (renamed in honor of the new king) King Bardock was changing the ways things always worked while under King Vegeta. Bardock, instead of sending Saiyans to exterminate races, he sent them to exterminates the races' best fighters or leaders, and then make the others bare loyalty, take over, and learn the top techniques. Cooler, the kinder brother of the two, told Bardock as a child, that Frieza is a punk, that if he feels a power rising, he'll destroy it, before it comes to the point where it could actually pose a threat to him. Then, Bardock started having visions again. He saw how Frieza was going to destroy the planet eventually, so he devized a plan. A plan so that most won't get killed. He used his new rule to order. There was a gathering at the Royal Palace, with mostly every Saiyan on the planet. "Attention, all Saiyan residents, emperor Frieza is planning to destroy this planet, because our power is becoming too much for him, and he thinks we're gonna overthrow him, although that is the plan. We are going to destroy the most powerful warriors and then we will make a Saiyan base on each of these planets and ally with all 

these races, as for this planet. My son Raditz (who is now 21, since I said years passed with Broly, who is now 15, along with Kakarot, who is also 15 ) will take over, his top Guard will be Parugus, and i'll still be in charge, you can find me on planet earth," said Bardock. So Saiyan ships were taken off like crazy. "Master Frieza, why are all these monkies evacuating, do they know of your plans?" ask Dadoria. "I don't know, but I'll destroy them all," said Frieza. "Poor Dadoria," said Zarbon. "You should be able to tell, that this is all Vegeta's doing, it's obvious!" So Raditz, who now had a power of 6000, became king, and Paragus, who had a power of 8500 was second in command and the most strongest guard.. Raditz sent Turles, the saiyan pirate (and his long lost brother, neither of them know yet), to befriend Cooler and his squadron, so eventually, they'll work with the Saiyans in overthrowing Frieza. Turles arrived on Planet Jetstream a month after departing from Planet Bardock. Planet Jestream was a planet on the southern half of the galaxy. Its inhabitants were those of the LightSpeed race. The planet itself was like an ongoing race track. Turles approached the assumed leader, known as King Brute.


King Brute

"Who are you, I see you have the armor, are you one of Emperor Cooler's men?" asked King Brute?

"No, but close, I work under Cooler's brother, Frieza." Said Turles.

"If thats the case, Get Out, Cooler hates Frieza." said King Brute.

"You see, thats the thing, we hate Frieza too, thats why I'm here. I was sent here to get allies in our rebel against Frieza?" Turles explained.

"Well, how can I help you, I cannot abandon my planet, I need to protect my people!" explained Brute.

"Well, what is your's races specialty?" asked Turles.

"Speed, thats why our Planet is called JetStreme." Brute answered.

"Well, who is your fastest warrior?" asked Turles.

"My son, Prince Burter." Brute answered.

"Well can I take him with me, he may prove as a great ally to us in Frieza's Downfall." Turles asked.

"If u wish, Burter!" Brute called for his son.


"Reporting for duty father!" said Burter as he struck a pose.

"Go with this saiyan, do what he says, he finds your speed very valuable." said Brute.

"Yes Sir." Burter responded.

"My name is Turles! Come on Prince Burter lets go!" said Turles.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Bardock, when I said years had passed, I didn't just mean for Broly, Bardock, Raditz, and Kakarot. I meant for everyone everywhere, as we all know, time stops for no man, or Saiyan. Vegeta was the same age as Raditz, and Nappa had broke him out of jail when he was a kid, a week after he was captured. He had been training ever since, training to become a Super Saiyan, and the one day he would finally claim his place as King of All Saiyans.

Vegeta's PowerEdit

Vegeta's training nowEdit

Vegeta:"Nappa, being King of all Saiyans was my birth right, and that Bardock, low class Saiyan trash. knew it. And then

yet, not only did he take my throne from me by killing my father, but he gave it to his weak low--class son, Raditz, who I could of easily annihilated!?" As Vegeta punched Nappa to the gut, he had a flashback of himself almost turning Super Saiyan as a child, then with a hit from Nappa, he was brought back to reality. "How...Dare...He...take my...THROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE... MY ROYALTY... AND MY PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He will pay... I will be Saiyan Leader once more." Vegeta's aura lit like a candle, and his hair turned from black to Gold, his aura from white to yellow, and his pride returned. "P...P...Prince Vegeta, the legend is true! You have become a Super Saiyan," said Nappa in shock. "Today, I will celebrate, then i will kill, destroy Bardock, Raditz, and the other one. So Vegeta reverted to his original state and flew towards the first Saiyan city with Nappa following him. Vegeta arrived there along with Nappa, and the two saiyans descended upon the ground.

Vegeta's DominanceEdit

"I am Vegeta, Prince Vegeta to you, or my more dominant title yet to come, King Vegeta!" Vegeta said to the inhabitants of the city.

"Y...You?" Chuckled one of the native Saiyans.

"You can't be King Vegeta, firstly, the man died years ago. Second, you don't even have a beard. So I don't know what your trying to pull, but get out of here." Said the Saiyan.

"You dear Defy your king, King Vegeta the second, prepare to be destroyed you insolent fool!" Said an angered Vegeta.

Vegeta then turned Super Saiyan. He formed a energy ball in his hands, and threw it at the Saiyan, engulfing him. Meanwhile, one of the neighboring Saiyan children just watched in horror. Nappa approached the child.

"Hey kid, wanna work for us, if you say yes, then you live, but if you say no we'll kill your whole village. So, What do you say kid?" asked Nappa.

"I guess so," the boy said reluctantly.

"Whats your name kid," asked Nappa.

"Korn," said the boy.

"Well Korn, fly up in the air, Vegeta's going to destroy King Raditz," said Nappa.

Vegeta powered down and flew towards the castle where he once lived, later emprisoned. Nappa and Korn followed their Prince soon to be King intently. Vegeta landed at the doors of the Royal Palace, with Nappa and Korn landing behind him.

"V...Vegeta," said one of the guards scampering.

"That's King Vegeta the Second to you," remarked Nappa.

"Not yet, Nappa, patience." Vegeta replied.

PowerLevels for the Incoming SagaEdit

Raditz: 365,000

Vegeta: 375,000 -> 18,750,000 (Super Saiyan)

Korn: 3,000


Head Guard: 4,000 -> 2,500 (Battle Damaged)

Surviving Guard: 1,000

Paragus: 90,000

Kakarot: 7,000

Broly: 30,000,000 -> 1,500,000,000 (Super Saiyan) -> Ever Growing (Legendary Super Saiyan)

Nail: 300,000

The Saiyan King BattleEdit

Vegeta's ReturnEdit

"Let me in," commanded Vegeta.

"Sorry, but we no longer serve you," said the head guard as he pointed his spear towards Vegeta, which was, indeed, a big mistake. Vegeta grabbed the spear and broke it in half. All the other guards ran inside, only the head guard remained.

"I'll say it again, LET ME IN," repeated Vegeta. Making a death wish upon himself, he backtalked Vegeta once more. "And I'll say it again, You are forbidden to enter the Royal Palace." said Guard, sealing his fate.

"Forbid THIS," said Vegeta as he jabbed the Guard in his skull, making him go into a colma.

Vegeta then barged his way into the Palace with Nappa and Korn close by. Meanwhile, few feet away, in the Throne Room.

"King Raditz sir, Vegeta is here." said one of the Guards.

"And you guys ran and let him in, Worthless trash, BEGONE," said Raditz as he shot a ki blast at the guards, killing all but one of them.

"Since you survived, call Turles and tell him to bring his lacke, Now, thats an order!" commanded Raditz.

"Sir yes Sir," said the guard as he approached the intercom.

"Team Turles, report to the Throne Room, Team Turles, report to the throne Room." Repeated the Guard.

Sure enough, in a few seconds, Turles and Burter were at the Royal Palace. Vegeta then entered the throne room.

"Vegeta, long time no see. How was your emprisoment?" Taunted Raditz, not knowing what he was getting himself into.

"Enough, Raditz. You know what I'm here for. Surrender the throne, or I'll take it by force," Vegeta warned.

"You, please. Don't you realize I'm the King now. I'm way more powerful than before! I am not the same kid who you almost killed in the hospital years ago, no I'm not the same at all." said Raditz.

"But that's where you were wrong Raditz. Failing to realize that I do not care. Regardless of how strong you've gotten, I've farly outclassed you." Vegeta said arrogantly. Just then, Nappa and Korn ran into the room.

Meanwhile On Earth, Bardock stayed just slightly above Korin's tower watching his son's progress, which luckily played out through the DragonBall events (right now, Goku is training with Kami).

Back on Planet Bardock, the battle was about to take place. The battle to see who has rights to the throne had just commensed.

The Battle For the Throne Begins!Edit

Vegeta charged at Raditz and punched him in the face, sending him crashing into the wall. He flew over towards Raditz about to attack with his right elbow. Raditz flew towards Vegeta, spun around and his right elbow collided with Vegeta's, making a shockwave knocking everyone back. The two Saiyans started throwing punches and kicks at each others attack. Eventually, Raditz was caught by a fierce kick to the head from Vegeta. In a few moments, Raditz recovered. Raditz then flew to Vegeta and slammed him in the head with his elbow. After clashes of kicks and punches, both of them finnaly slammed their right knees into each other. The force knocked them back.

Vegeta's True PowerEdit

Raditz and Vegeta both powered up. Raditz punched Vegeta in the head, then Vegeta kneed Raditz in the stomach. Raditz did a 180 degrees turn and came down with a eagle kick, with his right leg. Vegeta turned half-way around and put his left knee up which blocked Raditz's attack. Raditz jumped back. Only for Vegeta to start throwing a series of ki blast at him. Raditz was dodging and blocking them all.

"ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Vegeta.

Vegeta finally got mad. Vegeta started powering up. Raditz's scouter exploded from the reading. Vegeta's power was sky-rocketing. Vegeta then finally transformed. "So, I was right, the legend of the Super Saiyan is true, this is unbelievable." Raditz said, in denial. Just Then, Vegeta appeared infront of Raditz and kneed him in his stomach. Then, he elbowed him in his head, knocking him to the ground. Vegeta prepared a Final-Flash attack.

"So long Raditz," said Vegeta with a smirk across his face. Just as he began to fire his blast, he got blasted in the back, and fell to the ground, unconcious.

"You may be stronger than me, due to the fact that your a Super-Saiyan, but you forgot one thing Vegeta, you're battle damaged."said Parugus. Vegeta, knocked-out, reverted back to normal. The guard dragged him out of the royal palace and tossed him towards Nappa, who caught him then flew off, with Korn following him.

The King RoyaltyEdit

Then, Parugus took Raditz to the healing chamber. So, while Raditz was in the healing chamber, Turles was in the throne room, along with Burter, approaching the throne, that is until, Paragus stepped in the room. Turles and Parugus battled for the throne. Turles had created a ring of chi, and wrapped it around Parugus (similar to Gotenks' Galactic Donut). Turles squeezed the ring with all of his energy, slowly squeezing the life force out of Paragus. Paragus then turned green and busted free. Both were pushed back, gasping for air. Turles and Paragus charged at eachother once more, with Paragus coming with a chi punch, and Turles delivering a flying kick. When they collided, they flew back, Paragas was down, and Turles, barely standing, sat upon the throne of the king, by his assisstant Burter, who, while the battle was going on, killed the last guard. Turles grabbed the intercom, and spoke.

"This is Saiyan Pirate Turles speaking, King Raditz is decomissioned as of now, and the Royal Guard Paragus is no longer active, so until Raditz or Bardock are able to resume the position, I will be in charge. Carry on." Turles said, announing to the whole planet.

Planet Protection SagaEdit

Planet NamekEdit

Broly (now 18) made a Saiyan base on Planet Namek.

"Why have you built this," asked Nail. "Do you plan on destroying us so your people can claim this planet?" Nail asked cautiously.

"No Nail. I guess this comes with the territory, according to my dad's podcast, as Saiyans, every time we arrive on a new planet, we have to build a base to know we've been there, but by no means do I plan on destroying you. This is my home, although I'm from Planet Vegeta, I was raised here, by you guys, I could never destroy my adoptive home planet, nor slaughter any more Namekians than I already have, and for that, please forgive me. If there is anything I can do to compesate for the lost of our brotherien by my hand, please inform me." explained Broly.

"Well, there is one thing, but it is a process." asked Nail. 

"Please, tell me! I'm will do it, regardless of how long it takes."  Stated Broly.

"Well, we have mystical orbs called dragon balls. They were created by Elder Guru in case of an emergency. When all seven are gathered together, a dragon who goes by the name of Parounga, appears, and he can grant any three wishes, as long as it is not reviving anyone who has died of a natural cause." Nail explained. 

"So, if I asked this dragon to restore the lives lost by all the Namekians who died by my hands, will it happen," Broly asked curiously.

"There's the catch. We can not group them together. Parounga can only bring one being back to life at once. We must go by name." Nail informed him. 

"I'm willing to do that, I lost count of the Namekians I've killed prior to, as well as during my training. It's eating me up. 

"You've killed 80, and then I continued to engage you, not allowing that to go any further, as I was already fully aware of the dragon balls and knew the lives lost could be restored in time, but there's another catch. The dragon balls, after being used for 3 days 

While 18 year old Broly and Nail protected Planet Namek, across the galaxy, other Saiyans have their own in mine. Turles and Burter returned to Planet JetStreme, after Raditz and Paragus had made full recovery. But While Turles sat in the throne, Emperor Bardock had made a surprise visit to see how things were going. He approached the throne, where his eldest son was suppose to be (By the way this takes place a year after Goku defeated the reincarnated King Piccolo).

Planet BardockEdit

Bardock upon entering the Throne Room "Turles, why are you here, where is Raditz and Parugus, what happened to Vegeta and Nappa, whats going on?"

Turles stepped down from the throne, walked up to Bardock, bowed before him, then put his hand his shoulder, and the two began to walk.

"Master Bardock sir, I welcome your return. Now, for your questions. Raditz was doing good as king, but then Vegeta returned, as a Super Saiyan. The two fought equally for a moment, but then Vegeta transformed. Parugus came and saved the day. Then I fought him for temporarely for the throne. I defeated him, just barely. But King Raditz was very injured, so we put him in the healing chamber, but no worries my emperor, he should be coming...Now!!!" Turles stated.

Raditz and Parugus then came walking in.  

"Father, what is the meaning of this unexpected visit?" asked Raditz.

"I came to give new plans, keep a progress report on Broly. In 2 years, send Paragus to retrieve him. Then, since Vegeta has obtained Super Saiyan already, in a few years, I will retrieve Kakarot from Earth, and we will train together. Turles will assume the throne during this time, as he is my first son," said Bardock.

"What?!" screamed Turles and Raditz in unison.

"You mean I was royalty from the start? So, I had the right to sit on this throne after all. I should bann Paragus for that." declared Turles.

"No, Parugus here, is one of our most respected warriors, we need him shall our plan progress." Emperor Bardock said.Raditz now knew that Turles was his brother. So Turles returned to Planet Jetstreme. Turles, Burter, along with King Brute, protected Planet JetStreme.

Meanwhile on EarthEdit

While on earth 18 year old Goku had just completed his training with Kami and Mr.Popo. But, unknowingly, Bardock was watching.

"This tournament will decide the fate of the planet Goku, so you must win, no matter the cost." Kami told his student. As Goku jumped down from the lookout, and landed on his nimbus cloud to fly to his old training grounds, the Kame House, he was approached by Bardock. 

"Kaka-err I mean Goku, may I have a moment of your time." Bardock asked, trying to be patient. 

"Who are you, how do you know who I am, and what do you want?" Goku asked as he brought his nimbus cloud to a yield.

"Those are all the questions I intend on answering." Bardock informed him.

"Ever wonder why you were incredibly strong, even as an infant, or the reasoning behind your tail. Or maybe the fact that you transform into a giant ape at the sight of a full moon?" Bardock asked.

"Well yeah, and I assume you have the answers?" Goku asked.

"Why yes I do. Goku, firstly, that is not your name, Kakarot is. and your not of this planet. You're from a distant planet, that house Saiyan species. You are a Saiyan, I am your father and Emperor of that planet. You were sent here to adapt to human life, make allies, and gain power, now I see you have done such my son. Now you must return home with me, for we need you to aid us in an upcoming battle against the Galactic Emperor Frieza, a battle that will ultimately determine the fate of the universe." Bardock informed. 

"That's nice and all, but I have a comitment to Earth. I have to win this upcoming tournament, or Ma Junior will destroy the planet." Goku stated.

"What's more important, one measly planet, or the entire universe? I'll tell you what, you'll return with me, and in return I'll slay this threat to your adoptive homeworld, deal?" Bardock suggested.

"I don't know, Ma junior's pretty tough, apparently he was king of the demon plane in his previous incarnation." Goku informed. 

"I've been watching you my son. I've watched your battles, he is not as impressive as he may seem to a Saiyan without the proper training. I can destroy him with ease." Bardock informed him.

"Okay, I'll help, but if this is some sort of trap, I will not allow you to hurt the Earth." Goku stated.

"I assure you my son, this planet is of no importance to me." Bardock reassured.

Meanwhile On Planet Bardock,Edit

Raditz had become the strongest warrior on the planet, surpassing Paragus.

"Paragus, retrieve Broly early, the time has come!" Raditz ordered. He then walked over to the intercom and spoke. "Attention Saiyans, prepare, for today marks a completion of step 1 of our plan complete, today is a great victory, the home coming of Broly, as well as my father Emperor Bardock, and my brothers Kakarot and Turles."Radtiz announced. He then walked over to his screen and alerted Turles via big screen.

"Turles, my brother, the day has come, return home at once." Raditz ordered.

Meanwhile On Planet JetStremeEdit

Frieza had sent Captain Ginyu to Planet Jetstreme to recruit. The Ginyu force, who at the time, was only Captain Ginyu, Guldo, and Recoome, had just arrived on the planet. They charged towards the Royal Palace, but stopped by Turles. Turles seen the World Trade Organization armor on and got ready for battle. Turles then proceeded to cut Guldo's head off the way Vegeta did originally. With only two members left, Ginyu thought it was best to retreat. Soon after, Turles and Burter took off for Planet Bardock.

Meanwhile with VegetaEdit

When Vegeta, now a Super Saiyan, was exiled from Planet Bardock due to acts of rebellion, he escaped to another seemingly deserted planet with Nappa and Korn. the planet they escaped to was Planet Brench. Appearing on Planet Brench next, the hideout planet for Vegeta, Nappa, and Korn. Ginyu caught Vegeta's powerlevel on his scouter and rushed towards it with Recoome following him. When they appeared in front of the three Saiyans, Recoome and Nappa engaged in battle.

"Well, well, Vegeta, its been a long time." said Ginyu.

"What are you here for, Ginyu." Vegeta asked, annoyed.

"I got orders from Dadoria to destroy you." said Ginyu.

"You, destroy me?! Hah. Maybe if this was a few years ago, that might have been possible, but now, there is no chance for you, you are a pathetic excuse for a warrior!" Vegeta snickered. Vegeta put his hand on Ginyu's chest and blasted through him, killing him instantly. Recoome seen this and tried to retreat, but with Vegeta's newfound speed, he caught up in no time, blasting Recoome to oblivion.

"So, Frieza knows where I am now huh? No worries, he'll just be walking to his demise. Walking into a fight he can't possibly win, now that I am a Super Saiyan." said Vegeta.

Then, as the three Saiyans wondered across the planet, they found that it wasen't as deserted as it seemed. The three Saiyans came upon two cities. Nappa and Korn went for one and destroyed it, only one kid of the pack surviving. The kid had blue skin and blonde hair. While Vegeta killed off every individiual being, one had slipped passed him and went into hiding with the one from the other town that Nappa and Korn destroyed. The Brench Kids conversed.

"We have to escape," said the red skinned one.

"No, Jeice we can't. I know we need to, but its imposible." said the blue skinned one.

"Ok Salza, I have a plan, I attack, you escape, then I follow. Agreed?" suggested Jeice.

"Agreed," Salza nodded. Jeice then came from hiding and kicked Korn in the face. Nappa thought that the boy could handle himself, so he didn't intervene. Nappa started working his way towards his pod when he realized Vegeta had already took off in his, after Korn's pod, which Salza was in. So Nappa took off in his pod, leaving Korn and Jeice behind. Korn and Jeice had stop fighting and said in unison

"Those traders, I'll get them back if its the last thing I do." Korn and Jeice said in unison.

They then turned to eachother and shook hands and spoke in unison once more saying "Hey, you're not so bad after all." 

They then returned to the ships that belonged to Captain Ginyu and Recoome and smiled deviously at eachother!

"Want to work together, I'm not really evil, but I was threatened that if I did not join them, they were going to destroy me and my people, so I had to comply. by the way, my name is Korn" Korn informed Jeice.

"My name is Jeice, that guy was my school rival growing up, because we're a warrior race as well, and were top two of the kids, and we'd always wound up fighting eachother, with the results varrying. I always thought he would come through and I could see him as a friend though, guess not, but since this planet is no longer a target, we can train together and get stronger, there's some modern technology that hasn't been completely destroyed not far away. Maybe next time we encounter them we can defeat them, what do you say?" Jeice offered.

"My pleasure." said Korn, as he followed Jeice to the technology. 

Coming Together SagaEdit

Planet NamekEdit

"I was meant to always be the protector of this planet, when the Great Elder Guru bestowwed the honor upon me. I have fought and defeated so many more opponents much more powerful than myself, Even when I was at the brink of death, but I never once met someone like you. In all my years of protecting this planet, I never fought someone with just brute strength and power like yours. And yet, such a rambunctious nature. So brutally violent, not hesistating to take the life of all those who got in the way of your goals. I have never took anyone's life. The power you possess is very dangerous, it can be used as a great tool of benefit, but also a weapon of destruction, the path you were on at the time was following that of the latter. Power like yours, may not exist in all of the cosmos, and can really be threating to everything and everyone that surrounds it, if in the wrong hands. And at the time, your hands were the wrong hands. And I couldn't transfer your power to myself even if I have tried, so I was determined to make your hands the right hands. This is why I took you in as my own. I raised you, I trained you, I taught you everything you needed to know on how to be a great protector, now it is up to you to put those lessons to good use." Nail explained to Broly.  Just then, a space pod landed nearby, one very similar to the one Broly had come in many years ago. When it opened up, a dark tone skinned man step out of it with green armor and his tail wrapped around his waist. 

"Paragus, I presume?" Nail inquired.

"Correct. I'm here to retrieve Broly, if you insist." Paragus responded.

"To fight in some war? I don't think so." Broly said.

"Broly, my son, you've been misled by this Namekian, has he made you forget your Saiyan heritage boy?" Paragus asked, annoyed.

"No Father, he made me realize, that what we, well the Saiyans do, is not correct at all. We slaughter for our amusement, and that is not how one should display his power." Broly preached.

"Then you've only been told partial truth my son. But I guess I can not fully blame this Namekian, it's not his fault that his people are ignorant to the bigger picture." Paragus stated.

"Explain Paragus." Nail ordered.

"If you insist. Yes, Saiyans are naturally brutal, and we do tend to slaughter because of thrills, but we're not trying to take over every planet. We were enslaved by a galactic emperor, named King Cold, and his two sons Frieza and Cooler, own the universe, because they were the strongest beings at the time. So they ordered us to slaughter entire species so there would be no potential threat to their empire, and so they could take over each planet seemingly at will. That's why when Broly was born with such an immense power level, I, as well as King Bardock, seen he had the potential to easily surpass at least Frieza, who owns our part of the galaxy, with the proper training. And I heard of the power this planet possess, so I sent him here, hoping he would gain the power, but apparently King Bardock had other plans. He wanted a peaceful warrior, and we Saiyans are not that at all. Thanks for bringing Broly up to strength, but as for making him soft, that was unpresidented, and thus fore, I will proceed to bringing out Broly's inner Saiyan nature again, as Prince Vegeta achieved Super Saiyan due to rage, you must too, if we have any chance at defeating the royal family." Paragus explained, as he launched a ki blast at Broly, which was intercepted by Nail, just as Paragus had intended. Nail dropped to the ground, and Broly to his knees. Broly put his hand on Nail's chest.

"He's dead, you're no father of mine. I may have been born a Saiyan, but I was raised on Planet Namek, this is my home, these are my brothers, and you killed him, you will pay." Broly spoke with rage, as he powered up to SSJ mode. Broly launched a full on assault on Paragus, punching him in the face and sending him flying to the mountains, which crumbled, when Paragus rose from the ashes, Broly was preparing his signature Eraser Canon technique.

"My son, I wouldn't do that if I were you, you will destroy the planet and the people you're trying so hard to protect." Paragas stated.

"You're right, I shall not destroy you here and now, only if you vow to leave this planet and never return." Broly stated.

"My son, I can only do that if you come with me, I told you, I'm not the enemy, the Galactic Empire is. We need you're power to aid us in defeating them, or they will do one million times worse than what i did. They'll destroy this planet, all it's inhabitants, then move on to the next one like it was nothing, unless you join us. Please my son, for the sake of the universe." Paragus said convincingly.

"Ok for now, I'll join you on your quest, but attempt even the slightest act of deviance and I will not hesitate to blow your brains out." Broly threatened.


This story follows Broly, there are two versions of a break-off (spin-off) story that follows Bardock.

For the spin-off story by the original author, see DragonBall Z: Rebellion

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