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Note : For the info on Broly before the BH saga, visit the Dragonball Wikipedia page


Broli (Dub name Broly) was restored to life using the dragon balls and had his madness/evilness removed due to a wish. He and Goku then became best friends

Back to evilEdit

Broly saiyan armour

Broli under Bartek's comand's outfit

Broly and Raditz returned to being evil after the deaths of the saiyan trio - Bardock, Goku and Turles, Bartek left his emotionless intact in order to control him, however this Broly still thinks Goku as a friend

In BH game 3Edit

Broly was paired with Goku at BH's tournament and they fought as Super saiyan 3s, Broly deflected Goku's kamehameha but lost to his dragon fist, but due to being immortal, he was just badly wounded

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