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Date Of Birth:
Before 238 Before Age
Date of Death:
730 Age
Pre-Dragon Ball "The History of The Saiyans" Chapter #
Appears in:
Pre-Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball GF
Nappa (Son)

Mass (Grandson)

Rola is a elite Saiyan Warrior from the Planet Saiyan, and King Trama's General of the Saiyan Army. he was killed in the Saiyan Tuffle War with many other Saiyans. Rola is the father of Nappa, and the Grandfather of Mass. Rola's name is a pun on the vegetable, Roselle.

Early Life:[]

Rola was born on the Planet Saiyan. like most Saiyans, he has a incredible amount of Strength and power.

Pre-Dragon Ball:[]

The History of The Saiyans (Movie):[]

Some time before the Saiyan Tuffle War, Rola was made the General in King Trama's Saiyan Army due to his brutal fighting abiltiy that ranks among other Saiyans. In the 710 Age, Rola now has a son named Nappa, that he trains in order to one day help in King Trama's scheme to takeover Planet Tuffle. during the Saiyan Tuffle war, Rola was eventually killed in the war before it was eventually one by Prince Vegeta, who would later become the new King of Saiyans after his father's demise.

Fighting Techniques and Special Abilities:[]

Ki Blast: the most basic form of Energy waves.

Flight: using ki to take flight in midar.

Giant Attack: Rola kicks the opponent up in the air, then and punches and kicks them down again.

Magaton Throw: a throw attack. Rola taught this to his son, Nappa.

Full Power Energy Wave: a full powered charged Energy wave launch from one hand towards his foe/

The Original Break Cannon: also known as The Original Kapa. a yellow full powered Super Mouth Blast. Rola taught this energy attack to his son, Nappa.

Earthquake Slam: Rola leaps into the air, and kicks the opponent into the ground, causing a huge shockwave.

Giant Buster: Rola grabs the opponent and uppercut them into the air, he teleports and piledrivers them into the ground, finally he stomps them in the stomach causing his foe great agony, and then launch a Full Power Energy Wave at point blank range in their face causing a massive explosion.

Gigantic Storm: Rola Punches The Enemy Into the ground and then he raises 4 fingers as a humungus explosion wave that's bigger and causes more damage than nappa's giant storm


Great Ape:[]

Like all other Saiyans with tails, Rola is able to transform into a Great Ape after looking at a Full Moon. However he is unable to maintain his rationally and becomes violent and out of control like most saiyan who under go the Transformation into Great Ape.

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