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"Cousin, it seems you finally gave in to your ever-growing insanity. Letting these monkeys join your foolish organization only weakens it, not that it wasn't weak to begin with."
— Brizzard to Frieza in their final battle.

Brizzard is the cousin of Frieza and leader of the Galaxy Trade Organization, the rival company of the World Trade Organization. He was the main antagonist of Dragon Ball: Birth of Fear.


Brizzard is a childish, brutish, sinister, and conniving monster of an alien. Frieza claimed that Brizzard is even more ruthless than him. One major flaw in Brizzard's personality is his pride in his power. He refuses to go all out because he feels it is unnecessary; he believes that the power he has in his base form could best anything. Even when backed into a corner, he would stay adamant to this belief.

Power level[]

In his base form, Brizzard's power level is well above Frieza's in this form, coming in at 698,772.



Base Form[]

  • Death Beam: Brizzard can fire the traditional Death Beam.
  • Final Buster: Brizzard can create a bright purple ball of energy and fire it at the opponent.
  • King Blast: Brizzard fires a powerful variation of the Full Power Energy Wave, colored red and purple and used with two hands.
  • Weakling Crusher: Brizzard fires a Final Buster at the opponent, then, if the opponent dodges, he will teleport behind the opponent and fire a King Blast at point blank range.

Other Forms[]

Unknown, as he never transformed into any of them.


  • Other Forms: Like Frieza, Brizzard can transform into many other forms, but chooses not to, as he is confident in his power in his base form.