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Breeze is a villain that appears in Dragon Ball: Sons Of Vengeance. He is one of the main villains, along with Mojin. He is seen in the intro to chapter 6.



Breeze has a slender body and is about 6'0". He has a white body with purple armor-like carapaces. He has deep red pupils. His looks change dramatically when he transforms. In his final form, his muscle mass and hight increase greatly, along with his speed. Large spikes grow out of everywhere in his body. His head shape changes as well. His corneas and teeth go black. But the biggest change by far is his power. He was even strong enough to match Brocc as a Super Saiyan 3.


Breeze has a very cold personality like his father, maybe even colder. He does not hesitate to kill anyone and likes to make people suffer before he kills them. All he wants is revenge for the death of his father. He has only blown up a few planets immediantly. Most of the planets he has visited, he kills the life forms there, then blows them up. This proves how much of a cold person he is. His deadliest quotes are:

"Be prepared to experience Hell."

"Everyone in this planet will be estinguished! I will pour the people of this planet's blood EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!"

"YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will KILL YOU!!!!!!!!! Your death will be HORRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll wish you were never even a THOUGHT in your parents' heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your death will be so gruesome, it will be told in LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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