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This article, Breaking Bad (Dragon Ball What If...), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Breaking Bad

Raditz and SSJ Gohan

This article, Breaking Bad, is part of the fan-fic Dragon Ball What if.... This story is the sixth episode of the second season of Dragon Ball What If.... It is created by ExtremeSSJ4. This episode is about Raditz when he was fighting Goku he hits his head very hard and forgets everything. So Goku decides to make Raditz a good person.







Master Roshi


A space pod lands on a planet that planet is known as Earth. A long haired man with battle armor emerges from the pod. A farmer approaches the mysterious, he's holding a gun.

"So the creatures on this planet are still alive, Kakarot has failed us!" said the man.

"G-get o-out of my pro-property" said the farmer.

"Is that so?" says the ma at the same time he checks the farmer's power level on a device he has on ear which is known as scouter. "Your power level is puny, level 5 too bad" says the man, each time getting closer to the farmer.

"No you come any closer" said the farmer very scared. The farmer shoots the saiyan but the saiyan easily grabs the bullet. "Ahhhh!" screams the farmer.

"Here, catch" says the man, throwing back the bullet but the bullet seems as if it was shoot with something faster than a gun.

The bullet hits the farmer and is send flying back. The saiyans scouter makes some noise. The man looks to his left. "Hmph, there is a high power level coming from over there, it must be Kakarot. Prepare yourself Kakarot!" says the man then takes off.


  • Breaking Bad is made by ExtremeSSJ4