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Zen Vegeta's Son Coloured


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Zen is a half human / half sayian in Dragonball Extreme.


Zen is the second son of Vegeta and Bulma , brother of Trunks and Bulla / Bra . He is a half human / half sayian and he can reach levels of super saiyan. His personality is like Vegeta because he acts competitive and arrogant and a little Bulma's personality because of his intelligences. He's a bit shy and has a kind side whever he sees anyone or anything hurt and bullied. He's a rival to Kohan.

Forms / Transformations[]

  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2

Special Abilities[]


  • I decided to name him Boxser after Boxer Shorts like Swimming Trunks and Women's Bra wear to match the Briefs family tradition oh that surname was named after underwear.
  • Zen is the only child with black hair because Trunks and Bulla / Bra had different colored hairs (Thanks to Bulma).
  • Zen is similar to Vegeta .Jr and Kid Vegeta.