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Bon Para Jr
Bon Para Jr
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Face the rhythm

Dancing class

Species: Kellokar
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Planet Kellokar
Birthdate: Age 758
Height: Same as Bon Para
Weight: Same as Bon Para
Eye Color: Black
Hobbies: Making people dancing the Para Para Boogie
Family: Bon Para (father)

Don Para (uncle)

Son Para (uncle)

Bon Para Jr is a dancing alien from the Planet Kellokar and the son of Bon Para. 


Although his outfit is in a different color, it's the same as Bon Para's uniform. 


Bon Para Jr can make anyone dance the Para Para Boogie against their will. 


Dragonball: The New FutureEdit

After arriving on Earth, Bon Para Jr gives out dancing lessons to anyone. When he drove to Bulma Jr's house, Bon Para Jr perform the Para Para Boogie in front of her as she dances uncontrollably. He also owns a music store in South City. 


  • Para Para Boogie - Much like his father and his uncles, Bon Para Jr possesses the Para Para Boogie. 
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