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Anime name Bojack
Manga name Bojack
Alternate names Lord Bojack
Debut Fanga: "Invasion of World 60! The Army of the Time Breakers"
Appears in
Dragon Ball Advanced (SSJJ)
Race Race of Hera
Gender Male
Date of birth 233 Before Age
Date of death Revamp:
May 26th, Age 767 (revived in Age 993)
Age 993 (revived)
June 11th, Age 855 (erased from existence)
Allegiance Galaxy Soldiers
Time Breakers
Future Cooler Temporal Army
Affiliations Bojack (DBZ) (alternate timeline/parallel world counterpart)
Future Cooler (superior)
Hatchiyack (comrade)
Turles (comrade)
Slug (comrade/fusee)

Bojack (ボージャック Bōjakku) was the leader of the Galaxy Soldiers.


Bojack's overall appearance in Dragon Ball Advanced is similar to his Parallel World counterpart, however, he wears a red sash across his torso with the Time Breaker insignia on it, his bandanna his red, and has no scar on his face or torso.


Bojack is both bloodthirsty, and quite arrogant as he is prone to get angry, and believes he is a match for Future Trunks. He harbours hatred for Goku due to the fact he nearly killed him from Cell's Self-Destruct technique, and a hatred for King Kai for sealing him away. He shows loyalty to Future Cooler, and even agreed to perform an EX-Fusion with Slug despite that he showed discomfort for the poses.


Background (pre-revamp)[]

Unlike his Parallel World counterpart; Bojack was sealed within King Kai's planet after committing several acts of genocide across Universe 7. The fate of his henchman are unknown as Towa and her allies never sought to recruit them. He was born 233 Before Age and wreaked havoc in the galaxy before he was sealed in King Kai's Planet in Age 759. He was supposedly killed by Cell's Self-destruction on the planet, but was actually freed, and brought to Age 1000 by Chamel.


Unlike his Parallel World counterpart and in the pre-revamp story; Bojack was killed when Cell self-destruct, however, he was recruited by Towa for a chance of at revenge and gave him a Golden-Mask imbued with all of Gohan's power.

Dragon Ball Advanced[]

Super Bardock Saga[]

Bojack was able to recruit Zangya, Bujin, Bido, and Kogu and was sent to multiple Parallel Worlds where they battled 20 different versions of each other to train and to eliminate the "competition".


  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Manipulation and Sensory - The ability to sense ki and basic form of ki.
  • Galactic Buster - Bojack's ultimate attack.
  • Galactic Tyrant - A rush attack used by Bojack.
  • Grand Smasher - An energy sphere used by Bojack
    • Galactic Blow - A close range version of Grand Smasher.
  • Supervillain Mode - An ability that shaves off the user's life in exchange for power.
  • Magic - The ability to use magic.
    • Corrupted Ki Blasts - The basic form of ki infused with Dark magic.
      • Blood Sauce - An energy sphere used by Bojack.
      • Baked Sphere - An energy sphere used by Bojack.
      • Galactic Steaming - A strong variation of Galactic Buster
  • Trap Shooter - A energy barrage attack used by Bojack.
  • World Portal - A portal that he can open to access Parallel Worlds.
  • Bear Hug - A restraining technique used by Bojack.
  • Energy Shield - The ability to create a barrier around himself.


Full-Power Hera State[]

A powered-up state that the race of Hera can use which is similar to the Super Saiyan transformation. His skin turns from blue to green, his hair turns red, and his strength and power greatly increase.

Golden-Masked Warrior[]

Bojack was given a Golden Mask by Towa powered by maximum potential of each Gohan's forms and powered-up states. In this form; the sclera of Bojack's eyes become black while his eyes become red. This state can be combined with his Full-Power Hera state. However, Bojack's mask can be easily unequipped by certain attacks.


A malefic state granted by the Time Breakers in which Bojack gains a black and white aura giving his body and black and blue hue. His eyes become blank hot pink and a hot pink Broken infinity symbol appears on his head.

Aura of a God[]

Bojack was able to enter the "Aura of a Godly Villain" state by combining the Aura of a God state with the Supervillain state. In this state; a red aura surrounds his body while giving him access to godly ki.

Super Golden-Masked Warrior[]

By the combining the power of his Full Power State, Supervillain State, Aura of a God state, and the power of his Golden-Mask; his physique becomes athletic and less muscular while his hair becomes longer and spikier similar to Super Saiyan 3. He retains a black and blue hue along with a black and white aura accompanied with dark lightning and red lightning streaks. He retains his access to Godly ki and his mask is almost fused to his face. The sclera of his eyes are jet-black while he irides and pupils are hot-pink.

Majin Bojack[]

Majin Bojack as a result of Manipulation Sorcery - he is placed under the control of Babidi. Similar to Babidi's minions - he has the M on his forehead. He retains the ability to use his Full Power state, giving him a significant boost in power. While having the Demon mark on his forehead, dark black lines around the eyes, and increased muscle mass puff up to the level that veins appear all over Bojack's body and face. Bojack's dark nature is reinforced and he becomes more powerful than he was before (thanks to Babidi's magic unlocking his potential), the Manipulation Sorcery also gives him other special traits - including a seemingly unlimited stamina supply and the ability to survive and heal from injuries in an almost zombie-like way.

Pre-Revamp Forms[]

Full-Powered Hera[]

In this form, his skin tone changes, gain red hair, and his upper uniform is shredded by his increase in muscle mass, and significant increase in power. However, the power causes strain on his body, and thus causes him to slowly lose power over time.

Mastered Full-Powered Hera[]

After training with Future Cooler, and his army; he was able to master his Full-Powered form. In this form; his muscle mass decreases to his original size, and is able to wear his sash around his body without it tearing. He was able to fight on par against Completed Super Saiyan Blue Future Trunks, and Spectral Super Saiyan 2 Goku.

Supervillain Mode[]

While this form; he gains a black and white aura, eyes become a hot pink colour, and gains the Time Breaker symbol on his forward. His skin becomes a dark de-saturated green colour, and his becomes a low saturated red colour. He entered this mode after Slugack lost to Future Gotenks.


  • 20 Alternate Bojacks - Fought and Killed as part of his training
  • World 61's Dragon Team - Fought and killed in order to acquire the Time Breaker Dragon Ball
  • Dr. Wheelo - Killed with a Ki blast



Main article: Slugack

Slugack (スラッグャック; Suragakku) is the EX-Fusion of Red-Eyed Slug and Mastered Full-Powered Bojack.


Main article: Celljack

Celljack (セルジャック; 'Serujakku) is the EX-Fusion of Super Perfect Cell, and Supervillain Bojack