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Anime name Bohan
Manga name Bohan
Debut Destruction on Kami's Lookout
Appears in Dragon Ball SV
Race Half-Human and Half-Saiyan
Date of birth 790 Age
Date of death 800 Age (Revived)
811 Age (Revived)
Affiliations Goku (Father)
Chi-Chi (Mother)
Future Goku (Father, alternate timeline)
Future Chi-Chi (mother, alternate timeline)
Gohan (Brother)
Goten (Brother)
Future Gohan (Brother, alternate timeline)
Bardock (Father-in-law)
Raditz (brother-in-law)
Ox-King (Paternal Grandfather)
Future Ox-King (Paternal Grandfather, alternate timeline)
King Vegeta (Uncle)
Videl (Mother-in-law)
Pan (Sister-in-law)
Krillin (Father-in-law)
Android 18 (Aunt)
Marron (Longlife best friend)
Piccolo (Cousin-in-law)
Launch (Mother-in-law)
Grandpa Gohan (Grandfather-in-law)
Tora (Uncle-in-law)
Fasha (Aunt-in-law)
Cell (Modified Clone)

Bohan is the younger brother of Gohan and Goten. He has only SSJ1 abilities. He's set to appear as a what-if character in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball SV Story.