Bobby Sun

Super weak, so weak that the sun’s rays harm him, his footsteps damage his skin, and his presence revitalizes everyone else.


Nobody knows where Bobby Sun came from. A long time ago he was a Hero, but now he is nothing but a Zero.

Powers and Abilities

Bobby Tavern: Bobby Sun calls his buddies from the Tavern World, which beat him up 90% of the time, and almost never helps him. These buddies which he calls are tiny rats the size of fleas. Why Bobby Sun has this skill we will never know. Aside from tiny rats, he can call stronger beings, like adults, but the chance of getting beat up get even bigger every time, which makes this skill useless. When tried to use against the enemy(by summoning the Tavern there), he ended up aiding them, much to his chagrin.

Weakness Conversion: When facing an enemy, Bobby gains the weakness of the enemy, empowering them.

Attack its Weak Point, for Massive Damage: Bobby Sun lost to the Giant Enemy Crab, and gained its weakness, throughout his whole body.

Life Force Empowerment/Degeneration: Everyone around him suddenly becomes thousands of times stronger, except his allies, which become weaker. This makes him receive the largest ass-kicking in every battle. Note: The People don’t know that they are stronger

Plot-Attraction: Bobby Sun is attracted to whoever the plot favours at the time/demands to lose. Bobby is thus the harbringer of loss, and brings about Failing everywhere.

Array of Pony clothing: Bobby Sun brings the liveliness and joy to everyone. This is done through his lively clothing, which usually invites villains to destroy the area he is at from his obnoxiousness.


Thrift Shopping: Being the CheapSkate he is, he wouldn’t budge from a sitting position because it would waste energy. Likewise if he is at the top of the building, he refuses to come down.

Sexy and I Know It: Being the useless guy he is, he constantly invites trouble by flashing in public.

YOLO: He constantly jumps into deadly situations, because of the YOLO influence.

Facepalm Attack: Bobby Sun does something so obscure he makes enemies do the most extravagant of Facepalms.

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