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Blizzard is an alien belonging to Frieza's race. He lived as a warrior working for the various overlords of Frieza's planet. After King Cold and his sons killed his "associates" who were much more powerful than him, they went after Blizzard. However, They did not bother with him because he was much weaker, inferior to their supreme power. They let Blizzard live, in turn he obeyed their orders. Even though, he works for the Chiller Dynasty, his goal is to become stronger and one day overthrow the dynasty.

Blizzard can be a power hungry monster as in his blood, but knew he couldn't acheive his goal alone. He traveled planets for strong warriors outside of the reign of King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza and put together a team of elites. They currently take over planets outside of the borders of the royal conquerers (i.e Cooler, etc.). He and

Anime name Blizzard
Manga name Blizzard
Debut TBA
Appears in TBA
Race Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death TBA
Height 5'4" ~Base form
Weight 150 lbs.

His armor-like skin resembles Frieza's except it is blue, not purple. Blizzard is very strong, although he is weak compared to the power of the Royal Dynasty, he can still destroy smaller planets. His attitude is like any normal member of his race: Cold and Merciless. However, Blizzard is smarter and treats the people closer with more respect so they don't turn on him. Anyone he doesn't trust and thinks is a threat, he eliminates, but in private and always with a plan. He always scans his opponents Power Level and doesn't jump to conclusions so easily. He waits for an example of their power. He lets his grunts do that for him.


  • Energy Sphere
  • Flight- The ability to fly with the use of Ki