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Bip's Ultimate Form

Bip is a pink demon with extraordinary powers. He posses the ability to rip open dimensions, using the 'Dimension Scream.


  • Dimension Scream
  • Vanishing Beam
  • Planet Buster

Power Level[]

Full Power: 68,000,000

Ultimate Form: 150,000,000


Normal Form - This form is Bip's weakest form, and, can hold his own against most of his enemies, except for Buk. He appears to be more powerful than Tarvus, even in his 100% Saiyan Power Form. Sadly, he is forced to take a defeat and retreat underground and transform into his ultimate form, overpowering Buk.

Ultimate Form/Ultimate Bip - This form is Bip's most powerful form. He can defeat Buk and Tarvus easily, forcing the both to train while the rest of the world faces the demons horror.