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The nightmare is finally over-TUN



-KidVegeta (talk) 04:36, March 1, 2017 (UTC)



It was the future, but not the cool-ass flying cars and blowjob-powered cancer treatmnet machines, more like the androids have killed everyone future where everything fucking sucks. The androids killed everyone, the shitty useless ones like yamcha, tien, the cat, the other cat, and the imporatnt ones like goku and the other one. The only peoples left alive were gohan, trunks, bulma, and abuot 4 billion other squishy humanoids.

Bulma was alone in the captule corps, mournfully sucking on her own teats, as even bulma cannot get enough of her own titties, and frankly who can blame her for that.

Trunks was sitting on a cliff, thinking about how sad it was that his shit dad was dead. Then gohan came along (the one from the future who’s kind of hot tbh not the other one who’s sucks and marries a lesbian for money or whatever whose father is satan and a hispanic man)

Also speaking of satan in church they always called good ol beezlebub the prince of darkness but like, is there a king of darkness then. Is there a super satan out there or something. Id look it up in the bibble but i cant touch a bible without bursting into flames because of my insatiable lust for cock oh lord oh lord

“Hey kiddo,” Gohan said, patting trunk’s back with one arm, and then the other, to prove that he still had both.

“Listen, i know it sucks and all, having your dead killed by androids, butr its not alll bad. If hes dead, he cant leave you and your mother or be an emotionally distant manchild.”

A single tear descended from gohan’s eye and landed on the tip of his erect penis.

“Hey kid, howd you feel; abot becoming a fighter and helping me kill those androids,” gohan said . “I can tewach you how to make a super saiyan. Or maybe i cant, maybe you just need to be really fucking angry. Or maybe a fucking 11 year old or whatever can just randomly do it without even needing any training”

Okay can i just like

Goten fucking sucks. He is the worst. There’s no reason for his character to even exist, besides the vague justification of forming Gotenks, who is also an equally, or perhaps most shit character. Like, I get why we needed obnoxious Kid Trunks, because Future Trunks was established as being a thing, so Kid Trunks needs to exist in the past. I get it. I’d prefer if Kid Trunks had much less of a role than he ended up having, but whatever, that’s fine. But Goten serves no purpose, and even worse, his existence actively harms elements of the show. He adds to the ever-growing character bloat, taking the place of the underdeveloped human characters like Tien or Yamcha who suck primarily because they never get to do anything. Also, he completely devalues the Super Saiyan transformation, which was already basically meaningless. At least before you needed to train or experience some emotional trauma, but Goten who was like 8 or whatever gets it in like a second. Like I had previously assumed that it was because the Super Saiyan transformation was genetic but apparently it isn’t so fuck that, and fuck him for being in the show.

And fuck Gotenks, he’s extremely annoying and devalued the Super Saiyan 3 transformation basically as soon as it was introduced, but it is kind of cool that he shoots ghosts, but his dialog makes me want to kill myself and others.

Gokun pls… oh oniichan ayy”, growl trunks.

“Gruh im distant and emotional” gohan explained. “Gruh lookit my scar”

“Oh daddy can i squeeze it”

“Baby i need u”

“However i dnt need u nya~” Trunks can be a little bitch sometimes. Sometimes he thinks that if he pretends he doesn’t care about anything then nothing will matter to him. One time when he was trimming his pubic hair because for some reason Loras did that to Renly in season 1 for no reason. Trunks never wanted to become a super saiyajin warriorkun bc he was very weak and he knew anyone could kill him if they really tried beca .ohn Trunks wanted a blonde bush ya feel me camera guy.

He wanted that beach tan wanna get himself a bitch baby mama in heat. He try to grunt to make his bush go SSJ but when he trie he screamed to hard and his left eye blew up. It went all over gohan’s chin, dribblin down it was all sticky and globby like whats an eye even made of haha them niggas so horny now gohan always wanted to skullfuck his best saiyasaijin warrior who is named trunks incidentally. Trunks get throne on the ground into the side of a wall stuck stuck in there like in raging blast 2 during the most bullshit move in game. Now is when gohan enters trunks and i think trunks would like it a lot it’s like when you put batteries up your urethra because when you were four years old you couldn’t stand the smell of metal so your parents put rubber covers over all the door knobs and when you deal in coins you deal in plastic coins like ur 5.

All of this is to say that I have very weird friends and my cat dragged a sparrow under my bed and I never eralized it i went under there looking for something else and found it cit oculdve been under there for months who the fuck knows.

One time this huge spider with a big sack of spiderlings was walking across my carpet and i didnt sleep in my room for a week.

Sudenly the androids appeared, no 17 and 18. They were filled with lots of teenage angst even though they were like 25 at this point, so they wanted to kill gohan and trunks who had gained an awesome eyepatch in the time between him losing his eye and gohan thinking about skullfucking him. He was now named Solid Punished Trunks.

18 started tryin to kill gohan, because there was no semi-useless but endearing bald character to fill her up with baby batter and turn her into another useless side character.

Android 18 punched gohan really hard in the foreskin until he cried. Then she ripped off his arm thats impotant kids. Im just kidding i shouldnt call you kids cause if you are a kid reading this please stop immediately im sorry go get your parents and make them tell you they love them.

Trunks fell to his knees and began to cry, as the sexual predator he had known for all of 4 minute was dying n front of him. Trunks became a super saiyan for real this time except his other eye exploded, except, PLOT TWIst, android 17 came up and kicked him in the face so hard that his nose came out the other side of his head but that wasn’t cool because he was dead so he couldn’t back smell with his back nose.

But not all hope was lost, dear reader. Like a starfish, gohan’s arm managed to survive separately from his body. And the mention of starfish was appropriate, as android 18’s chocolate starfish was the thing his servered arm was currentyly trying to wriggle its way into. Why wouild a robot need an anus, you may ask? And doesn’t the term chocolate starfish imply that they use that anus to defecate? Does that mean that robots need to eat? Well, the answer to all those questions is shut the fuck up, because gohan’s arm moved onto android 17, as it tried to figure out if it could give him a reacharound while also being just an arm

You know ive spent my entire life trying to get better as a writer and what am i doing with it? Writing about the severed arm of a character from a medoicre anime trying to give someone a reacharound? Time swell spent, i’d say.

They say cuckoldry is the art of the gentleman. “If time cant wait then i cnt wait lets not hesitate lets celebrate” Android 17 explained to his sister.

She agreed and sit back to watch the reacharound. 17 needed it bad like he needed to die of hypothermia while patroling some useless national park way to do something with your life you fucking long-haired emo trucker.

ok ssj goarm was subi subi baby baby come shake that booty jafeel me nigga. Man “u no i wont stop cuz i cant stop!! U no i cant stop cuz i wont stop!!! Bby shake that booty bb dont stop!!” Android 17 was squealing like my cat whose name is little dexter when i get him mondo frisky. His voice went all mechanical and high and he turned blue and started to shake like michael j fox but he didnt have parkinsons haha he wasnt gonna die dont worry everyone. Android 17 was getting the fastest handjob in the universe from ssj goarm it was as george would say erotic. He was glowing and lightning was shooting down from the skies to hit his peepee hole it was opened up for a good zap he knows whats good for him he’s a park ranger.

Android 17 lived a short life, and no one cared when he died. His sister could hardly blame him for blowing up all over west city the arm of garm was too powerful. Once upon a time there was a video where this guy fingers these girls and makes them cum like 13 times in a row and he does nt do anything special so what the fuck that never works in real life its a n illusion.

Android 18 lives in a fantasy world. She likes lollipops which explains her love of krillin. When she succin, the arm creeped up to her at night and patted her real hard on the clit.

The clit had an internal erection (no rerection shown).

When paul was singing fish and finger pies he had no idea andoird 18 hadnt had a bath in 20 years.

Meanwhile in the ghetto of abject garbage that gt exists in, there was a tuffle named baby. Babu of the fruitmen were on a down turn on his lifeå so he decided to pik himself up off the ground.

He went to a space gass station to buy a space lottery ticket. He scratched that shit off with his fingernail like a fucking animal. The numbers were revealed to him, and they wdere some good ones, oh boy. Or should i say, OH BABY.

Baby got the winning numbers, and now he was the winner of an amount of space dollars equal to broly’s power level in his second movie, so good luck figuring that out, you fucking nerds. Congratulations you assigned a meaningless numbert to a fictional character that has no significance even in universe, i hope your parents are proud.

Baby uh went to the space bank to cash in his tickets, and was given his space money in the form of a giant novelty czech.

I will not type the word “cuntbag” because it makes me laugh.

We’ll come back to baby later, maybe, if i or kv are lucid enough to remember this part, but there’s some more pressing matters to attend to. And when i say pressing, i mean that yamcha was wandering through the woods one day when a trio of wolfmen set upon him and began pressing their dicks against him. There was no penetration, they just kept jabbing the parts of yamcha’s anatomy that didn’t have holes with the tips of their cocks before running off. No semen was even produced, outside of yamcha’s. Yamcha was extremely confused and upset by this, so much that he didn’t tell anyone in case they thought he was lying. But yamcha would always know.

U know the reason kuriza looks like a chestnut is cause frieza jizzed on his girl’s tits to make him that’s a true fact no lies tun would never lie to you kiss kiss.

You know i think i have things figured out more than most people my age at this point, but in a lot of ways i still suffer from the same confusions and insecurity, and i still look up to other people for validation. I dont know if its because of some of my psychological issues like ocd or whatever that i put very little faith in my own judgement and instead assume that everyone else must be the only ones who understand things properly. I mean i guess its better than just assuming that you’re always right and that everyone else is crazy like some other individuals i could name but it’d be nice if i could learn to trust myself a little more. Not love myself, i already do that, but trust myself, you know?

Anyways yamcha returned to his house and jerked his scarred weiner to the thoughtt of bulma turning into a werewolf with four count em four tit and biting his balls off. Yamcha isn’t into cuckoldry because he’s already been cuckolded and once that shit happens to you it stops being fun anymore.

Man im on a fucking roll downhill let’s see how deep this shit goes. This is like headbutting the entrance to a porta-potty.

Okay speaking of porta-potties let me tell u a story. There was this one summer camp i went to and we would go to this beach, except it wasn’t really a beach like by the ocean it was by a lake so the sand was shitty and grey and instead of sand at the bottom of the water there was a 3-feet thick layer of animal shit. Anyways we went there one day and i wasn’t going in that water cause there was shit and snakes, but not shitsnakes, that i am certain of. So i endded up passing out on the sand and everyone left without me for like 2 hours and when i woke up i was likem where the fuck is everyone and they were knowhere and i was alone. Anyways there was a portapotty nearby and i went inside and apparently it was unisex cause there was some tampons inside and some like, black as night turds in there which everyone knows that only men are able to produce so anyways humans are sacks of filth.

Okay so that new xenoverse 2 dlc came out, right, yo. Anyways vado is pretty cool, i like that all of her moves can be modified with that one skill she has but champa is a fucking joke. Like the only new super attack he has is the same as buu’s evasive skill except it doesn’t do any damage it just forces your opponent to block like wtf and his super attack is one of those ones that’s fucking broken like the dragon fist or bardock’s was where it doesn’t even make contact when you hit with it.

You know i wish i was more irish than i was so whenever i made jokes about me being irish people wouldn’t just point out that i’m a euromutt. Is euromutt like thing i shouldn’t say cause it kind of feels like it doesn’t it

Okay im gonna end my section too but i want to end it with a plot and not just a rant so here we go.

Once gohand was done fingering the miasma of blond that was android 18’s sweet robopussy, he traveled through time using his hand powers to he could continue giving hand-based sex to every1.

He landed on planet namek where zarban was and he reached underneath to zarbon’s armor where that sweet sweet bulge was and zarbon was like im not gay wtf and gohand was extremely confused so it insirted itself into dodoria’s fuckhole instead which was on his back cause he’s an alien you anthropocentrist.

You know “anthropocentist” will probably be equivalent to “racist” in a few decades.

“Haha well you know we dont really probe that many ppl” jaco explained. “Damn girl u fine tho wanna have a squeeze.”

Tights was invariably tight. “Filthy vile creatures amirite”

Jaco was virile male space pig!! Space trash!! I hate u u have long clit mines not even an acorn!” Tights cried tears of fish oil arousing jaco rection has purple vein he wanna fucc her puse tight. ride it cool

Big titties. Big ass. Latina ass. Big meaty pussies. Gotta ride that booty. mr. bush did 9/11 one time haha. These are just some of the thoughts of the new alien attack earth known as Tray bin. He was big and orange and had a recycle sticker on his side. “Throw paper in me gruh no soda cans!”

Millions were slaughtered. “Bb we gotta go back we hafta go back!” jaco cry but tights role away just as he cummed and it went all over the pillows. “fuck u bitch now i gotta wash those bitch u hurt me deep”

“nigga u aint even from the hood” tights shot his bitch ass into a big star that almsotk ill him a hypergiant by the name Mal Vexus it was pretty as my baby girl’s starfish.

not even one person on earth cared about anything. it didnt show. holla my nigs its time for bulla to save the day everyone else died horribly.

“Make her ssj!!” a rabble-din bellowed.

a drunken cheer. “Ssj2 ssj3 ssj4 ssjg ssb ssj ultimat”

such an image morphs in the mind when one thinks of bulla. she fine af u see hat hair go gold smdh all u thinkin bout is pussy for the foreseeable nd regrettable future.

“with a cock like that, u could be my dad,” Jaco observed.

why are lesbians so angry all the time every one i know is angry as fuck i wonder if thats related to them all looking like truckers. my cousin the lesbian if i could change into 1 thing (i would) it would be camomile tea with extra milk.

Okay so upon looking further into things champa’s ultimate attack is actually pretty good u just need to do a thing to activate it and his super attack is good if u have another player so you can bait your enemy into blocking so ur partner can guard break them. Also everyone is saying that vados is thick but that’s bullshit yo shes super skinny i mean its fine if ur into that. I mean i probably am she could use that ponytail in someone’s hole know what im saying give em the ol hairy hair.

Anyways bojack was at home taking himself on a trip down the ol aveeno love highway know what im saying. He was also doing some auto erotic assphix shit but since he was already blue u couldn’t tell that he was choking himself except for the fact that he had a belt around his neck while he jerked off. Except since he was blue nobody noticed when he strangled himself until he died except i think he was also green in that one form.

Somewhere somewhere else android 13 was doing the same thing, except he didn’t die when he choked himself since he was an android but he was still blue but also since he was an android he couldn’t feel anything and also he didn’t have a penis.

Anywas the joke is that Bojack was Bojacking off and busting a galactic nut hahaha am i a funny comedian yet.

Anyways back to baby are we still doing that plot i guess we are

Baby cashed in his check and got a bunch of money. He went to spend that money but he discovered that the money no longer had any value as the planet he was on had fallen to the scourge of communism. That’s the end of the story. I mean not the end of the whole story just the baby subplot.

Speaking of subplots remember yamcha? Did we resolve that? I don’t remember. I know he got a bunch of wolfmen to rub his dick against him and there’s some places we could go from there.

Yamcha was at his home, and it was like drinking a tall, cool glass of liquid autism. Hell yeah.

Yamcha was thinking of how fucking cool his ancestor king blank is yeah remember that motherfucker? Yeah he’s yamcha’s ancestor. Will i ever put him in a story? Probably not. Will i ever delete his page? No because kv put a compliment there and i need validation. Same reason why i wont delete xiros true story.

Remember that time when ss11 stole xiros except his origin story is that he was from a race called the badians the badians that’s right the badians and his name was live because that’s evil spelled backwords true story i couldn’t make this shit up and all im saying is i will never be as good at byarms as ss11 god bless that true patriot,

Anyways gohand made another time jump, this time going to princess snake that’s right the best db babe besides girl broly but she’s in a tier of her own love u babe plz call me

The gohand was like hey baby wanna get uh, get spicy and she was like yeah lets do this shit i almost ate your dad one time so now its time for u to eat my pussy except ur a hand to just finger me instead

The gohand reached underneath her skirt (does she wear a skirt i dont remember and im on a role so i aint googling that no sir) and tried to finger her vagina except, OH NO, in place of a vagorb, there was just a snake a who;e snake that’s right the whole snake the whole horse the whole snake. And it ate gohan and now his hand is dead rip.

But wait all is not lost. Since gohand was eaten by her vagina snake that means he was taken into her womb and because this is how science works he was reborn as princess snake’s sex slave tat. Now he is fucked by princess snakes horrific genitals all day long.

Man how weird would it be if ur junk was actually a snake that wouldn’t feel good one bit.

it was on the 42nd day of their constant fucking that, and a cunt’s a cunt and my uncle the juniper berry loves to drink bottles of wine every night. He gets tuckered out real easy but thats because he’s a dumb idiot yeah thatll show em.

“I feel a longing” snek pinecone

“hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” goarm agreed.

“Oh tatty u wanna tater”

fuckin tat snaps you know nigga i never ever learned how to snap my fingers it’s true and i never wanna learn because who the shit has time for that jive.

tat mashed a wee tater in his palm it made him feel real good to have the oil all over his skin. “oh my sweet little tatty zaddy,” she whispered stroking his pinky finger real tender. “good tater ya?”


“baby ive got a feelin deep in me cunny,” snek explain

“bitch ima arm”

“bby i h8 u kbye”

With that the venerable princess snake fisted herself with tatty zaddy until he never lived again.

“Now lets go in for a closer look ya” reporter adolph hister “check it out!”

Screen shows: making of princess snake’s cunny with blue paint and plastic dyes and all sorts of animation cels ya dig me camera guy

“Thats very well and good beat reporter hister but why the hell on god’s lean girth would u tell us about this”

“The writers at toei developed her especially for the children” adolph hister is really nice on sundays

“And tell me good beat reporter”

“Thats sir to u u bastard ill cut u with a shiv”

“cunt i will own you” the aged and wizened steward of the broadcast booth, one Boris Onion.

“1v1 me irl nerd”

“btw what did they give her in terms of a bush you know those japs like a good fur coat on their women haha back to you mein fürry.

“Well you know walter they gave her the works it’s a forest down there”

“how u sposta sup at da clit my nigga”

“Walter that language is offensive and unfunny u better go do a seppuku.”

“soz” Boris adjusts his scrotum

There once was a saiyan named xicor and everyone made fun of him for having grey hair they called him grandpa the end.

Now im gonna skip to another character jerking off cause thats all im good for.

Okay so hit was jerking off right he was jerking his purp;le alien cock really beating his meat but he wasn’t cumming yet so he used his time-skip powers to time-skip to when he cums except that’s not how his time-skip powers work you fool. You absolute fool. You simpleton. You scourge upon the Earth. How could you do this to me, and more importantly, how could you do it to yourself. Think about what you’ve done.

If super saiyan rose was the first super saiyan form frieza wouldn’t have been so afraid cause that bitch really loves his wine, or at least he does in the hit fanfifction the strongest in thge universe which you should all read.

Speaking of which guldo was jackin off but he held his breath while he cummed so his cum stayed frozen in the air like they do on spaceships and then he get up to leave but his cum hit him in the back of the head and that’s why guldo will never be fulfilled as a human being because he isn’t a human being. You fool. You fell for it again. Think of your family. Think of YOUR WIFE.

Nain is best girl.

If i reread this later this is a reminder to write a story about pirate robot, the best character. He’s a pirate, he’s a robot, he works 7 days a week to support his wife and kids, he does his best despite systemic racism, he’s a real class-a guy, i’ll tell ya.

You know i really hate it in pokemon when they make a pokemons signature move the wrong type of move. Like fuckiong diancie or whatever has high special attack right but its attack diamond storm is a pgysical move like wtf. Is also like diancie shooting diamonds so it’s as much a special move as power gem it makes nos ense. Id ask kv but his favorite pokemon is abra, which means that he’s a racist.

No really there was like some controversy over Kadabra actually being like a nazi or something read that shit it’s wild it’s wild it’s wild.

I mean

What the fuck else can i even do. What characters have i not talked about jacking off. Am i funny yet? Do u peopl,e love me yet? I know eniko loves me. Or is it enkiO? Figure that shit out YOU CREEP jk i love u. Almost as much as i love fudge holy shit.

To Geti, With Love

you might have to excuse me ive lost control of all of my

Ten thousand years ago, there lived a peculiar and mad old scientist of a species that looked vaguely humanoid and let’s give him a lab coat too. This man’s name was Gete and he was, shall we say, of rather generous proportions. He produced a datachip on his eleventy-second birthday but the grand prize for Planet Eteg’s (ily ss11) Universal Invention Competition went to this dude from Poonjab VI who made a pair of rapidly multiplying vampiric nanobots (at the time no one in the committee knew that one of Poonjubi’s pair included a homosexual robot who refused to multiply with its mate, thus ending the line of vampiric nanobots for the foreseeable future) out of a couple spark plugs and a rubber wire.

“but if u throw my chippy in space he’ll eventually turn into a huge robotic galaxy-roaming monster that appears briefly in one non-canon movie!!”

for all getes mania he loved his chippy and he wanted it to collect all the space garbage he could so he threw it into the sun and never saw it again, he died about three days later from space hemorrhoids it was a gruesome scene fair play to ya.

theres so many bald little guys runnin around the pitch its a madhouse well done to ya thank ya maam stick in me daddy im wet. the Big Gete star finally arrived at Mal Vexus, of the Poonjani Region (where even the sterilest space weasel could find poon for days). He went searching and he burnt his robot parts real bad, but he never found Jaco whom Tights murdered nigh thirteen seconds before. Jaco was such a little bitch that not even a single atom of him remained he was gone that nigga wasted, Big Gete had to leave disappointed. Thus ended the majestic tale of Big Gete, who later died of his burn wounds surrounded by the loving company of his filial space trash and other, formerly-estranged space trash.

I think that last anecdote would have worked a lot better had Gete been named Shaggy and been a dog instead.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how truly awful he was. He was just like that movie just like that villain. Fuckin Star Serelinity. What a fucking name. I wonder if that kid just like jerks off to his power scaling tiers. Like not even the characters just the idea that he has made such incoherent drivel gets him mad hard. I know he loves byte counts. He fuckin faps to how long he can make his character pages. I’m not going to follow the logical path to the inevitable small penis joke, but I’m pretty sure geti’s cocks a wee lad.

The character i remember the most is that bisani douche. It was a rad concept making a galactic chef. The part where geti always makes me want to light napkins on fire is when he has to make everyone so goddamn grandiose like they are always these huge monstrocities that couldnt even fit in camera if you wanna get a ground shot then the yaveh the longest of pages that’s my favorite because he’s so consistently shitty it’s a real talent. You’d think at some point he’d get good or just blow his brains out haha my nigga had the right idea when he said help me excorcise my mind. Circumcision is what I think of most when I think of Geti. His character star serelinity has acid manipulation fuck yeah mate he’s got a serious form that’s some ballin shit. his absurd intuition makes me drip daddy help me

I wanna be like star serelinity and live in a world where feelings simply cannot be defined by words. The best part of that is that geti can’t shut up about his shit he’s a wordy little motherfucker and if I had a sheep I would seriously consider doing the sheep before him (no homely).

Now at this point, Bulla was high above the clouds, where other clouds are. There was a big one in the sky it was a fat blimp called

Fuckin getes is a stupid nickname for vegeta I’d rather he be known as pucciboi2k17. This is the part where tun wanted me to do something im not gonna fucc the farm

Unfathomable Succ

hi it me kidv. This attack is a real special for sterilinity. He has super succ abilities get that succ on at a galactic level yo that shit he’s succing goes down to the molecular level he be succin all the quarks he be succin everythin in the air the dark matter even the air itself and this means that if he succs real hard he can get all the air around a person and make them suffocate yo he has transcendental plane shifting abilities to make sure the air outside the succzone don’t come any further u gonna get suff’d

Omega shenron come “grrr stereliny u die now!!”

“oy bitch i gotta get my succ on,” he takes out his succin straw and gets rid of all that air and bye bye omega shenron Star Serelinity is stronger than Zen-Oh cuz he can think faster than ZEniboy and unthink him faster it was a true story Geti told me he was going to make his bitch babies stronge than that ugly little fucker. I wonder sometimes if anyone in his family were to find his pages, or if he were to tell anyone, if they would be able to convincingly lie when they say they love him just as much as before.

There came a day man moons later when baby roshi who was so old he had become like a fetal man child who lay snuggled in his turtle shell for the better part of each day. he liked to talk about when he weas a young lad he would stand on his beach and gohans arm would come off and later get permanently lodged in princess snake’s rectum (she bled to death in the 779 Age while fingering herself to bon jovi just like Rahul).

when bby roshi go “wew innara!” they sittin there tryna write down what he said but it was nonsense, pure poppycock. “Nya nya aoohhoooooh!” he would moan and shout and sometimes whisper. then he squeal “oooh im not reddy” but die.

I wish I had a King Kai picture for this moment but im no good im trashboi kv here hi im newd

one time when i was in fourth grade there was this girl named rebecca i think and i called her a bad word on the day her father came in to guest speak about the numerous banalities of his profession. I never spoke to her before or after that day, i dont know what made me do it, he didn’t seem to know thank kami.

that nigga roshi had a balla funeral my cousin Angelo said the appetizers were a solid ⅖ stars it was a real fancy affair, a real splendid sort of ball that one would expect to be reserved for such dignified figures as emperor land shark or kimbo’s slicer. Practically everyone was invited (i wish i had a proud foot fetish like ol rexy boy what a guy that dude will die of a heart attack before I graduate college no doubt no doubt one tim) but lets not get hasty now. Not everyone got to cum bc not everyones great. Sometimes that’s true about z fighters and sometimes thats true about admins. In this case, it applied to only person because everyone was invited except for chiaotzu

If Geti is somehow reading this, i just want to say that you’re probably a fine person and there are a lot of people who care about you, however, your pages do suck ass and you’re really arrogant about them, so sort that shit out

Anyways for those who were unclear the jokes of the previous section is that gohams arm became a bisexual so its a bi arm like the title byarm and the other one is baby winnnig the lotterly so baby is a rich man so also like the title haha.

But if you didnt get that shit youre fucking thick and im talking british thick not american thick like my precious broly and im not talking about girl broly any more hit me up i dont care if youre fictional lets make this shit work man we’re all in a computer what makes me more real than u bby.

Haha napkins on fire more like lampshades on fire get it because kidvegeta is fond of the band modest mouse. But he shouldnt be a fan of anything with modest in the name because he sometimes comes off as arrogant which i guess makes sense cause he’s talented but you know its still there.

And as for destructivedisc you were kind of mean to me but thats fine i mean i was like a tryhard 15 year old when we last met and also i heard you got fat so haha you’re fat now.

As for creeper, if i was a 15 year old tryhard then you’re also that a bit but everyone is and you’ll grow out of it you have a lot of potential right now but your name has a minecraft thing in it and that’s a bit embarassing

Now, dear reader, you may recall, in previous chapters, that an unusually large amount of ejaculatory fluids were produced throughout this story. Those bursts of milky semen were not without their significance, and as with all things, they have the potential for abject destruction.

The raw sexual energy was magnetic, and drew the globs of man, and indeed woman milk into one place, just as all matter in the universe was contained in one location during the big bang. The countless sperm cells and precum morphed, uniting, building up into an Eldritch mass, of indescribable size, its colour a white of unmatched purity, a paradoxical fact given the uncouth origins of this glob, hovering in the vast blackness of the void.

Nothing this size could exist without gaining some kind of power, and with power, came sentience. A gurgling pustule on the great body of the Lovecraftian jizz-beast floating through the sea of stars called out a name for itself, and that name was KidVegeta.

The glob moved throughout the universe, as a hand moves up and down a freshly lubricated shaft. Every planet in its way was consumed, and with every life it snuffed out, a countless amount of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery was lost with it.

But KidVegeta did not care, as it was simply a mass of gently rippling semen, that expanded with every world it destroyed, until mere numbers were no longer sufficient to explain its breadth.

Of course, the abomination eventually drifted towards Earth, and the Z-Fighters made a token attempt to stop it, but even the strongest Kamehameha was nothing to the yellowing, semeny surface of KidVegeta. Earth was consumed, and humanity reached its end, not a great triumph of science of piece, but simply as a snack for KidVegeta, the Ejaculate Of Unending Hunger.

Soon, planets could no longer sate the blasphemous creature, so it moved on to solar systems, and then galaxies, and then, inevitably, universes, with far more efficiency than any mere God of Destruction.

Even Zen-Oh, the creator of all, The One Above Everything, fell victim to KidVegeta’s hunger, and with his death, came the end of all reality. All that was, and ever will be, was reduced to a meaningless blackness, both infinitely large and endlessly small. There was no longer any potential for significance or growth. The garden of reality had been burned to the ground, and the Earth salted so that nothing else may ever grow.

We were all sperm, once, and to sperm we must all return.

Geti, you see that shit? That’s what you write like. Exactly like that.

Anyways im gonna be a man soon and all i want for my 18th birthday is girl broly and broly classic ™ to launch energy blasts at me until i am vaporized and even my atoms are completely eliminated from the universe that’d be hot.

Baby You're a Rich Man
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