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Beyley Saga is the first Saga of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking. It features three main protagonists: Beyley, Xeno Chronoa, and Xeno Towa.

Main EventsEdit

  • Chronoa escaped from Commander Yumark to the hiding place.
  • Chronoa created the new and true Time Nest.
  • Beyley was sent to the Time Nest by Chronoa using the Super Dragon Balls.
  • Beyley and Chronoa begin training as a sparing match.
  • Beyley transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time.
  • Beyley complete her training with Chronoa.
  • Chronoa explains Beyley about time-traveling the history of the Dragon Ball.
  • Beyley and Chronoa travels to the timeline where Goku as Super Saiyan battling against Frieza.
  • Beyley and Chronoa encounters Towa in the first time.
  • Beyley, Chronoa, and Towa escaped an dying Planet Namek by traveled back to their own time as Goku encourages Beyley to save the world as a hero.
  • Beyley and Towa encounters Commander Yumark in the first time at Chronoa's Time Nest.
  • Beyley fights against Commander Yumark, but she was easily defeated by Yumark in one punch.
  • Yumark tries to destroys Chronoa's Time Nest, but interrupted by Erazer who invades his original Time Nest.
  • Beyley, Chronoa, and Towa encounters Erazer, Demigra, and Mira in the first time.
  • Towa escapes, but he was heard that Erazer reveals his true goal to destroy the universe. Towa defect them to Beyley and Chronoa.
  • Erazer used the Dark Dragon Balls to summons Dark Shenron and wish for destroy his universe.
  • Chronoa used her time powers to sent Beyley, Towa, and herself to the main timeline while Yumark fights against Demigra and Mira.
  • Beyley, Chronoa, and Towa encounters the main timeline Chronoa in the first time.



Supporting CharactersEdit



  1. Beyley's First Training!
  2. Frieza's Attack, Beyley's Fist of Fury!
  3. The Leader of the Time Patrol
  4. Beyley's First Adventure, Onto the Main World (End of Beyley Saga)


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