"Gosh. I'm never seen her that Supreme Kai before."
— Beyley to Xeno Chronoa.

"I'm the Saiyan, the one who defeated you!"
— Beyley to Frieza.

Beyley is a female Saiyan who first appeared in Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking. She is the central protagonist in the series alongside with Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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Personality[edit | edit source]

She is a very proud and cheerful female Saiyan like Goku and his Xeno counterpart, but she gets serious when it matters, including when someone hurts her friends like Frieza. In her Super Saiyan and her Evolved state, her personality is seem to be calm, but serious tone. However, she retains her cheerful nature as she enjoys fighting like Goku despite became the Super Saiyan in the first time. In her Ultra Instinct Sign form, Beyley's personality is more calmer than her Super Saiyan state, her voice is deep and barely speak to her opponents.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Pre-Xenoverse Sparking[edit | edit source]

She was born on the Planet Vegeta before she decline Frieza Force's orders. She decide to take her own journey to find peace in order to stop Frieza Force and defeat the emperor Frieza and King Cold.

After she killed Dodoria and Zarbon, she was sent to Chronoa from the alternate timeline's Time Nest before Frieza killed her for destroying his men.

Beyley Saga[edit | edit source]

Beyley first appeared in chapter 1 who was summoned by the Chronoa from the alternate world. Chronoa explains about her past, encounters Commander Yumark, forcibly her to become his apprentice and escaped from Yumark. Chronoa decide to spar with Beyley as her training partner to see how Beyley is strong. While sparing with Chronoa, Beyley manages to resist Chronoa's attacks only she got injured. When Chronoa delivers her final punch, Beyley declares that she will never give up and suddenly transforms into her Super Saiyan. Amazed by her Super Saiyan form, Chronoa decide to finish her training as Beyley revert back to her base form due to her injures. Chronoa give Beyley to a Senzu bean to recover Beyley's strength. Beyley thanking Chronoa for her training with her and she accepted her thanks.

Dark Frieza Saga[edit | edit source]

Abilties[edit | edit source]

Beyley can use flight to hover and fly through the air.
Ki Blast
Beyley can use pink-colored ki blasts on her opponent.
Saiyan's Girl Might
This technique is used by all female Saiyans. She punches her opponent three times, then kicks them away.
Focus Block
This technique is used by Beyley to block her opponent's Ki Blast attack, but she cannot maintain it against stronger attacks.
Gatling Blaster
Prism Kamehameha
This technique is used by Beyley that she create and charges her magenta-colored energy blast and shoot out on her opponent.
Super Prism Kamehameha
An upgraded form of Prism Kamehameha used by Beyley in her Super Saiyan and her Evolved state.
Rebellion Thrust
This technique is used by Beyley which she allows to rush towards her opponent and pound him/her on their stomach. Used to defeat Recoome before his death by the giant Namekian statue.
Rebellion Finish

Great Ape
Beyley's Great Ape form, but she decides to not use it she does not has her tail.
Golden Great Ape
Beyley's evolved Great Ape form in her Super Saiyan form. However, she decides to not use it because she is unable to control it which is why she cuts her tail by herself.
Super Saiyan
Beyley's Super Saiyan form, first achieved during her training with Xeno Chronoa. In this Super Saiyan form, her hair is spiky and her hair color is dark golden. She used this form again to fight against Commander Yumark, but he easily knocked her away and reverted Beyley back to her base form before Erazer arrived.
Super Saiyan Evolved

Beyley's Super Saiyan Evolved without her aura

When Guru unlocked Beyley's Super Saiyan powers, Beyley achieves her new Super Saiyan level called Super Saiyan Evolved. When she transformed into Super Saiyan Evolved, her hair is more spiker, hair color is turned lighter tone, her black pupils is now visible and her aura is golden yellow.
Ultra Instinct Sign
Awakened from her mind clear, Beyley gained her a powerful transformation which allows her to subconsciously ascends her Super Saiyan Evolved transformation to Ultra Instinct transformation.

List of Characters killed by Beyley[edit | edit source]

Solo[edit | edit source]

  • Dodoria and Zarbon - Killed by Beyley's Gatling Blaster.
  • Recoome - Defeated by Beyley's Rebellion Thrust and being crushed to death by the giant Namekian statue.

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