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Beyley's First Training! (ベイリーの初めてトレーニング! Beirī no Hajimete Torēningu!) is the first chapter of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking and Beyley Saga's first chapter.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The scene where the female Saiyan at the small rocky mountain on Planet Vegeta named Beyley. She reminds about Goku's adventures in the past and fight against Frieza, Cell, and even Syn Shenron and Goku left with Shenron after the Dragon Balls floating away. In the middle of the nowhere, Kai named Chronoa is being chased by the man called himself the leader of the Time Patrol from the different world, Commander Yumark. Yumark tries to attack Chronoa for her disobedience, but she used her Solar Flare on Yumark which she blinding him, allowing her to escape quickly. Once her Solar Flare wears off, Yumark is now enraged for Chronoa's escape.

After Chronoa escaped, she decides to recreate the true version of his former master's Time Nest. While Chronoa built the true version of the Time Nest, she concerns that she needs the Time Patroller which she used the Super Dragon Balls that she gathered from her former master. Chronoa summons the Super Shenron which she wishes to summon the strong female fighter who was stronger than any other fighters from the unknown timeline. The Super Shenron granted Chronoa's wish to summon the female strong Saiyan. The female Saiyan wonders how did she get in the Time Nest after killing Frieza's Elites, Dodoria, and Zarbon. Chronoa explains to her that she summoned her to fight against the evil menace. The female Saiyan introduced herself, Beyley to Chronoa as she greeted her. Beyley asked Chronoa what is going on and she explains about her story and her former master Yumark. As Chronoa finishes her story, she asked Beyley to spar with her for Beyley's training which she accepted. Beyley begin to endures her attacks while Chronoa continuously punches her as she tells her that she need her skills. Before she deliver her a final punch, Beyley powered up and counters Chronoa by punching her stomach. Chronoa is amazed by Beyley's strength which she will gets serious on Beyley before they're continues to fight. As Chronoa fights Beyley with her brute force and she suffered her injures, Chronoa tries to finish her off with her multiple energy blast in full power. However, Beyley powering up and her body glows, shocking Chronoa and she transforms into a Super Saiyan. Chronoa is surprised by Beyley's Super Saiyan transformation and stop attacking as Beyley is shocked by her transforming Super Saiyan within her. Chronoa tells Beyley that her Super Saiyan transformation is just a myth, but the legend is true. Beyley is very amazed by her Super Saiyan, but she was sustained when she was injured and forcing herself to change back to normal. Chronoa heals Beyley and complete her tough sparing match.

Chronoa congratulates Beyley for her first training to become a Time Patroller. Beyley thanked Chronoa for her training as a Time Patroller. She and Chronoa shakes hands after her tough training with Chronoa. Meanwhile, at Yumark's Time Nest, Yumark is disappointed by Chronoa's actions for bringing Beyley to her world and decide to look for her and punishes her for her disobedience as he declares to hunt her down and take her to a custody.

Main Events[edit | edit source]

  • Chronoa escaped from Commander Yumark to the hiding place.
  • Chronoa created the new and true Time Nest.
  • Beyley was sent to the Time Nest by Chronoa using the Super Dragon Balls.
  • Beyley and Chronoa begin training as a sparing match.
  • Beyley transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time.
  • Beyley complete her training with Chronoa.

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Battles[edit | edit source]

  • Chronoa vs. Commander Yumark [No results]
  • Beyley vs. Chronoa [No results]

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