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This article is about the canonical Beyley. For the old and scrapped character, see Beyley (Original).

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"I am the Saiyan who calls Beyley."
— Beyley introduces herself to Ize.

Beyley (ベイリー Beirī) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball Sparkling. She is the one of the survivors of the endangered Saiyan race.


(See this picture which I used the same designs and transformations.)


She is a very proud , but goofy and cheerful female Saiyan like Goku and his Xeno counterpart, but she gets serious when it matters get worse. She also has a huge appetite for meat and eat the whole like a feral animal.



She was born from the Planet Vegeta like the other Saiyans until Frieza destroyed it. She manage to survive by attacking Frieza's henchman and escape the Attack Pod. After escaped from Frieza, she travels the other planets in order to train herself to get stronger and take a meal for lunch and dinner. Soon after, she became the planet protector who has a desires to protect love ones.

When Beyley realize that Zerbo and his small group of Frieza Force tried to conquer the planets that she loved, she angrily transforms into an incomplete Super Saiyan and kill Zerbo and the remaining Frieza Force soldiers. After defeating Zerbo, she quickly realizes that her Super Saiyan transformation is incomplete, so she decide to train and master her Super Saiyan state which she happily goodbye to her fellow friends from the planet Hyokin by using the Frieza Force spaceship to travel across the world to complete her Super Saiyan form even though her incomplete Super Saiyan will be strong enough to defeat stronger foes like Frieza or Moro.

When she realize her age will get old too long, she see every empty stasis pods and used it to make hibernate herself in order to stay young and strong while she's hiberated.

Dragon Ball Sparkling[]

After saying goodbye to her fellow friends from Planet Hyokin, Beyley continues to training and practicing her Super Saiyan -Zero- which she needs to extend the Super Saiyan -Zero- time limit. She explains the story of Goku's past fight against Piccolo through Syn Shenron and her past about her home planet was destroyed and become the Super Saiyan -Zero- for the first time. After finishing her story, she notices Ize's presence and decide to train to become stronger.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Saiyan Power -
  • Saiyan Spirit Fist - An close-range technique allowing Beyley punches her opponent five times, then jab him/her with her strong force.
  • Crimson Burst - Beyley's signature move. Beyley charges her red energy blast from her two hands and fire the crimson-red beam at her opponent.
    • Chaos Crimson Burst - The powered up version of Crimson Burst used by Beyley in her Super Saiyan 5 form. Beyley in her Super Saiyan 5 form charges her large crimson-colored energy blast from her two hands, putting her energy together, then creating a stronger energy blast and fire the crimson-darkred beam at her opponent.
  • Barrier - An defensive technique allows Beyley create a barrier to protect herself from her opponent's attacks.
  • Shiver -
  • Kaio-ken - One of Goku's signature technique. Learned from Vegeta when Goku is no longer here. By combining with Super Saiyan -Zero-, she can able to control her ki without risking damage her own body.

Super Saiyan transformation line
Her Super Saiyan transformation line is similar to Goku's and Vegeta's.
Super Saiyan -Zero-

Super Saiyan -Zero- Beyley

The weaker version of the Super Saiyan transformation. She then realize that her transformation is incomplete which she decide to more train to complete her Super Saiyan transformation.

Super Saiyan -Zero- Kaio-ken

Super Saiyan -Zero- Kaio-ken Beyley

Also called Super Kaio-ken -Zero-. The combination of Super Saiyan and Kaio-ken which she learned the way to remove the lethal side-effect thanks to her training with her Super Saiyan -Zero- transformation extended limits.

Super Saiyan 5
The successor of Super Saiyan 4. Her Super Saiyan 5 form first appeared briefly when Beyley clashes on Ize in his Golden Ize form.


  • Beyley's name is the reference of Bay leaf, the aromatic leaf used in cooking.
  • Beyley is the third female Saiyan that achieves Super Saiyan transformation, the first is Caulifla and second is Kale.
    • Like Kale, Beyley transforms into a unique Super Saiyan form.
  • Beyley is the first female Saiyan who is the main protagonist since Goku left the Earth with Shenron.


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