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Goku DBGVBEdit

  • He is the main character
  • He defeated most of the enemies in the series
  • He was the first to go super saiyan
  • He is a low class saiyan yet is the strongest.
  • He is pure enough to ride nimbus
  • He can use the spirit bomb
  • He manged to push himself to use the 10000 Kamehameha

Buu BuuEdit

  • He posses the true power of Uub
  • He sat on Eagapal/Calia
  • He is as strong as a super saiyan 5

King ColdEdit

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Broly (DBGVB)Edit

  • He is the lSSJ
  • He killed King Piccolo and survived a beating by Xiros
  • He had a change of heart and joined the saiyans
  • He can transform into all super saiyans 1-9

Future Trunks (DBGVB)Edit

  • He sacraficed himself to kill Gaius Cell
  • He killed all of Dr.Gero's android army with ease
  • He can use the Epic Elemental Slash
  • He came back from the future to protect the Earth from the androids
  • He is the son of Vegeta
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