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Vegeta (DBXS)


Benjamin is a human who is training under Krillin extensivly. Though his power surpasses Krillins, he still his receiving supplment training



Benjamin was raised in a family cottage away from the cities on an island close to West Cities coast. His first fight was a spar with his father, and, he lost. He began to train with the air, then trees and finally rechallenged his dad, beating him. His house was robbed, however, he stood against the robber. Sadly, he was beaten to the ground and ended up taking recovery. He then met the Z-Fighters at the 31st Martial Arts Tournament and joined there group.

Namekian Massacre[]

The nameks were once again at threat, from Cooler once more. Cooler had come back from Hell and brought his brother and father and Dodoria and Zarbon, making it tough for them to end it. Salza appeared once, but, was brutally beaten by Benjamin due to his look being close to the robber he faced when he was ten. After the problems were solved, he trained under Krillin for a slight while.

Saiyan Attack[]

Unknown to the Z-Fighters, two Saiyans had also survived the explosion of Planet Vegeta. There names were Chivel and Chaivl. They showed mass power, and, were able to go Super Saiyan. The results were one brutally hurt Saiyan, and one dead one.


  • Destructo Disc
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Splitting Kamehameha
  • Ki Wave & Ki Blast

Power Level[]

I'm going by age here, so, don't die of boredness.

Age Five[]

At age five, Benjamin failed to win against a spar with his father, and his father trained slightly with Mr. Popo, so, it ranged at 240. This leads to Benjamins being 50.

Age Ten[]

Obviously, there was a struggle against Benjamin and the robber, possibly leading Bens to be one hundred and the robbers one fourty.


Benjamin was able to brutally beat Salza and Zarbon, leading his power to be in the millions and so on.