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Belzibub (Dragon Ball Z AT)
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Race Namkeian

Demon Son

Lord Slug Jr.'s Offspring

The Strongest of Lord Slug Jr.'s Sons

Debut Appearance Dark Namek Saga
Father Lord Slug Jr.
Brother Devil
Brother Macoz
Grandfather Lord Slug

Belzibub is the Namekian Demon son of Lord Slug Jr., and the first son to be born. Belizbub looks like a Pterodactyl, he is the strongest of Lord Slug Jr.'s sons, and the longest living. Belzibub is a Super Namekian like: Piccolo, his father Lord Slug Jr., and his brothers: Devil and Macoz.


Belzibub is the strongest of Lord Slug Jr.'s sons. He is pretty strong and puts up a decent fight against False Super Saiyan Gohan.

Speical abillites Edit

  • Flight Belzibub can fly
  • Ki Blasts Belzibub can shoot Ki Blasts
  • Thunder Attack Belzibub fires energy lighting at his opponent. This attack can kill or stun his opponent
  • Boom a rang Blast a green ball of energy
  • Boom a rang Disk Belzibub fires a Green Ball of energy which tracks his opponets. Belzibub used this against Gohan as a False Super Saiyan.
  • Dark Blast Like Lord Slug and Lord Slug Jr., Belzibub can fire a giant yellow beam of energy out of his mouth.
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