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"Bahaha! You Saiyan monkeys honestly think you can defeat me?! I am pure power! Nothing can possibly stand a chance against me!"
— Bel

Bel is a soldier of Brizzard and general of the latter's armies. He was the main antagonist of the Bel Saga.


Bel is extremely arrogant and confident in his abilities despite the fact that he loses almost every fight he's ever been in. Every insult he makes is in an attempt to make the enemy lose his temper and eventually leave himself wide open for one of Bel's attacks.

Power level[]

His power level is at 17,992.



  • Strangler: Bel wraps his tail around the opponent's neck and whips it left and right continuously.
  • Banga: Bel fires a blue energy beam from his finger at the opponent.
  • Supangas: Bel fires a large, purple energy wave from the purple section on his abdomen.


  • Bel's name is derived from the Babylonian king Belshazzar's name.