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This article, Behemoth, is the property of Hyper Zergling.

Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Return of the Ancient Enemy
Species: Ravenous
Date of Death: Age 770
Maximum Power Level: 170,000,000
Height: 200 cm or 9'10"
Eye Color: Red
Organizations: Ravenous
Family: Leviathan (parent)
Ziz (sibling)

The Behemoth, along with the Ziz is the second most powerful Ravenous and serves the Leviathan as one of its main protectors.

Physical appearance[]

The Behemoth is a vaguely humanoid creature with four arms – a larger pair and a smaller pair. The larger pair of arms start at the Behemoth's shoulders and end in large stumps, serving as the creature's primary limbs it uses for attack, using them to bludgeon its prey. The smaller arms, located just under the larger pair, end in relatively small hands, each with four sharp fingers. The Behemoth's mouth spans across the width of its entire face and possesses two rows of sharp teeth.


In the year 770 Age, the Leviathan decides to return to Mrov to finish what its past allies started. Cuber and Chaiva arrive to destroy the Leviathan, but the Ziz and the Behemoth intercept them. The two-on-two fight is initially even, but the Super Saiyans eventually prove to be more of a match for even the mightiest of the Ravenous. After the Ziz falls to Cuber's Lightspeed Wave, the Saiyans destroy the Behemoth with their Shining Knee team attack.


  • Oxygen independence – The ability to survive in deep space indefinitely
  • DNA absorption – The Ravenous' inherent trait to absorb the DNA of its prey and acquire the prey's abilities