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"The name's Beetro. Medical professional."
Beetro introducing himself to Pan

"As my peers grew restless for blood and battle, I found that I had no taste for violence and conquest as a whole. In fact, I preferred to tend to the hurt."
Beetro regarding himself among his fellow Saiyans

Beetro, ビートロ (Bītoro)
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Pan's Ascent
Nicknames: Medical Saiyan
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Planet Vegeta
Hair Color: White-grey
Eye Color: Dark brown
Rank: Medic
Organizations: Time Patrol
Family: Unknown Male Saiyan (father) †
Unknown Female Saiyan (mother) †
Chronoa (superior)
Future Trunks (comrade)
Commander Hale (comrade)
Pan (comrade)

Beetro is a full-blooded Saiyan and medical professional of the Time Patrol. He appears in Pan's Ascent.



Beetro's hair was of a white-grey color even in his youth. In his older age, he keeps his hair short, but also has some hair below his lip.

When performing work as a medic, he wears all-white Time Patrol armor with a teal undershirt, reminiscent of medical professional attire.

He still possesses a Saiyan tail, though his is of a white-grey hue like his hair as opposed to the default brown.


In spite of hailing from the Saiyans, Beetro found that he was not as interested in combat and found other interests including mending to the wounded. While he found his behavior despised and even punished by his fellow Saiyans, in the Time Patrol, he was finally allowed to follow his passion to help others.

Beetro doesn't hate the idea of combat or participating in it, but whether on or off the field, he always places the well-being of his unit and fellow patrollers over taking out an enemy. Should he find the wounded in danger, he will fight with his all to protect his fellow comrades.

Also unlike most other alien species', Beetro not only doesn't look down on Earthling and other seemingly weaker beings, but actually finds himself inspired by them. Knowing how easily a Saiyan can gain strength thanks to their zenaki boost, he finds the idea that humans and other "lesser" races can train to their same levels through determination and drive even in the face of more powerful forces truly commendable and worthy of respect.


Commander HaleEdit


Life on Planet VegetaEdit

After both his parents died during a mission for Lord Frieza, Beetro was taken into an orphanage wing on Planet Vegeta. Upon reaching the age in which Saiyan youth typically grew restless for combat, Beetro found himself uninterested and found other interests including tending to the hurt.

As a result of this, he was treated as an outcast and a freak, often referred to as "less than a Saiyan" for his lack of desire to fight. Even when some tried forcing him to change his mannerisms or to fight, Beetro refused and endured.

Due to being unfit for combat, the only jobs available to him were cleaning the streets and facilities of the planet. As he grew older, he was still mocked and ridiculed regularly for his position, insisting he was worth less than the dirt and messes he cleaned.

Joining the Time PatrolEdit

On one day, Beetro was met by a member of the Time Patrol, whom offered him a chance to use the skills he had longed to learn or to remain where he was. By accepting, he left Planet Vegeta, surviving the near-extinction of the Saiyan race.



  • His name is derived from Beetroot.
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