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PR/Sentai series Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: God of Destruction
Homeworld: Beerus' homeworld
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Pre-Sentai series
Brother(s): Champa
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): PR/Sentai era
Affiliations: Soocker
God's Destroyers
Allies: Samuel Nakaoka the Second
Reinzuya Nakaoka Joo

"I am God of Destruction! And I don't care about your fight the God's Destroyer! I'm don't care about your actions to kill the God of Destruction! You will be one person erased forever!!"
— Beerus, after killing Samuel Nakaoka the Second in the Japanese version

"I'm the God's Destroyer! And I'm care nothing about your actions to fight any God's Destroyers! That's why I told you so! I'm hereby to declare you, ERASED!"
— Beerus, after killing Samuel Nakaoka the Second in the English version

Beerus is the villain-turn-ally from PR/Sentai series and the God's Destroyer as well the former member of Soocker organization.

History[edit | edit source]

PR/Sentai series[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

"Milady! Please forgive my actions... P-Please..."
— Beerus apologize to Reinzuya

Due to his actions, his superior leader Reinzuya stomps and punishes Beerus for telling Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta. Beerus tries to apologize Reinzuya, but she angrily steps on his head and tell him that Reinzuya was the peaceful being that she rules over the any worlds before she crushes his head as Beerus screams in agony.

Battle of Gods[edit | edit source]

"Ha ha, well of course."
— Beerus after Samuel Nakaoka successfully pass his test

Frieza's Resurrection[edit | edit source]

Universe 6 and 7 Tournament[edit | edit source]

"How DARE you to defy the God's Destroyer?!"
— Beerus being insulted by Cereza in English version

"No... It can't be... Mi... Milady Reinzuya!"
— Beerus terribly see Reinzuya at the tournament in English version

Before Samuel Nakaoka the Second get ready to fight against Champa, Beerus an killing shot on Samuel Nakaoka's heart. He angrily yells an dead Samuel Nakaoka that he was God's Destroyer and he is never care about anyone who fighting the God's Destroyers before he claims him to be erased. However, he was insulted by Cereza that he only care about saving everyone from evil actions before Beerus attempt to kill Samuel Nakaoka's wives with a destructive energized ball as Champa encourages his twin brother to kill them. However, he was stopped by the hooded woman before revealed herself to be Reinzuya and she became enraged at Beerus for killing her son. Much to his horror, Reinzuya mercilessly jab with enhanced 100x Time-Skip and steps on him by berating him. Champa remembers his terribly moments of Beerus' violent judgement and tries to kill Reinzuya, but she quickly punch him on his stomach brutely with enhanced 200x Time-Skip. Reinzuya tells Beerus that she was the Eradicator that fears God's Destroyers.

Trunks Saga[edit | edit source]

Sun and Moon Saga[edit | edit source]

When Beerus breaks the power-source gem and Bulma's Time Machine, Samuel Nakaoka tries to undo by using Time Ring as Beerus attempt to stop from his doing, but Reinzuya intercept him by scares him. Reinzuya tells Beerus that he was doing to travel time and she was Soocker leader that she only wanting to traveling time and Beerus frightingly agrees to undo his doing so. Whis sighs as Beerus told him to move to his home only find outs that Reinzuya destroys his home much to Beerus' horribly in shock which she gives him a second punishment.

Sun and Moon (World Survival) Arc[edit | edit source]

"Belmod... this kid is the Eradicator's son! He cares everything that he wants to protect and befriend everyone! But... Samuel abandons his humanity and trust because of Ryoga killed Nagisa... so he close his heart and shatter his passions away, leaving him to become very hateful person! He doesn't care to befriend everyone, he slaughters them all... Destroys the Spirit Cores! Furthermore, he wants to revive Nagisa, but he decide to let it go because of everyone losing his trust! This is why... Samuel Nakaoka the Second, the son of his predecessor and the BEAST!!"
— Beerus talking to Belmon.

Beerus became horrified that Belmon going to permanently erase Mikuel after impales them because of Jiren's loss. Beerus decide to protect Samuel Nakaoka and Miku by blocking the attack. Beerus told Belmon that Samuel Nakaoka the Second is the Eradicator's son before he angrily asked him if he never defeat a god and he decide to erase both Beerus and Mikuel once and for all.

Sun and Moon (Arisa) Arc[edit | edit source]

Movie War FINAL[edit | edit source]

Post-BEAST Saga[edit | edit source]

Kojuranger[edit | edit source]

Beerus reappears at the meeting of Gods' Destroyers

Films appearances[edit | edit source]

PR the Series: The Final Movie War[edit | edit source]

Shin Samuel Yo-kai Watch Movie: Shadowside[edit | edit source]

Video games appearances[edit | edit source]

PR Digimon: -Code Future-[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the members of Soocker become the God of Destruction, Reinzuya kills three God of Destruction in one attack.
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