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"Shut up! I want to revive my dad to bring him home! I don’t care about this stupid world!"
Beelzebub, getting annoyed at Kibito Kai's monologuing

ベルゼブブ, Beruzebubu
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Cool Cat

Black as Blood

A Quest for Booty

The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest

Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Birthplace: The Royal Palace, Mukh In, Demon Realm
Birthdate: Sometime before Age 474
Date of Death: n/a
Birth Power Level: 666,000
Maximum Power Level: 6,000,000
Personal Pronouns: おれ
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Black
Rank: King of the Demon Realm
Organizations: Demon Realm Royal Family (sometime before Age 474 - present)
Starchasers (Age 778 - present)
Favorite Food: Candy corn
Favorite Vehicle: Tuhanlahir
Hobbies: Drinking, banditing, playing cards
Family: Dabura (father)
Lilith (mother)
Aekyarian (uncle)
Tyren (uncle)
Towa (aunt)

Beelzebub (ベルゼブブ, Beruzebubu) is a Demon native to the Demon Realm. The son of Dabura, he was made king of the Demon Realm shortly after his father was taken away by Babidi in Age 474. This led his uncles Aekyarian and Tyren to attempt to usurp his rule, although the boy was saved when Jiugin banished them into the future, sending them to Earth in Age 930. He eventually formed an alliance with Ledas during a mission to Earth to track down his father in Age 776, then joined the Saiyan's team, the Starchasers, in Age 778.


Cool Cat[]

While traveling the world in this story, Korin encountered Beelzebub, Prince of the Demon Realm. The young demon was sitting under a tree playing on his Nintendo 3DS when Korin came running over to him. Beelzebub splashed him with water from his water bottle, which outraged the cat. Beelzebub offered to sell him sacred water which would make him stronger and wiser for a million zeni. Korin paid for it gladly. When Beelzebub mistook him for a female cat, Korin swiped him in the face, causing the boy to cry. Then, Korin drank the sacred water, but it did not make him feel any stronger. Beelzebub revealed that he had sold Korin tap water before running off gleefully.

Korin chased him down and kicked him good. He asked Beelzebub where Korin Tower was, but the boy did not know as he was not a native. He pointed out a huge tower in the distance, guessing that it could have been that one. After Korin beat him up again for not answering his questions, the boy admitted that the quickest way to the tower was to follow a nearby river flowing west. They walked over to the river together, and most pleased, Korin rewarded Beelzebub with a gift - Sonic ‘06 for the Nintendo Wii. He kicked Beelzebub into the sky when the boy made a face (he was thinking about how his father would only let him play the video game for an hour when he got home).

Black as Blood[]

When Aekyarian, Tyren, and Lilith visited the bloodseer Ygze in this story, the old crone told Lilith that she would share the bed of the next King of the Demon Realm and that they would have a child, although his peril was near (whatever that meant, the children did not know).

Later on, in the second scene, Aekyarian climbed one of the Sinhost mountains after visiting the rural town of Firnost, where his mother had been born. He thought about how he was going to try to usurp the throne later that night, and his mind drifted to Lilith, who was not on his side, to Tyren, who was, and to Beelzebub, the boy who had to die. He reflected on being made Beelzebub's regent in Dabura's absence and came to the conclusion that the boy was not fit to rule the Demon Realm.

Kyarian flew back to Mukh In, finding Tyren outside of Beelzebub's chambers. His younger brother told him that only one guard - Grinzal - was inside the room with Beelzebub. The guard had to die. Because Grinzal was also a student of Master Tanbal, Aekyarian knew that they would have to kill Tanbal too. Tyren was sent to kill the old man while Aekyarian broke into Beelzebub's room.

After a short fight, Aekyarian killed the guard, though he had been forced to power up more than he had anticipated to do so. He noticed Beelzebub standing in the hallway, having watched the duel, a tear on his cheek. He attempted to assassinate the boy king, but his energy blast merely vaporized Beelzebub's room, allowing him to flee through a hole in the wall. Beelzebub called for his guards to protect him. The lesser demons attacked Aekyarian, and he slew all of them with ease.

They reached the throne room. Lilith was there, though she looked as if she had just been awakened. The boy ran into her arms, causing her to fall against the steps leading up to his throne. Guards poured into the hall by the hundreds. Tyren appeared behind Aekyarian, covered in Tanbal's blood. Aekyarian unleashed an explosive wave at that moment, vaporizing most of Beelzebub's guards without so much as breaking a sweat. Tyren killed the survivors with energy beams. Then, Kyarian approached his sister, demanding that she hand over her son. Lilith was shocked, but unwilling to comply. She felt deeply betrayed by her older brother.

He did not waste any more time with talk, instead shooting her in the side with a ki blast, causing her to drop her son and roll down the stairs. She screamed in horror for Aekyarian to stop, but he refused. Many nobles came to the throne room doors to watch the bloody affair unfold. One man refused to bow down to Aekyarian, so Tyren blew his head off with a ki blast. Once more, Lilith begged for mercy for her son, but Aekyarian would not relent. He prepared a ki blast to kill the boy. Another nobleman ran at Aekyarian, cursing him. Aekyarian released his blast upon the man, and it not only killed him but a large crowd of nobles behind him. Lilith continued pleading for mercy. The Bloodborn looked around the hall, staring down as many nobles as he could before fixating on the boy king once more. He demanded Beelzebub shut his eyes, for the look the kid was giving him was deeply disturbing.

At that moment, Jiugin appeared, though Aekyarian recognized her as Tiranaki Uughal. She prevented him from moving, but as he began to break free from her hold, she panicked and flung him and Tyren through time to be rid of them before they killed everyone, including her.

A Quest for Booty[]

At the start of chapter 1, a demon servant approached Beelzebub in the royal palace, begging to speak with him. The boy, more concerned with twirling around a sword, ordered him to take his concern to Towa. Later, Towa ordered that servant to give the scroll containing the locations of the Dragon Balls to another servant who was to be tasked with taking Beelzebub to Earth to search for them. The servant was not to disobey Beelzebub, but was also not allowed to show him the map. Towa threatened the demon with death if he failed to do what she asked of him. He ran out while Towa laughed to herself, thinking that the Earthlings would kill Beelzebub if he tried to gather the Dragon Balls, which would make her the sole ruler of the Demon Realm.

Not long after, Beelzebub and Khulketti went to Earth to search for the Dragon Balls. Khulketti told Beelzebub that he would follow him around until they had found all of the Dragon Balls. He was going to be rewarded by Towa with a minor kingship if he brought the prince back in one piece. Beelzebub reminded him that they were only here to find the Dragon Balls in order to revive Dabura, Beelzebub's father. He complained that Khulketti had brought him to a desert, for there was nothing around. The servant, however, showed him that the first Dragon Ball was nearby - sitting in the beak of a dead bird. When Beelzebub questioned him about how he knew the ball was there, Khulketti rose into the air, flustered. A moment later, a sand dragon shot up from under the dune and swallowed Khulketti whole.

Beelzebub swore, cursing Khulketti for not answering him before his demise. Moments later, the dragon rose again, this time targeting the prince. He shot a ki blast through its throat, killing it. As it landed, he noticed the corpse of Khulketti inside, a torn, bloody scroll next to him. Beelzebub snatched it up and realized it showed the locations of all seven Dragon Balls. Towa had obviously enchanted the scroll to show the Dragon Balls' locations in real time. After calculating which was nearest to him, Beelzebub kicked off into the sky and flew off in its direction.

In the third scene, Old Kai saw in his crystal ball that Beelzebub had come to Earth and was collecting the Dragon Balls. He was at a party with Kibito Kai, Abo and Kado, and most of the Z Fighters. After Old Kai told Kibito Kai that, the latter began to panic, for he was shocked that Dabura had son, and a conniving one at that. Kibito Kai asked if they should stop him. Old Kai didn't think so, for Beelzebub was nowhere near as strong as his father. Kibito Kai once more stared into the crystal ball, and remembering how Dabura had killed Kibito in the past, he swore to himself that he would not allow the man's son to acquire the Dragon Balls.

In the fourth scene, Beelzebub reached East City. He was uncomfortable with the number of humans in the city, remembering that his father had used to tell him bedtime stories about how foul, greedy, and passionless humans were. He swiped a bottle of water from one vendor and ran off when the guy asked him for some amount of zeni (Beelzebub didn't know what zeni was). Afterwards, he followed the scroll's directions to an alleyway.

Illuminating the dank, garbage-filled road with a ki blast, he noticed the orange glitter of a Dragon Ball in the distance. When he grabbed it, though, Emperor Pilaf appeared, demanding the Dragon Ball for himself. Beelzebub insulted his appearance and threw him down the alleyway. Moments later, Kibito Kai materialized in a burst of light in front of Beelzebub. The boy made fun of how ugly Kibito Kai was, so the deity used a paralyzing technique on him. Beelzebub dropped the Dragon Ball. Delighted, Pilaf ran over to it, but before he could scoop it up, Kibito Kai blasted him away with a kiai and took the ball. Then, declaring that he was going to protect the universe from Beelzebub, he prepared to incinerate the boy. The prince apologized for his earlier comments, but the Supreme Kai would not listen.

Just then, Abo and Kado appeared. Abo grabbed Beelzebub, moving him out of the line of fire, and swiped the Dragon Ball from Kibito Kai while Kado confronted the Supreme Kai. He was shocked that a god would try to kill a kid, especially one who professed to be a good guy. Kibito Kai thought that Abo and Kado were still evil, having not changed after their fight against Goten and Trunks merely an hour ago. He shot ki blasts at them, and they retaliated in kind, the attacks cancelling each other out. Kibito Kai once more warned the two to back off, boasting about having killed the cunning magician Bibidi in the past.

Unimpressed, the pair fused into Aka, who was far stronger than Kibito Kai. The Supreme Kai fled at once. Beelzebub approached the pair and thanked them for saving him. He asked them who Kibito Kai was, but they didn't know much about him, aside from the fact that he had been at Mr. Satan's party. They introduced themselves. Then, Abo asked the prince what he was planning on wishing for with the Dragon Balls. He told them about his plot to bring his father back to life. They alerted him to the fact that Shenron granted three wishes, not just one. Beelzebub realized that they wanted to use one of those wishes for themselves. Abo admitted as much, which prompted Kado to hit him for being so stupid.

Nevertheless, the two agreed to become Beelzebub's bodyguards if they were given one of the wishes. Knowing that Kibito Kai would probably be back, Beelzebub agreed to that. Abo was a little displeased, as he had wanted to party at the Guac that night. Kado assuaged his fears by reminding him that they could party after they got their wish. Afterwards, the three took to the air and continued on their quest to find the Dragon Balls.

In the fifth scene, Kibito Kai returned to Mr. Satan's party. He knew he would need an ally to fight Abo, Kado, and Beelzebub.

In the second scene of chapter 2, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado visited the kingdom of Himohimovich, which was located deep in some far-off forest. Himohimovich was enjoying a feast with his people when the trio interrupted him (having broken in through his privy window). He was surprised to see them, and thinking they were tourists, he walked over to the three and began reading to them the laws of his kingdom. Beelzebub ignored the fat man. Towa's scroll confirmed that the Dragon Ball was in that room. He wondered where exactly it was. They began searching for it. Himohimovich was offended that they didn't listen to him finish reading the laws of his land.

The man confronted Beelzebub, and the two exchanged prideful remarks. He let it slip that he knew what the Dragon Ball looked like, so Beelzebub hit him into a wall (crushing a grub person in the process) and demanded to know where it was. Himohimovich refused to answer unless the foreigners took part in a sparring match first. Abo and Kado agreed to do so, much to Beelzebub's annoyance. They wanted to fight over who would be allowed to make their wish. Resigned to the fact that they were going to fight regardless of what he said, the prince sat back and watched it go down.

Abo and Kado fiercely dueled, though neither gained the edge on the other. After trading some blows, the two air dashed into each other, hitting their heads against one another, knocking them unconscious. With the fight concluded, Beelzebub demanded the Dragon Ball from Himohimovich. The king, however, noticed that the prince and his bodyguards did not look like humans.

Accusing them of being cosplayers (cosplaying was illegal in Himohimovich's kingdom), he ordered some of his denizens to release Grasshopperra, a giant grasshopper beast, to kill the trio. Three of them did so, but two were killed by the beast in the process. As Grasshopperra bore down on Beelzebub, several of Himohimovich's people spontaneously combusted in fright. The demon dodged the monster as it approached him, jumping onto its back and shooting a black ball of ki at it. The beast exploded into fleshy bits, its blood splattering all over Himohimovich's feasting table.

Beelzebub found the king cowering underneath the table, sucking on a chicken bone. He kicked him out from under there, severely wounding the man. Himohimovich called for his supporters to save him, but none did. Impatient, Beelzebub vaporized the king's clothes with a ki blast. The Dragon Ball fell from his naked body. The boy cleansed it with ki before touching it. Incensed, Himohimovich threw his chicken bone at the kid and demanded they fight for the ball. Beelzebub didn't care, instead walking over to the dazed alien brothers, whispering to them that they had been utterly useless and did not deserve a wish. The two woke up. Kado boasted about their abilities, though Beelzebub rebuked him. Without looking back, the trio jumped through Himohimovich's stain-glass window and vanished into the night.

In the fourth scene, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado arrived in West City on their hunt for the fourth Dragon Ball. Abo and Kado bought some ice cream with Beelzebub's "demon coins". Beelzebub was standing in the middle of the road as many stopped cars honked their horns at him. Upon correctly orienting himself compared to the map, the prince led his bodyguards into the air, and to the left. As they went, Abo dropped his ice cream. Horrified, he promised to avenge the ice cream soon enough.

They eventually landed at a house, which was where the Dragon Ball was supposedly located. Beelzebub kicked the door in, ordering his bodyguards to search the place for the ball. It wasn't long before Abo found it in a box sitting on a table in the living room. He showed it to Beelzebub. Abo's reward was a tub of chocolate ice cream from the refrigerator. When Kado tried to join in, Beelzebub slapped him and berated him for not finding the ball.

Just then, Ledas and Ryori, the boys who lived in the house, returned. Ledas was telling Ryori not to worry, for Bulma would make them a new Dragon Radar (presumably the radar they had used to procure the Dragon Ball Beelzebub stole had been broken). They noticed that the front door had been kicked in. Before Beelzebub and his bodyguards could hide, the boys ran inside and found them. Ledas spotted the demon holding the Dragon Ball and demanded to know what was going on. The prince merely ordered Abo and Kado to knock out the boys. The aliens were unsure if that was necessary. Ledas told Ryori to stay behind him so that he could take care the thieves himself. Ryori ran outside.

After he did so, Abo rushed at Ledas with a swinging fist. Ledas caught it easily and threw the alien into the television. The wall collapsed on top of Abo and he did not get up. Kado came at Ledas next, but he kicked the man through several walls, which caused part of the roof to immediately collapse. Ledas then confronted Beelzebub. The demon complained about how ineffective Abo and Kado had been before Ledas slapped him so hard, he flew into the refrigerator in the kitchen before collapsing to the floor. The Saiyan plucked the Dragon Ball from his grasp and told him that he and Ryori were collecting the balls to wish Ryori's brother back to life. He would not let anyone stop them from making their wish. He grasped Beelzebub by the neck, bringing him to eye level.

They exchanged several empty threats before Aka (Abo and Kado having sneakily fused into Aka) came up behind Ledas and slammed his head into the marble countertop. The boy dropped Beelzebub and fell over. Aka confronted him, boasting wildly. Dazed as he was, the Saiyan was unimpressed. He noticed Beelzebub crawling over to the Dragon Ball (which he had dropped after striking the countertop), teleported over to the demon, and stomped his fingers. Screaming, Beelzebub reached for a canister of pink spray paint near the sink. He sprayed Ledas' face with it, getting some of it in his hair, too. Ledas fell over, screaming, covering his eyes. Aka complained that he hadn't been allowed to defeat the boy. Beelzebub told him to shut up if he wanted to get his wish. Then, he went at Ledas again, emptying the entire canister in his face. However, by that time, he had recovered, so he merely punched the demon prince in the throat, and Beelzebub was knocked down.

Afterwards, he confronted Aka, noting that while the alien had become far stronger in his fused form, he was still no match for Ledas. The two began their duel. Ledas was able to comfortably dodge Aka, though the warrior demolished half of his house in the process. Outside, Ryori lamented the fact that Ledas allowed the house to take so much damage. Ledas didn't seem to mind, though. He noted that Aka's fighting style reminded him of Nappa's.

Finally, Ledas ended the fight by going Super Saiyan. He threatened to kill Aka if the alien ever tried to steal the Dragon Ball from him again. With his increased speed and power, he easily outpaced the fusion. Without being seen, he kicked Aka's legs out from under him, teleported in front of him, elbowed him downwards, and then hit him with a vicious uppercut that sent the poor purple fellow sailing through a wall. He came to a stop halfway through the tree on the front lawn, though he did not move and leaked blood. A pedestrian who had seen that raced off in his hovercar in horror only to hit a parked car three blocks down the road.

Ledas regressed to his base form and walked over to Beelzebub. He made sure the boy had heard what he had said to Aka. Beelzebub was flustered. He knew he couldn't give up on his quest. He decided to strike a deal with Ledas. He would gather all of the Dragon Balls, and in return for Ledas' ball, the boy could have his wish to revive Ryori's brother. He showed the Saiyan the three balls he had already collected. Ledas agreed to the partnership, stating that Beelzebub would make up for destroying his house if he found the remaining three Dragon Balls. Ryori butted in by noting that Ledas could have prevented Aka and Beelzebub from destroying the house, but Ledas shrugged him off, reminding his friend that he could have Cardinal give them a new, bigger house. Ryori seemed to like that, for he had wanted a new bathroom anyways.

Beelzebub asked if he could hold onto Ledas' Dragon Ball, but the other boy refused to give it up. He told the demon to return to Capsule Corp. when he had collected the other six balls so that Ledas could make the wish himself. Beelzebub couldn't argue any further, so he returned to Aka, who had by that point de-fused into Abo and Kado. He told them to follow him, and groggily, they took to the sky, pursuing the next Dragon Ball.

In the first scene of chapter 3, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado continued their search for the Dragon Balls. While Beelzebub consulted Towa's scroll, the brothers played rock-paper-scissors. Kado won, prompting his brother to bring up the fact that Kado had previously won the Planet Trade Organization rock-paper-scissors contest. Beelzebub was curious about that organization. The brothers told him about it, but spoke in negative terms, for they had not had too much fun on their missions other than the one against Tarble (before they had come to Earth). Beelzebub mentioned that they were just going on missions for him now, but Kado retorted that since they had become good guys, it was entirely different.

Afterwards, the three flew off to a desert region, where the next Dragon Ball was located. They came across the Manu clan there, which was a race of bird-like beings. As they approached the tribe's territory, two birds flew over to them and demanded to know what they wanted. Beelzebub kicked one of them away, telling the other that as the Prince of the Demon Realm, he could go wherever he wanted without being questioned. The other bird, fearful of being attacked, offered to take the three to his king. Beelzebub took him up on the offer.

The king was at first annoyed by the presence of the outsiders, but after the guard, Crano, told him what Beelzebub had done to the other guard (Tano), he become more amicable. He asked the boy why he had come to the Manu clan's territory. Beelzebub told him that he was looking for his fourth Dragon Ball. Brago was surprised to hear that there was more than one Dragon Ball. He offered to give Beelzebub his ball if the boy passed a test (he would give him three chances). Beelzebub agreed, thinking this was a nice change of pace from his struggles to get the previous balls.

The king told him a riddle. Abo and Kado wasted the first two chances with nonsensical replies. However, Beelzebub was able to solve the riddle with his guess. King Brago handed over the one-star Dragon Ball, stating that his people had already used it for their purposes. He and his bodyguards prepared to leave when the bird king implored them to stay the night, as they looked tired and unkempt. Beelzebub was most pleased with that and followed Crano to the hotel.

In the third scene, Beelzebub awoke in the deluxe suite of the Manu hotel. He walked over to the safe that he had stored his Dragon Balls and scroll in and, to his horror, realized they were missing. He ran over to Abo and Kado's room and asked them if they had stolen the balls. They had not (and not being smart enough to pick a lock without destroying the safe, he believed them). Beelzebub realized that the only other person who knew the safe's combination had been the hotel manager.

He left the room to confront the manager. He asked several employees if they were the manager before finding the bird in charge. He asked the man what had happened to the Dragon Ball. When the manager mentioned that he didn't know what had happened to the balls, Beelzebub realized something was amiss, for the man should not have known that Beelzebub possessed more than one. He threatened the manager, causing the bird to tell him that during the previous night, two men wearing black had entered the hotel and had demanded the code to the safe. They would have killed the manager and his family had he refused to give up that code. As they left, the manager noticed that one of them was doing seed (a drug in the Manu kingdom). The symbol for the Rebirno gang had been on his blunt.

The manager also said that the king's guards would likely know the location of the Rebirno gang's secret base. Beelzebub flew off into the sky, eventually finding one guard. He asked him where the Rebirno gang's lair was. When the guard refused to tell him, he shot a ki blast into a nearby forest, splintering it to bits. Frightened, the guard pointed at a mountain in the distance. Beelzebub sped off towards it.

Soon after, he reached the mountain and found a metal door built into the side of a jagged cliff. Two birds guarded it. When the demon confronted them, they refused to tell them what lay inside, so he killed them and kicked a hole in the door. Inside, he called for the cowards to give him back his Dragon Balls, but nobody answered. A small pigeon flew out from the shadows and smacked him with a water ball (getting the boy all wet) before flying out the open door.

He then contacted a Rebirno through telepathy (all demons can use telepathic communication, of course), and told the bird that he would find him soon and kill him for stealing the Dragon Balls. The Rebirno was quite shocked that someone was speaking to him like that and blamed it on some juice that a bird named Pergnant had given him. Beelzebub promised to give the Rebirno a head start to run away if he told him where the other gang members were. The bird agreed and opened up a hidden wall nearby, revealing himself to the prince. He flew out the open door, trying to get away, but Beelzebub, after counting to three, threw a ki blast at him that vaporized the poor bird instantly.

He entered the secret passageway, eventually finding the Rebirnos gathered around a pedestal holding the Dragon Balls. Without waiting, he lunged forward and took back what was rightfully his. The birds were quite surprised to see him there. One, the son of Brago, confronted Beelzebub, noting that his father had warned him about the demon. The princely bird revealed that the Yeti and Atlantean clans were also making sacrifices to their gods with their Dragon Balls in order to achieve some great power. He pulled out a gun. Beelzebub kicked him once in the chest and the bird fell over dead. He grabbed the body and flew out of the hideout, leaving a pink ki blast behind that vaporized the remaining Rebirno members.

Beelzebub returned to King Brago and threw the body of his son before him. Brago blamed himself for his son's death (revealing he had ordered the kid to steal the Dragon Balls). He asked for Beelzebub's mercy, as the Manu clan could not function without a leader. Beelzebub thought of his father and how the Demon Realm had languished in his absence and so decided to spare Brago. He called Abo and Kado over and the three of them flew off with their four Dragon Balls.

In the fourth scene, after securing the four-star Dragon Ball from the Yeti clan, Ledas took out the Dragon Radar and noticed that Beelzebub had collected four Dragon Balls. He was now headed to Ledas' location. He and Jaco waited for Beelzebub to meet up with them.

In the fifth scene, Kibito Kai mused that since he had a Dragon Ball, Beelzebub wouldn't be able to make his wish. He also knew that since Buu could defeat Abo and Kado, he was no longer in danger. He prepared to place the Dragon Ball on the Sacred World of the Kai so that it could never fall into Beelzebub's hands when Buu demanded chocolate from him. Kibito Kai wanted to drop off the ball first. That enraged Buu. He swiped the ball from the Kai's grasp and absorbed it. He refused to give it back until he had been given chocolate. Kibito Kai asked him what kind of chocolate he wanted. Buu wanted to turn Abo and Kado into chocolate and eat them in order to bring Mr. Satan's plate back. With no other option but to go with it, Kibito Kai directed Buu to Beelzebub's location, and the two flew off at great speed.

In the sixth scene, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado met up with Ledas and Jaco in the far north of the world. Jaco was frightened by Abo and Kado, but they reassured him that they were good guys now. Jaco thought that Beelzebub was a bounty hunter hired by Abo and Kado, but the demon prince corrected him on the matter (though he did like the idea of becoming a bounty hunter), stating that he was only collecting the Dragon Balls to bring his father back to life. Jaco was confused, for he thought Ledas was going to use the Dragon Balls himself. The Saiyan informed him that Shenron granted three wishes and he only needed to use one. Jaco asked if he could use the third wish, but Kado asserted that he and his brother owned the third wish.

Paprikan, who was lurking nearby, had heard what they had said. He was surprised to see Abo and Kado and briefly thought they were chasing him, but then remembered that they had been after Tarble the last he'd heard. He assumed that Ledas was Tarble and that he had gotten Jaco to help him fight Abo and Kado, while the brothers had hired Beelzebub to help them. Beelzebub took out Towa's scroll and noticed that the seventh Dragon Ball was headed to their location. He sensed that Kibito Kai was one of two people with the ball (the other being far stronger than the Kai).

The demon prince ordered Abo and Kado to fight off the purple man and his assistant and also asked for Ledas' help. The Saiyan refused to help unless Abo and Kado were defeated. He wanted to watch the fight, however. Beelzebub thought that was too risky. Ledas reminded him that he was the strongest fighter around. The demon complained that he wasn't going to stop Kibito Kai's champion, but Ledas promised to do so if Abo and Kado failed. Jaco wanted to stay where they were, but since Ledas and Beelzebub didn't trust Abo and Kado, the other two overruled him. Jaco was allowed to stay if he wanted, but Ledas mentioned there could be more of those smoke-monster yetis, which spooked Jaco badly, so he went with them.

In the first scene of chapter 4, after Aka and Majin Buu began to fight, Kibito Kai landed on a nearby island to watch them. At that moment, Beelzebub, Jaco, and Ledas appeared. Kibito Kai vaguely recognized Ledas, thinking he was one of Vegeta's friends. The Saiyan recognized him from Mr. Satan's parties, which flustered the god. He tried to remember Ledas' name, but could not. The boy asked him what he was doing there, and Kibito Kai told him that he and Buu were trying to stop Beelzebub from collecting the Dragon Balls to wish back his father. Ledas ignored him, telling Jaco and Beelzebub that once Aka beat Buu, they would make the wish on that very island.

Incredulously, Kibito Kai asked the Saiyan if he knew who Dabura was. He did not, and didn't seem to care about the consequences of reviving him. Kibito Kai said that Dabura had been King of the Demon Realm and had come to Earth with Buu and Babidi to kill everyone. Beelzebub contested that notion, stating that Babidi had taken him away from the Demon Realm against his will. Briefly, Kibito Kai considered that, but then thought better of it, as demons were not to be trusted. He told them that Dabura had been stronger than Cell, but none of them knew who Cell was. Ledas asked if the guy had been strong. Kibito Kai admitted that by their standards nowadays, he was not, but he did remind the god of Jaco's last girlfriend. Jaco didn't understand how Kibito Kai knew about Space Sheila.

To escape the awkwardness, the Kai flew into the air, getting closer to Buu and Aka's fight. After he left, Ledas, Beelzebub, and Jaco agreed that Kibito Kai was an idiot. Ledas alerted them to the fact that Aka was going to lose to Buu. Beelzebub asked him to step in.

Before the Saiyan could answer, Paprikan appeared and headbutted Ledas, knocking him out. Jaco fled in terror. Beelzebub didn't move an inch. Paprikan told the demon that the Dragon Balls were his. Beelzebub was unconcerned and prepared to fight him to the death for the balls. They attacked each other. Paprikan was able to withstand Beelzebub's first assault, which gave him confidence. Then, Beelzebub cut his cheek open with a finger beam, and the Makyan became enraged. He hit the demon with an energy beam that not even Admiral Bael had been able to dodge during one of their sparring sessions. Beelzebub flew off the island, falling into the ocean. Paprikan pursued him, getting a reading of only 100,000 from his scouter. He knew he would be able to kill the kid if that was his full strength.

In the third scene, Beelzebub regained his balance, righting himself just as a pirate ship came floating by. He landed on its deck. There were many pirates on board. Maron, a woman, was with them, but at the first sign of trouble, she ran to the captain's chambers. The captain ordered his men to attack Beelzebub. The demon kicked all of them into the water. Then, Paprikan landed on deck. He attacked Beelzebub with an energy hook. The two traded blows, damaging the ship in the process.

Out came Captain Patchjaw, a giant worm-like monster pirate, Maron on his arm. The remaining crew accompanied them. He spit out a sword and attacked the pair. Paprikan effortlessly sliced his sword in two and Beelzebub kicked him far out into the ocean where he no doubt died of hypothermia minutes later. One of the pirates tried to distract the fighters with Maron, but Paprikan just threw everybody overboard. Whether or not they died was not shown.

Paprikan once more turned his attention to the boy. He refused to believe that the demon was stronger than him, so he hit the kid with a flurry of attacks, including his Pepper Shaker, but they did little damage to Beelzebub (although the ship was torn to pieces). Afterwards, Beelzebub hit him in the face with a ki blast, destroying his scouter and leaving a terrible wound on his forehead. Paprikan whined about Beelzebub getting in his way, for he just wanted space beer. The prince couldn't believe that that was going to be Paprikan's wish. He retorted that wishing his father back to life was much more important. Having heard enough, Paprikan transformed into his Giant Form, and the two fell into battle stances.

In the fourth scene, Jaco woke Ledas up and told him that Abo and Kado had secured the Dragon Ball from Buu. Ledas was surprised to learn about that until Jaco revealed that they had outwitted the Majin, not defeated him in combat. Kado threw him the ball. The Saiyan took the four out of Beelzebub's bag and added the two he had as well, laying all seven out in a circle on the island. Ledas asked Jaco where Beelzebub was, but the Galactic Patrolman simply shrugged.

Later, Majin Buu stole Beelzebub's wish, though the demon prince was still nowhere to be found.

In the fifth scene, Beelzebub and Paprikan continued their fight. Paprikan dominated Beelzebub in his giant form. The boy was battered by energy blasts, but did not give up. He used his telekinetic communication to surprise Paprikan before attacking him. The man caught him and put him in a bear hug. He squeezed the boy while declaring himself triumphant. Just then, Beelzebub shot eye beams into the Makyan's forehead wound. The beams went right through his skull, killing the man instantly. Afterwards, Beelzebub flew over to a small island and collapsed on it, falling unconscious as the sky darkened then returned to its normal color.

In the sixth scene, Ledas woke Beelzebub up. The demon complained, thinking it was Khulketti prodding him at first, and then hit Ledas with a ki blast in his sleep. Not expecting it, the Saiyan went flying into the ocean. Beelzebub woke up and sat up, looking around, when Ledas shot up from beneath the water and returned to the island. The Saiyan told the demon that the Dragon Balls had been used in Beelzebub's absence. He told Beelzebub that Abo and Kado had wished to be transported to the Pink Oyster Cult on Poonjab VII and that Buu had wished for some candy.

Beelzebub didn't even know who Buu was. In his rage, he stomped the island into the sea. Ledas also told him that he had used the third wish. Beelzebub said that the kid owed him big, but Ledas disagreed, stating that it had been Buu who had stolen the prince's wish, not him. His fury not subsiding, Beelzebub nonetheless asked Ledas to take him back to his bag because he was thirsty. Ledas was surprised to learn that Beelzebub couldn't find his way back on his own. They flew back to the other island. Beelzebub had to stop himself from crying. He thought of his father bowing before Babidi, the last time he had seen him, and knew that he would never see him again.

In the seventh scene, Ledas and Beelzebub returned to the island where Jaco was. Jaco had stolen Beelzebub's last bottle of water and was drinking from it, which greatly offended the prince. He took the bottle back and wiped it off before taking a swig. He told the Galactic Patrolman that he had killed Paprikan and also berated the guy for being a nerd. Jaco was impressed and told him that he should become a bounty hunter. Both Ledas and Beelzebub liked the sound of that, although the demon knew he still had to rule the Demon Realm, so he could not put as much time into bounty hunting as Ledas.

Ledas, on the other hand, grew nostalgic at the thought, thinking that it would be like the old days with him and Vegeta. Beelzebub mentioned that since there was more to bounty hunting than beating up guys, he could run the administrative stuff, such as advertising their business, payment distribution, and acquiring bounties. The two seemed set on working together. Jaco mentioned that the Galactic Patrol didn't prohibit bounty hunting, provided the hunters didn't work in tandem with criminals.

Beelzebub thought their business should be called Demon Hunters Incorporated™, though Ledas was less enamored with that name. Jaco gave them each a transmitter that would relay information on active bounties from Galactic Patrol headquarters. Beelzebub didn't know how they would hunt in intergalactic space, since Ledas didn't know if he could breathe in space or not. Jaco offered to give them a ship, but Ledas was suspicious, as he had wanted to wish for a new ship from Shenron. The Saiyan and the demon agreed to meet up at Capsule Corp. in a week's time to begin their bounty hunting business. Afterwards, Ledas left, for he needed to go pick up Shoekki. Beelzebub ordered Jaco to present his ship at Capsule Corp. for them to use, and the alien flew off to get that done.

Soon after, as Beelzebub was preparing to leave, Kibito Kai returned to confront the demon prince, Buu's head tentacle in one hand. Beelzebub told him that he hadn't gotten his wish and didn't seem to know that the Dragon Balls could recharge, which relieved Kibito Kai. He told the man he just wanted to go home now. He pulled out a small device and told the Kai that his aunt Towa had given it to him. He only needed to press the button on it to return to the Demon Realm. However, when he pressed it, he was not taken home. Beelzebub thought that his aunt had forgotten to put the batteries in the device (in reality, she had intentionally marooned him on Earth).

Kibito Kai offered to take him home, for he thought the boy would only cause more mischief if he stayed on Earth. The prince insulted him. Kibito Kai threatened to send Beelzebub somewhere remote so that he couldn't take over the world after he revived his father. Beelzebub was surprised at that. He told the man that he just wanted to revive his father to bring him home. He had no desire to conquer Earth.

Realizing that the boy was telling the truth, Kibito Kai teleported him to Other World, where Dabura was, so that he could see his father before returning home. There, they met up with King Yemma. Kibito Kai told the man that he was taking Beelzebub to see his father. Yemma consented to the operation. The two flew up to heaven, where they found Dabura in a field, covered in flowers. He was picking even more. Feeling conflicted about seeing his father that way, Beelzebub declined to approach him and instead requested the man to take him home, which the Kai was happy to do.

In the first scene of chapter 5, Towa was working on a portal device that would allow the demons to move between the Demon Realm and Universe 7 at will. She noted that it was far more advanced than the old portal left behind by Babidi that Beelzebub had used to get to Earth. She had destroyed that portal so that the kid couldn't return, even if he did succeed in bringing Dabura back to life. Later, Kibito Kai and Beelzebub teleported into her lab, landing on top of her. Before she could say a word, Kibito Kai teleported out of there.

In the third scene, Beelzebub greeted Towa. She was shocked that he had returned to the Demon Realm, thinking to herself that there had been a zero percent chance of that happening. She asked him who that man had been who had teleported Beelzebub into her lab. He told her that that had been Kibito Kai, a very annoying godly fellow. He also said that the Kai had taken him to see his father in heaven.

He also informed her that he had gathered the Dragon Balls, though two of the wishes had been used by idiots, and the third had been used by his business partner, so he hadn't been able to revive his father. He informed her about Dabura's flower-picking in heaven and said that he was glad he hadn't revived his father after seeing that. Towa was disgusted that Dabura had fallen so far and thought he had been brainwashed. She considered using Mira, once he was created, to break Dabura out of heaven and restore him to his previous state.

Beelzebub picked up her teleportation device and tested it on one of Towa's vials of liquid. After seeing it teleport away, he remarked that she should have given him this device, as the one he had taken to Earth had been faulty. She slapped him for his insolence, though he held onto the device. She demanded that he hand over the device. In her fury she said she would make the demons prosper more than Dabura ever could by freeing them and laying waste to Universe 7. She declared herself Queen of the Demon Realm and told him that if he gave her back the device, she might spare his life. Outraged that she tried to usurp him, Beelzebub pointed the device at her and teleported her to some random location on Earth. He thought to himself that if she continued to act like that, she would be the first target of his bounty hunting business.

In the fourth scene, Beelzebub used Towa's device to teleport to Ledas' house. He startled the Saiyan, who was in the kitchen making a mango smoothie. The prince drank some of the smoothie and when Ledas asked him how he teleported there, Beelzebub held up Towa's device, asking Ledas if he wanted the technical explanation. He did not. Beelzebub explained that he had returned to Earth because his aunt, Towa, had tried to take over the Demon Realm while Beelzebub had been gone. She had imprisoned his mother and executed many loyal demons. He had formally banished Towa after learning about that, and so now he needed Ledas' help to execute her before she returned and started a rebellion. Ledas agreed to help.

Beelzebub noticed that Ledas' house was different than last time. The boy mentioned that the previous house had been destroyed by someone. The demon decided to leave his teleportation device in the house, as if Towa didn't know where it was, she couldn't return to the Demon Realm. He asked the Saiyan if he could sense her. Ledas could. Beelzebub told him that he had sent his aunt to Earth several days ago, which shocked the other boy. He asked the demon how strong his aunt was, but Beelzebub didn't know because he couldn't sense energy, but given how strong his father was (Towa being Dabura's sister), he assumed she was extremely powerful as well. Ledas could tell, at least, that she was stronger than Beelzebub. Beelzebub begged Ledas to kill her and to pretend this was their first bounty. Ledas agreed, stating that he wanted to kill her quickly so that she couldn't destroy the Earth if she became desperate.

In the fifth scene, Towa was hiding out on an island far south of South Island, tinkering with a small device. She resolved to make a new teleportation device with materials on Earth, though she knew she had to keep her head down, lest the Z Fighters find her. She cursed her luck, for Beelzebub had returned to the Demon Realm at the worst possible time. She fantasized about returning and killing him when she sensed her nephew and another unknown ki signature (which was nowhere near her level). Realizing this could be her chance to reclaim her teleportation device, the demon flew off to confront them.

In the sixth scene, Ledas realized that Towa was coming for them, though she suppressed her ki. He fired ki blasts into the ocean until he found where she was hiding. Towa flew up to meet them. She grew confident, for she realized that Ledas could suppress his ki as well. She promised to kill him if he tried to run. Beelzebub flew away from the two, allowing Ledas to begin the fight.

Ledas transformed into a Super Saiyan, which startled the demon. She was still unafraid until he told her that he wasn't done transforming. Towa immediately pointed her staff at Beelzebub, encasing him in a red ball of ki which floated over to her. She threatened to kill her nephew if Ledas tried to attack her. Beelzebub contacted Ledas through telepathy, but as soon as he did, Ledas freaked out. Towa realized what Beelzebub had attempted to do, but felt no less confident about her chances. She fired off an attack at the Saiyan. He teleport-dodged it, moving behind her as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. The boy's increased speed caught Towa by surprise. He punched her hard in the back, causing her to drop Beelzebub and her staff. Ledas caught the demon prince and broke him out of the ki bubble, then sprinted over to Towa, catching her by the ankle before she hit the water.

She demanded that he let her go, so he did. The boy followed that up with a savage combo of attacks that sent Towa flying all around, briefly knocking her unconscious at one point. When she tried to spit fire at him, Ledas hit her in the forehead with a controlled Feral attack that surged ki through his fist and out the back of her skull, killing her. He incinerated her corpse with a Kyorra Flash.

Beelzebub flew over to him, very pleased. He knew that the two of them would soon become rich bounty hunters, given how strong Leda was. He thought of his father, his mother, his aunt, and his kingdom. He swore to himself that he would be a better king than his father and would use the wealth he acquired from bounty hunting to help his kingdom prosper.

The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin[]

In the first scene of this story, Ledas visited Admiral Nectarian of the Planet Trade Organization in order to purchase Xii, formerly known as Planet Cooler 092, for his intergalactic bounty hunting business with Beelzebub. In the second scene, after Ledas killed the space pirates on Xii's surface, Beelzebub contacted him, telling him that the next bounty was staying on Jwe-Iko-Pok (formerly Planet Cooler 103) and that the price would be the same if he was captured dead or alive. Ledas resolved to kill him. With all the information conveyed to the Saiyan, Beelzebub ended their communication.

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]

In chapter 2, while Ledas was trying to relax on Niflheim, Beelzebub contacted him in his earpiece to alert him that he was near Kharhone, where the wanted criminal Kohitsu laired. Ledas told him he would get around to that bounty soon, and cut off their communications after, as he took a break from bounty hunting.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest[]

At the start of this story, Ledas returned to Earth from deep space and met with Beelzebub in an abandoned parking lot in West City. There, he presented the skulls of thirty-six low-level criminals that he had killed. Beelzebub paid him handsomely, and Ledas gave him some space candy corn. Then, he alerted Ledas to a new bounty that had been posted for Haimaru and Raimie, the twin children of Cooler. He agreed to take the bounty and promised more food for his friend when he returned.


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


  • In A Quest For Booty, Beelzebub is the only member of the group not able to make a wish with the Dragon Balls, as Fat Buu stole his wish.
  • Beelzebub's theme song is "Black" by Danger Mouse:

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