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Beautiful Life

Date: 19 November, Age 681

"She's coming! Push, your majesty! Push!" a doctor yelled, his voice almost inaudible from the screams being projected from the woman he was speaking to.

This woman was none other than Queen Azalia, the matriarch of the Tuffle race. As she screamed from the excruciating pain in which she was being forced to endure, she dug her nails into her own palms, ripping them open from the force she put behind them. The man beside her, the lover that impregnated her with this infernal beast, attempted to calm her majesty by holding her arm; however, she returned the favor by grabbing his arm and breaking it, a snap that echoed throughout the hospital room. "That felt good." she thought.

She had not wanted this. No, not in the slightest. This child - this thing - was her advisers' doing. Knowing her window of opportunity to bare a daughter was closing ever so slowly, they advised her to conceive a child with her latest lover, who's only remarkable trait was his unusual strength.

Just as the matriarch was about to give up on birthing the child inside her, she had a feeling of pure ecstasy. As she lifted her head to see the doctor, she noticed that he was holding something in his arms. Her head still swooning from the labor she had just endured for countless hours, Azalia tried her best to make out the object, but to no avail.

"Would you like to see your daughter, my queen?" she heard someone in the room say. Realizing what the doctor held in his arms, the woman sprang to life, snatching the newborn right out of the doctor's hands.

When she looked into the eyes of her daughter, Azalia no longer regretted this pregnancy. She now embraced it, elated that she now had a child to call her own. "What will you name her, your majesty?" Roselee, one of the matriarch's advisers, asked in a hushed tone, as not to disrupt Azalia and her daughter's first encounter.

"Rauleli... 'Beautiful life...'" she whispered. The moment she spoke those words was the last instance that Azalia would ever lay eyes upon her daughter. Her body went limp, the newborn rolling off the side of the bed; Roselee, on instinct, grabbed the falling baby, saving her from an early death. The doctor instructed the woman to take the child and Azalia's lover back to the palace as his coworkers swarmed the room in an attempt to save the dying queen, but it was no use. The woman had passed on to Other World. Despite this, Azalia died with a smile on her face, as her death was marked by celebration; a celebration of the new princess of the Tuffles: Princess Rauleli.

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