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Battle in north city is the 4th episode of DBIT.


Right after the previous episode.


Battle with Mirra pt. 3[]


Vegeta jr struggles to get up and says "You're a fool for coming here." just for Goku jr to say "Don't think you're not! The reason I came here is to save people.". Vegeta jr says "Fine, but you'll end up just like me.".

The battle begins, again[]

Mirra punches Goku jr and knockes him into a building. He flys to the the building and doesn't find Goku jr. Right before he presses the button on his scouter Goku jr destroys it then hides. Mirra yells "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY SCOUTER?!". Goku jr goes SSJ and says "I did!". Mirra says "What nerve saiyan." and destroys the building. When the smoke clears Goku jr appears flying in the same spot un scratched. Mirra destroys North City and laughs. Many people are screaming "The pale man is killing us!".

North City

North City before it is destroyed.

Training in other world[]

All the Z fighters are seen train in other world.