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Tien Majin Buu saga

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The Battle For Power is a cross-chapter in Universal Darkness and  The Extraterrestrials which is considered the connecting point since it technically takes place before either story. King Cabledge and King Vegeta attacked each-other for power. King Cabledge won, thus taking full control of Planet Sadala. As his first act as the leader, he exiled Vegeta the 1st  and anyone who chose to follow him. Vegeta the first then led the rogue Saiyans to victory over the Truffles on Planet Plant, which later became known as Planet Vegeta, in his honor, as he was granted the title king by his followers. 

The CommotionEdit

The Prelude: Introducing The SaiyansEdit

On a planet, in the far reaches of the Northern Galaxy governed by the North Kai, lies a species with incredible power.

These people appear uncannily similar to the composition of regular-normal human beings, the lone exception being that they possess monkey-like tails. There is reason behind such an abnormality, however, because although they appear like regular people, these creatures are actually savages. Their power increases with the Full Moon. The planet has three moons. These people are called Saiyans. Legends have been told that if a Saiyan's tail is intact when the gaze upon the full moon, a transformation happens. A transformation that turns them into a fierce, menacing, large ape. Only three have witnessed this transformation and lived to tell about it.

It is told that even if a Saiyan's tail is cut off when there is a full moon presence, their strength still increases by multiples of ten.

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