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After the defeat of Captain Ginyu, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan rest up for their later fight with the galactic tyrant, Frieza. Krillin went off to find Dende, so they can ressurect their friends who had died at the hands of the two Saiyan brutes: Vegeta and Nappa. After Krillin found Dende, they thought that it would be wise if they made their wish away from Vegeta, who was currently napping. After the flew about 2 miles away from the ship, Dende summoned Porunga and quickly Krillin and Gohan are eagerly excited that they were going to resurrect their fallen friends, only to their dismay, Porunga can only bring back one person at a time. Krillin and Gohan decided to bring back Piccolo so they can use the Dragon Balls on Earth to bring back the rest of their friends. Vegeta later woke up from his slumber after Krillin and Gohan make their first wish and looked out the window of Frieza's ship and realized that something was wrong and quickly deduced that Krillin and Gohan had summoned the Dragon. Vegeta, who was so enraged flew toward them in an instant and foiled their plans and threatened Dende to grant him immortality or he'd kill him. Dende wished for Vegeta's immortality before Guru died. Vegeta's conquest for immortality was complete. Now there is one thing he needs to take care of. Frieza.

Chapter 1: Awaiting the TyrantEdit

Vegeta: Finally, I am...IMMORTAL! *laughs maniaclly*

Gohan: *looks at Vegeta in horror* He..He's finally done. He's...

Krillin: *scared* Imm...Immortal

Vegeta: Hey, fools. And right before that old slug died. Now Frieza won't now what hit him.

Frieza: I'm not sure about that, Vegeta

Everyone turns and looks at Frieza

Frieza: You may have made yourself immortal, but that means you saved yourself a whole lot of pain.

Lands in front of Vegeta

Frieza: Its funny really. I didn't expect you out of all my minions to succeed in a conquest that was rightfully mine.

Vegeta: While you were to busy killing the people who knew about the Dragon Balls and wanted to summon it yourself, I had a namekian on myside. You may overpower everyone in power Frieza, but not in smarts.

Frieza: *angry* Oh, that's real funny *charges at Vegeta and attempts to punch Vegeta*

Vegeta: *catches punch with difficulty*

Frieza: *attempts to punch Vegeta with his other fist*

Vegeta: *catches punch with even more diffeculty*

Both: *charge up to the max then both break up (not in a romantic way)*

Frieza: I must say Vegeta, you are mighty strong, but not strong enough

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