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Lord Slug Jr


Bass is a renegade Namekian Warrior who used to lead the clan. He appears to be more powerful than Smark.


  • Explosive Demon Wave
  • Light Grenade Heaven (A technique where Bass kicks his enemy into the air, then, double axe handles them down into the ground, and ends it with a Light Grenade)
  • Soma Spam (A technique where Bass punches his enemy multiple times, dazes them with a Solar Flare, then ends it with two Soma Blasts into one large version)
  • Spirit Grenade (A supersized Light Grenade mixed with a Spirit Ball into one large Ki Sphere, which vaporises anything in it's path)
  • Explosive Demon Rush (An attack where Bass turns the Explosive Demon Wave into several different bursts, then ends his technique with a Spirit Grenade. This appears to be Bass's most powerful move)


  • Great Namek - The ability to grow larger to kill enemy opponents.
  • Super Namek - This is not considered a transformation, but, however, a substantial increase of power, with a title on it.