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(バリトン, Bariton)
Baryton Sprite Right
Race Namekian
Homeworld Namek
Born Age 709
Died Age 737 (Revived)
Gender Asexual
Height 8'1"
262'5" (Great)
Mass 242 lb.
Eye Colour Black
Skin Colour Green & Pink
Affiliation Varies
Previous Affiliation Tosura Village
Occupation Warrior-type Namekian
Partner Basson
Signature Attack Kimon Cannon
Power Level 23,500 (base)
Family Ater (Original Incarnation)
Cimer (Good Counterpart)
Debut Dragon Ball AS

Baryton (バリトン, Bariton) is a Namekian warrior from the planet Namek. He is one of the protagonists of Dragon Ball AS. Baryton is the evil counterpart to Cimer, both of whom were created when Ater split himself into two beings in order to better serve his village. Baryton served as the protector of Tosura village until his darker nature started causing problems between him and the village's inhabitants. During a moment of rage Baryton attacked his counterpart who soundly defeated him and was forced to banish him from their home as a result. Leaving Namek, Baryton became a mercenary on the greater Galactic stage.



Tall, lean, and muscular, Baryton is average looking for Warrior-type Nameks. His skin is a deep shade of dark green and the pink patches through out his body were more prominent as a result. The red rings around his wrists and ankles are the same as the average Namekian. He has short, but sharply pointed ears, his jaw and cheek bones are well pronounced as are his antennae reaching as far as his brow ridges in length. The brow ridges themselves are more smooth than is common and lend themselves to a more calmed appearance, a large scar is present on Baryton's face reaching from his forehead, over his left eye, to his cheek. The eye in question is glazed over as a result and has not been healed through the Sai Sei or other artificial means as Baryton believes it was a symbolic injury.

Baryton's standard attire consists of a pale white gi with a high cut neckline. A dark blue obi sash wraps around his waist, he wears a pair of armoured gauntlets and boots reminiscent of the design on Planet Trade battle armour that come with blue painted markings on the top/front ends of both items. Baryton also wears a chlamys over his shoulders that is commonly draped behind his left side. The upper part of the chlamys has been custom tailored for Baryton's use, coming equipped with a hood and face mask during work in desert, or dangerous climate conditions.


Having been born of the evil traits inherent in his creator, Baryton was expected to embody those traits in his every action. Instead Baryton appeared to be a man of resistance, taking it upon himself to fight against the traits that he was associated with. He did this by bottling up his darker impulses which had the opposite effect than he intended. Instead of being present consistently, his bottled up urges would surface on rare occasions and were far worse as a result. This led to his differences with other Namekians that grew into resentment on both sides. After leaving Namek Baryton openly expresses some of his darker personality traits such as the suffering he brought onto others in a fight or his often shown lack of mercy for those that pick a fight with him. The Namekian preferred an isolationist lifestyle, acting cold to others when he came into contact with them as a defense mechanism to help reign in the traits he didn't want getting out. Baryton also showed qualities akin to blood lust, often accepting mercenary jobs that offered him the chance to kill several opponents.

In addition to these traits Baryton is also rather snarky, having something to say about most anything. Despite his blood lusting nature he is also quite intelligent and knows quite a bit about various techniques, creatures and worlds. He is almost useless when it comes to technology however and can be counted on to screw up most anything that requires more input than "push the button". Despite appearing aloof, Baryton has a very short temper and flies off the handle pretty easily when annoyed though he is just as quick to calm down, usually doing so almost immediately after getting his anger out.


Fighting Style[]

Power Level[]

During his introduction he has a power level of 23,500.


Kimon Cannon

Baryton's signature technique. A powerful energy wave attack, it is charged by focusing energy towards the antennae atop Baryton's head causing an aura of light to appear around them and sparks of electricity to amass between them. Baryton appears to have to strain while charging the technique, often roaring emphatically as its prepared. He pulls his head back and quickly juts it forward in order to fire the blast, a tremendous beam that widens as rips across the sky towards its target. Though not required, Baryton usually accompanies the attack by yelling "FIRE!". Incredibly strong for something appearing so plainly, it carries a great deal of recoil in its use, visibly pushing Baryton back as he unleashes the attack. Due to how tightly packed energy is within the attack, the resulting explosion and its firing arc shimmer with sparks of energy after the technique dissipates, however, these sparkling dregs of energy are harmless. Due to the unique anatomy involved in the attack, Baryton believed it impossible to replicate for non-namekians, but is eventually shown other wise when Serada manages to copy him with strands of her hair.

Stab & Slice

A rush attack. Baryton closes in on his opponent, and, using his sharp nails, slashes open a wound on his victim's body and then thrusting his hand into the wound intent on gouging into it. With his hand embedded in their flesh, Baryton then infects his target with his ki, in an attempt to take control of theirs, and if he is successful, forcefully blasts the energy through them almost assuredly killing them in the process. As a bounty hunter, this technique was his primary method of disposing of targets. As he mellows out over the course of the story, he develops the technique in such a way that it becomes more effective but also less lethal. He outstretches two fingers on either hand and stabs his victim on two different points of the body, injecting his energy to wrest control of their ki from them before blasting it out of them as before. It is less intense, and far less likely to cause fatal damage, but can very easily incapacitate and drain opponents of their ability to fight.

Slashing Demon Explosive Wave

Releasing ki from every part of his body, Baryton unleashes a powerful variation of the super explosive wave. Roaring with great anger, he is surrounded with a mighty rippling explosion that appears to be made up of an infinite amount slashing claws, scraping at the air to cut everything in its vicinity to ribbons. As with the normal explosive wave, this massing sphere of murder extends outwards until it reaches its limit, but so long as Baryton continues to roar and feed his power to the attack it can be maintained - becoming an impenetrable barrier that will eradicate both attacks and intruders.

Demon Burning Bomb
With his arms outstretched perpendicular to each other, he moves both arms in a circular, clockwise pattern until they end up in a horizontal position one above the other. Emphatically he stretches his arms to the left and right of himself, gathering a massive amount of energy in front of himself, represented by a massing orb of ki. Finally he drives his arms forward, hands facing inward and he unleashes the attack. Intense beams of ki shredding off of the orb to pummel any and all potential targets. Things hit with the beam are illuminated by intense heat before they explode, an effect capable of effecting both inanimate objects and living beings. The excessive gesturing required makes this technique rather unwieldy, but it is an extremely powerful barrage attack capable of single-handedly ending a fight.

Great Namekian
Villainous Mode
Namekian Fusion (w/ Cimer)
Namekian Fusion (w/ Warrior Namek)
Villainous Mastery


  • Baryton, is named after the baryton a type of bowed instrument, this is to follow the theme that was used for the naming of King Piccolo and his children.