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"This changes nothing. I still don't trust you, you're scum. I'm a lot stronger than you now, and if you step out of line, I'll kill you." Tale 12 - Yunomi's Mother

Barracks - is a supporting protagonist in the series, Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere. He is the second student of the Rougasennin, Maccha, as well as the childhood friend of Yunomi, and rival of Yamcha.

Appearance Edit

Barracks is a tall, muscular man with long brown hair and brown eyes. When he first appeared, Barracks dressed similarly to a soldier, wearing cargo pants and a dark tank top. When training, he wears a dark tank top with matching shorts. His martial arts uniform consists of a green and red sleeveless gi top, over a dark grey shirt and matching pants, and dark blue boots.

Personality Edit

Barracks is a very serious and loyal individual, as well as an intelligent strategist. His loyalty is so great, that upon his master's death and Yamcha's disappearance, he assumed the responsibility of protecting the village. He also considers both Yunomi's protection, and that of the village to be of such importance, that it even propelled him to hire mercenaries to protect the village, despite the fact that Yunomi did not initially agree with this.

He's also a hard-worker, keen to put in maximum effort to achieve success. This enabled him to endure harsh training under the tutelage of Mercenary Tao, who he sought out to learn the skills he felt were needed to protect Okami village. This also made him a very practical individual, as he kept Mercenary Tao around long enough to learn the skills he needed, before ending Tao's employment, and determining that he didn't need to spend as much money hiring mercenaries anymore.

Biography Edit

Young Barracks

A young Barracks prepares for battle

Barracks was an orphan adopted by Maccha along with Yamcha to train to become their heir of Urufu-ryu and guardian of Wolf Village. Both boys took their training very seriously, Barracks being the more severe of the two. Although a brilliant strategist even at a young age, Barracks could tell Maccha preferred Yamcha to be the heir over himself. Regardless, Barracks worked hard, if not to win the honor of being guardian, then to ensure that if Yamcha was guardian, he'd be as strong as possible. Because of his team mindset, Yamcha and Barracks became more like brothers than rivals in their knit-together family unit.

When Yamcha left, Barracks felt betrayed and bitter. Seeing his years of training towards high ideals as a farce, Barracks took it upon himself to work with Yunomi to guard the village in any way possible. Assassins and mercenaries were assigned with what small income Barracks and the village earned. One day he happened upon a brutal mercenary named Tao, a master of Tsuru-ryu.

Barracks saw Tao's tutelage as an investment opportunity. If he could become as strong as Tao, in the long run, they needn't spend as much money to hire other mercenaries. Tao trained Barracks brutally and in the end deemed him adequate. His high ideals gone, Barracks accepted what he had and relieved Tao of his duties.

Homecoming Arc Edit

Barracks & Yamcha's Reunion

Barracks confronts his former friend and rival.

Barracks continued to protect both Yunomi and the village over the years until Yamcha eventually returns to the village. Upon confronting his former friend, Barracks states that although he spent years thinking of what he'd say to Yamcha if he ever saw him again, he's at a loss for words. Barracks informs Yamcha that he's been protecting the village, a job that was originally meant for the heir, which was to be Yamcha. Barracks then demands to know what Yamcha was doing in a nearby village, and upon being informed of the village's attack and Bead's appearance at his old home, Barracks is displeased by the notion that Yamcha would help a stranger, even though he'd run out on his family.

Yamcha asks for Barracks' forgiveness and the chance to make amends, but Barracks refuses, stating the village is doing fine without him. When Yamcha then asks to speak to Yunomi, Barracks vehemently refuses, claiming that Yamcha's leaving hurt her before and that he refuses to allow it to happen again. Upon Yamcha stating that he will see Yunomi, whether he likes it or not, Barracks attempts to beat Yamcha with a rifle held by a nearby mercenary. The rifle breaks, however, startling Barracks and the other soldiers, and giving Yamcha the opportunity to break free of his restraints. Realizing he's powerless to stop his former friend, Barracks remains outside while Yamcha goes in to speak to Yunomi, before firing a gun at Kyonshi, the serpent-style master who has returned to once again torment the village.

After Yamcha defeats Kyonshi quite easily, Barracks is outraged that Yamcha would allow the master vampire to leave the village, as no one else in the village is strong enough to defeat Kyonshi. Yunomi agrees to give Yamcha the chance to explain himself, Barracks resigns to listening to Yamcha's story as well, surprised to hear that there are at least six other fighters stronger than Yamcha. Upon hearing of Yamcha's story and what caused him to leave the village, and Yunomi leaving the room, Barracks insists on changing the subject, wanting to know more about the village that was attacked. He asks Yamcha to bring the survivor, Bead, to Okami village so he can question her.

Barracks Training Begins

Barracks begins training

When Yamcha returns with Bead, along with Puar, Barracks introduces himself to her and awkwardly apologizes to her for the lecherous behavior of Puar's grandfather, Tuocha. As Yamcha goes to speak with Yunomi, Barracks gets more information from Bead on the attack of her village. When Pigero reveals that he knows the location of where the villagers have fled, Barracks originally suggests that he and Yamcha take the information by force, considering Pigero's offer to lead them to the villagers' location in exchange for Yamcha taking him on as a student, dumb. After Yamcha accepts the offer, Barracks reluctantly goes along with it, suggesting that they all set out before it starts getting dark.

Yunomi's Training

Barracks spars with Pigero

After reuniting Bead with her family and fellow villagers, Barracks insists on Yamcha training him, alongside Yunomi and Pigero as well, recognizing his friend's strength. Upon going through training, Barracks is able to learn various techniques, such as flying, and develops his skills through sparring with both Pigero and Yunomi. After a year of training, Barracks progressed in strength quicker than Yamcha did after undergoing the same training.

Catalyst Arc Edit

Barracks & Yamcha Mend Friendship

Barracks and Yamcha rekindle their friendship

During this year, Barracks is able to reconcile his old friendship with Yamcha, after seeing his old friend's sincerity in helping the villagers. One day, after training, and upon hearing Yunomi's desire to gather the dragon balls and wish to revive her father, the group is met by a strange girl, who introduces herself as Solace. Upon revealing she has a dragon ball in her possession and making a deal to use one of the wishes for herself, Barracks returns to the village with Yunomi, while Yamcha and Pigero team up with Solace to locate the remaining dragon balls. Just before the group returns the next day, Barracks and Yunomi discover that Kyonshi has returned to the great seal near the village, and the duo set out to confront him. Yamcha arrives soon after, with Pigero chasing Solace who has taken possession of the dragon balls not far behind.

Once they arrive, the great seal breaks, leaving both Barracks and Yamcha shocked as neither of them are masters, and both inadvertently reveal their affiliation with one of the other schools. Meanwhile, a being is released from the seal, Introducing itself as Heiwa, and the son of the Dai-Kaioshin, he immediately demands that Yamcha attack him, and threatens to destroy the area if Yamcha refuses. Barracks remarks that those don't sound like the words of a god, and after Yamcha agrees to face the kaioshin, Barracks retreats to a safe distance away with the others, stating that he'll ensure everyone stays safe. He is astonished at Yamcha's true power, along with the others, exclaiming his old friend as a monster.

After Yamcha is defeated by Heiwa, Barracks accompanies the others to Kyonshi's castle, remaining protectively outside of his friend's room alongside Pigero and Piccolo, the latter who met with them right after Yamcha's defeat. When Yamcha returns from talking with Kyonshi, and hearing of Heiwa's eventual return, Barracks agrees to train even harder, along with Yunomi and Pigero. However, although a truce has been declared, Barracks threatens Kyonshi that if he tries anything, he will kill him. Together, the group is eventually brought to the Lookout, where they meet Dende, Earth's guardian, and god, as well as Mr. Popo. They are joined by Solace, who at the behest of her father also agrees to train, and the four train with weighted gear.

Yunomi & Maccha Reunion

Barracks reunites with his old master and completes his training

While on the lookout, they are introduced to Krillin and Android #18, as well as witnessing Shenlong's summoning for the first time. Barracks is amazed at the sight of the eternal dragon and is confused with Yamcha's wish to grant all members of the Earth's sacred martial arts schools the zenkai boost ability of the Saiyans, as he doesn't feel any different. Yamcha informs him that he'll notice a change as long as they keep pushing past their limits. When Yamcha is invited to the Otherworld to train with the Grand Kaio, Barracks is happy for his friend and encourages Yamcha to give it his all.

Later, when Maccha is allowed to return to Earth for one day thanks to Baba, Barracks is joyful at his reunion with his old master and spends the rest of the day learning the true form of the Wolf Fang Fist.

Makai Arc Edit

After Yamcha's time in the Otherworld is done, Barracks returns to Okami village, along with the others to prepare to throw Yamcha a party in celebration. During this time, while Barracks and Pigero gather a melon to serve at the party, Yunomi and Solace are confronted by demons sent by Babidi to gather kili. The two men return before the fight begins, but Pigero is turned to stone by one of the demons, Zam, in retaliation for hitting him with a melon.

As Zam attempts to do the same to Barracks, he takes decisive action by severing his affected arm then tossing it at Zam, using the affected blood to turn the technique back on his enemy. After turning the demon to stone, Barracks quickly strikes by firing a Dodonpa ki beam, destroying Zam in the process. After using his ki to staunch the bleeding, Barracks retreats back to Okami village, along with Puar to retrieve the senzu beans given to them by Korin.

Power Edit

Having undergone training by Maccha, and then later by Mercenary Tao, Barracks is a tough, skillful fighter capable of making a decisive decision in the heat of battle. Due to his training under Tao, he is also merciless in battle, willing to strike down an opponent once an opening presents itself. His latent potential is also substantial, as in just a year of training and learning the skills Yamcha acquired from training with Korin, Kami, and Kaio, he is able to progress at a rate faster than Yamcha had. His skill and dedication is such that he also is able to learn the true form of the Wolf Fang Fist from his old master in a single day.

Abilities Edit

Flight - like most characters, Barracks can fly utilizing his ki.

Ki-sense - having received similar training that Yamcha underwent, he has learned abilities such as how to sense an opponent's ki. Though this doesn't work on non-mortal beings, like gods and demons.

Barracks Kills Zam

Barracks kills Zam with a Dodonpa ki strike

Dodonpa - due to his training with Mercenary Tao, Barracks was able to learn how to project his ki, and as such learned to use the Dodon ray, a concentrated beam of energy fired from the user's finger(s).

Wolf Fang Fist Mastery - after being reunited with his master for a day, he was able to learn the true form of the Wolf Fang Fist. This allows him to project ki into his physical strikes in a way that turns all of his blows into lethal cutting strikes. It is physically unblockable and will cause damage to even an opponent with incredible defense. Though an opponent with a forceful enough ki can rebound the attack(s) back at its user.

Gallery Edit

Teenage Barracks

Teenage Barracks ready for battle

Barracks Severs Arm

Barracks severs his petrified arm

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