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Gotenks SSJ

Bark, Super Saiyan, being childish

Bark is the fusion between Bardock and Kakarot. The fusion looks very different from the two. However, it is very powerful.


  • Transformation
  • Light Spirit Cannon (a different version of the Final Spirit Cannon where it's charged like a Light Grenade and resembles the power of a Super Kamehameha used by Goku in Super Saiyan)
  • Raging Hit! (a technique where Bark goes Super Saiyan, kicks his opponent twice, shoots off a flurry of Ki Blasts, then ends it with a Light Spirit Cannon)
  • You're Dead! (a technique where Bark attacks his opponent with a flurry of kicks and punches, then bashes his head into them and finishes it with Childs Play as he transforms. If he doesn't use Childs Play, he utilities Raging Hit, which also sends him out of the Fusion, and is his Normal Form's most powerful move)

Super Saiyan[]

  • Childs Play (a technique where Bark kicks the enemy into the air, then punches them to the ground whilst sending out a flurry of Ki Blasts and a small Ki Wave.)
  • Exodus! (a technique where Bark combines two Soma Blasts into one, releases it into the Opponent, then kicks them to the ground ending it with a Raging Hit. This is also Bark's super move, which sends him out of the fusion at the end)
  • What? You Aren't Dead? Impossible! (a technique where Bark uses the Light Spirit Cannon, bashes the opponent with his fists, then kicks them to the ground, ending it with Childs Play. This is Bark's second most powerful technique, which sends him out of Super Saiyan)


  • This fusion is first used up against King Cold, then used twice against Cooler.
  • The variation of this fusion is Vakarot.