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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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Bardock before witnessing his comrades' deaths.

This article, Bardock Unleashed (MysticGotenks), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.

This article, Bardock Unleashed (MysticGotenks), is the property of MysticGotenks.

"My Father told me I had tons of potiental, but i never believed him."
— Bardock before fighting King Cold

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This article is currently under construction and is incomplete at the moment.

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Please Note: This story contains occasionally swearing,cursing, and graphically gruesome deaths that may not be appropriate for young readers. THANK YOU!

Bardock Unleashed is a Bildungsroman fan-fiction/manga created by MysticGotenks. This story is about Bardock's life and adventures he faces. This takes place in an alternate timeline. It is currently in progress.

Theme Songs[]

1)Tora Saga-TBA

2)Rivalry Saga-TBA

3)Cooler Saga-TBA

4)Fasha and Bardock Saga-TBA

5)War Saga-TBA

6)Elite Saga-TBA

7)Genocide Saga-TBA

8)Afterlife Saga-TBA

9)Android 9 Saga-TBA

10)Tournament Saga-TBA

11)King Piccolo Saga-TBA

12)Chilled Saga-TBA

13)Vegeta Saga-TBA

14)Mecha Frieza Saga-TBA

15)Attack of the Androids Saga-TBA

16)Ultimate Lifeform Saga-TBA

17)Legendary Super Saiyan Saga-TBA

18)Cold Family Saga-TBA

19)Fusion Saga-TBA

20)Saiyan Saga-TBA

Important Pages[]

  • Character List of bardock Unleashed
  • Power Levels as they progress throughout Bardock Unleashed
  • Timeline pf Bardock Unleashed


List of Sagas in Bardock Unleashed

Tora Saga[]

Focuses on Bardock in Saiyan School and meeting his lifelong friend Tora. Episode List 1)Prologue 2)Tora and Vegeta 3)Garlick Gun 4)Training with Father 5)Detention 6)Destiny Battle 7)