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Bardock in action


Barock - A Saiyan Warrior is an alternate timeline set when Planet Vegeta was under attack by Frieza.

Bardock - A Saiyan Warrior[]

Chapter 1 - Frieza's Assault[]

Bardock rushed along the corridor of the Recruitment Building and he walked into the Bar where a number of Saiyans were eating. 'We have to go and kill Frieza. He killed my crew and now he wants us all dead' said Bardock. 'He lost his crew that's all. Bardock went and lost a mission and now its the end of the world for us' the Saiyans said as they laughed. 'Fools! Fine. Ill go and find him myself' he said. He had a vision of his son and knowing that he could not waste any time, Bardock went in the outer space and killed thousands of Frieza's Elite Warriors on his quest to find a kill Frieza. He came face to face with Frieza and it happened in the blink of an eye. Thousands of Saiyan Warriors rushed to Bardock's help and they all shot Power Balls into the air and transformed into Great Apes. Prince Vegeta was leading the Saiyans. 'My father is dead." He tried to kill Frieza. But now I must do it!' shouted Prince Vegeta.