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Bardock:Survivor is a story that takes place in DBZ. Bardock comes to Earth in this series.

How He Survived Frieza's Onslaught[]

Simple, Bardock didn't die. He lost most of his clothes, but hid from Frieza. He traveled to New Dengen. Of course, with no spaceship, he easily passed out, in a comatose state. It took him 12 years to be found, and awoken. Once he did, he had a soft change of heart. He raised the young Dengens like he would raise Kakarot..

The Narrator,Bardock.[]

I wish I had my son, well, at least he will defeat Frieza. He lives on Earth, it makes me angry I couldn't save Ima on planet Vegeta! I wish she could live on this beautiful planet Dengen, and plant beautiful flowers! But, it's ok, Kakarot and I are alive. We are both living happy lives. IMA! I WISH I COULD EXPRESS MY LOVE TO YOU! FRIEZA IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!