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Bardock:Survivor is a story that takes place in DBZ. Bardock comes to Earth in this series.

How He Survived Frieza's OnslaughtEdit

Simple, Bardock didn't die. He lost most of his clothes, but hid from Frieza. He traveled to New Dengen. Of course, with no spaceship, he easily passed out, in a comatose state. It took him 12 years to be found, and awoken. Once he did, he had a soft change of heart. He raised the young Dengens like he would raise Kakarot..

The Narrator,Bardock.Edit

I wish I had my son, well, at least he will defeat Frieza. He lives on Earth, it makes me angry I couldn't save Ima on planet Vegeta! I wish she could live on this beautiful planet Dengen, and plant beautiful flowers! But, it's ok, Kakarot and I are alive. We are both living happy lives. IMA! I WISH I COULD EXPRESS MY LOVE TO YOU! FRIEZA IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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