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Bardock's adventure island (バーダックの冒険島) is a platform DBZ game


The gameplay is pretty much the same as in Adventure island series and the first Wonder boy, Bardock must fight hordes of DB villains (Piccolo Daimaou's Mazoku, frogs, Freeza soldiers etc.) to get to the boss, the vitalitty system is harder, as saiyans eat very much food, in addition to this, Bardock can take several hits before he dies

Bardock can fire energy blast anytime now, but it takes out one point of vitalitty everytime Bardock uses it


It was 5 years since Bardock and Gine (in their loinclothes, due to the fact that their armors were destroyed during Freeza's death ball) somehow survived the destruction of planet Vegeta, one day while Bardock and Gine were having a romance, a Freeza's space pod took away with Gine, can Bardock save her?