Bakuda is a Cofish, smaller than usual, she is quite slim for one but would be considered muscular to a human, she explores the galaxy and is an ex-Frieza Force member, she was bred to be a super elite combatant but she wasn't interested in that nor the the army she was in. She is the deuteragonist of Dragon Ball Gamma alongside Netto and Zash. She is quite energetic and playful, he joins the Galactic Patrol after the Pikza arc (Mid DBG) aswell.

Anime name Bakuda
Manga name Bakuda
Debut Dragon Ball Gamma
Appears in Dragon Ball Gamma: Goku's Debut (Tritagonist)

Dragon Ball Gamma (Deuteragonist) Dragon Ball Fighterz: Ultimate DLC Pack (Character, Music, Lobby Avatar, Z Union)

Race Cofish
Gender Female
Date of birth Age 755
Status Alive
Height 5"08
Weight 140 kg
Occupation Galactic Patrol (Head Elite Officer)
Allegiance Chaotic Good
Likes Fresh Food

Cooked Food Spaceships

Dislikes Fish from Earth
Affiliations Unknown
Counterparts Unknown
Mentors Unknown
Students Unknown
Relatives Unknown

Backstory[edit | edit source]

She was born from a family of rich, high-class Frieza Force members, she was a prodigy and was able to defeat most people there, she was bred to be the strongest there. Sorbet stated that she could surpass Frieza when she would be merely 16! Her power level was 2,000 as a little child though this was after Frieza's death. Sorbet came around with Tagoma and Shisami now which causeed greater training conditions, she was active and even became so strong at some point that she could defeat soldiers, eventually she was just forced to train and eventually, she got bored. She was losing motivation to fight she was gonna be replaced because of her lack of effort but then she met a certain someone who made her feel comfy with, Netto. They were buddies for a long time since they could relate about loneliness except Netto liked to do missions, she told him that it wasn't too fun, they became training mates as soldiers saw how well they paired. She mainly appears in Dragon Ball Gamma.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She appears as a purple skinned lady with gills and orange hair, as a child she has pigtails but when she grew up she let her hair go more free , it is more spiky. She has yellow eyes but when using Life Energy, her eyes go blue. She is more muscular than the average person.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is a cocky person who likes to mess around in battle, she gets serious when she needs to though, she will make fun of the enemy when she has a advantage. She also likes to discuss things in general, whether it be food or a plan.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

General Techniques[edit | edit source]

Ki Bullets: As a galactic patrol member, he uses a gun in combat to fight, he manipulates the shape of the ki into many ways including normal bullet like ki blasts transmitted through the gun he uses.

Ki Blasts: Bakuda can use basic ki blasts.

Flight: Bakuda can channel his ki to make him levitate and fly up in the air.

Other Basic Combat Techniques: These include things like energy volleys or wild sense.

Phoenix Wave: Bakuda can create waves that burn foes, as she got stronger it created pain and could push back attacks, Bakuda starts of by closing her hands, generating ki and heat in the process, claps them together and she then opens them which lets the waves free, she has to limit the area it goes as it would spread everywhere if she didn't.

Super Phoenix Wave: Bakuda has an enhanced version his previous technique Bolt Retract, it is much durable, bigger, stickier and hurts the opponent on contact now. It can also clash with beams.

Phoenix Rebirth: Bakuda can create a fierce explosion of ki that implodes back on her shortly after and gives her a great deal of strength.

Final Phoenix Burst: After meeting Vegeta in age 780, Vegeta teaches her how to do the Final Flash technique, therefore she mixed it with Phoenix Wave to create a fierce dangerous technique. Non Canon.

'Pheonix Strike': To get rid of a single enemy, she concentrates her ki into a fist with a fiery aura and punches the said target, the ki then goes deep into where she punches.

Gamma Pheonix Burst: Her ultimate technique, it is concentrated and has better piercing but explodes, creating extreme damage on foes. A last resort as she has to use all her ki to create such an affect.

Final Flash: After meeting Vegeta in age 780, Vegeta teaches her how to do the Final Flash technique. Non canon.

Super Durability: Unlike her power level may be, his durability is much higher than that, x1.2 of her power.

Air and Water Manipulation and Generation: At Sorbet's army, she learned how to control this when she was 8, she was a master at this.

Transformations[edit | edit source]

Life Energy: All Cofish including Bakuda can easily do this but it takes strain in their body and it will make it weaker as it uses more life energy while keeeping the fighting power up.

Sharo Cofish: Bakuda went beyond limits to fight King Empora, this took her to a level beyond comprehension! This power is rare for Cofish and is a 1 in 100 for every Cofish. This form can be unlocked by an adult putting way too much strain on their body that it forces them to reach this stage, she has extra speed and power in this state but lacks durability. It makes them 5,000 times stronger than the average Cofish!

Godly Sharou: With God Ki and even more limit breaking, Bakuda is able to extend her Sharou powers with God Ki so she isn't left behind, she has extra speed and power in this state but lacks durability. it makes them 100,000 times stronger than the average Cofish's base power! 

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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