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The Baby Saga is the ninth saga of Dragon Ball Advanced and second of the Grand Tour Arc, which details Kid Goku, Pan, Trunks, Mai, and Goten collecting the Black Star Dragon Balls before the earth explodes.

Plot Edit

Arrival on Planet M-2 Edit

Continuing on from the previous saga; Goten and Pan have just destroyed Ribet and Trunks freed himself and Goku from Bizu after the sleeping gas wore off. Trunks punches Bizu but is turned into Metal by General Rilldo while Goku is recaptured and Goten is knocked out by sleeping gas. Pan grabs Goten and flees from the Machine Mutants while Trunks and Goku are taken. Heartbroken; Pan thinks of away to save Goku and Trunks and attempts to infiltrate the machine base but is almost caught forcing her to use a disguise. Meanwhile, the robots scan Goku's power as Rilldo has Bizu repaired and orders him to go with the Sigma Force to capture Pan as he downloads information on the Dragon Team from Goku.

Pan has joined a group of robots identical to her disguise and they are going through wall one at a time. She tries to get away from the line, but is ultimately forced to try and go through but fails. She feigns defection to maintain her cover and is throw her in a room of defective robots and learns these machines a defective because they have emotions. Meanwhile; Rilldo learns that Pan is in the base and orders to be dealt with by Natt. However, instead he activates Hanna a former member of the Sigma Force who was deemed defective after absorbing Metalman. Hanna activates and destroys the other defective machines while it attacks Pan and destroys the Robot suit. It continues to attack her and uses Lava Spit on Pan in attempt to kill her, but she dodges it and is hit by a ki-powered missile. They fight evenly with each and knock each other into the wall. Giru comes looking for her and tries to open the doors, but is absorbed by Hanna after she use her merge ability to permanently fuse with the Metalman. Hanna uses her machine gun to try and pepper Pan, but each bullet misses as Pan punches Hanna. However, she isn't fazed and is almost hit by Hanna's Exhaust Flash before Pan gives into her anger and uses Maiden's Rage. Hanna is damaged and is amazed by her power; she asks why she is in the base and Pan explains everything to her. While Pan explains her story to Hanna; Goku awakens causing the Machines to go crazy. Goku breaks free from the machines and scolds Sigma Force for mocking his daughter before deciding her heard enough and begins to assault each of them. Believing Goku to be outmatched because of downloading all his of moves, Rilldo goes to collecting Giru and decorate him with medal. He learns that Giru went to the Defected Machines to try and is told by a Machine Mutant that he went their to try to "fix" them. As he approaches the door; Pan and Hanna destroy door and are attack General Rilldo, but he easily overpowered both of them and threatens to kill Pan even she didn't expel Giru calling him T2006. Hanna caves in and expels him as they remain on the ground defeated. Realising they are not permitted to kill Goku; the three warriors prepare him for Dr. Myuu, but Goku punches Nezi in the stomach. Goku pretends to be hurt, but attacks them with energy blasts only for them to toy with him for a while until Goku manages to destroy their hiding place; causing them to result to killing him. However, Goku power-ups into Kaio-ken x2 and tells them that he is getting super serious now.

After overpowering them; the machines fuse into the Super Mega Cannon Sigma after Goku damages Bizu with X2 Kaio-Ken Kamehameha. They fight evenly with each other and is sent away by Super Sigma's arms extension and sends him into a cliff. Goku isn't impressed with the additional strength and he headbutts Goku before being mocked for the lack of speed. Super Sigma uses his Flying Formation and is able to fly after him before using Super Sigma Laser on him. Goku dodges the laser before being hit by Super Sigma's Aerial Attack. However, Goku grabs him by wings and attempts to pull them off similar to how Vegeta tore off Android 19's hands, but fails as Super Sigma creates extends a drill and attempts to rip Goku apart. Goku manages to get away and uses Afterimage Technique in order to confuse him, but Super Sigma uses Sigma Bombardment to fire missiles in every direction and nearly hits Goku with it as he dodges the missile. As the area is levelled and peppered; Goku kicks Super Sigma in side and sends him into the ground. Goku grabs Super Sigma by the arm and swings him around before letting him flying into the entrance of base. Goku fires his Super Kamehameha at him and destroys most of the base, but Super Sigma was able to escape in time and lands in the forest were Goku pursues him and Super Sigma uses circular saws to try cut Goku, but he only manages to sever several trees before Goku Death Slicer to sever Super Sigma's arm. Just as Sigma is about attack again; the energy disc comes back and severs his wrist. Goku destroys the destructo disc before attempting to leave, but Sigma attacks with his laser and manages to hit Goku, but he withstands the attack. Goku reveals that he was never at his Full Power even when he used Kaio-Ken and unleashes his true power before charging at Sigma and using Super God Fist on him; destroying his head - finally putting an end to the Machine Mutant.

A General Uprising Edit

Goten rushes into the base and finds Pan barely conscious and takes, but Pan requests that he takes Hanna as well. He takes them back to the ship and lets the recuperate while fighting against several Machine Mutants. Goten notices the ship has been ransacked and finds out the Dragon Balls have been stolen and goes back to the base after giving Pan a Senzu Bean and makes some small repairs on Hanna. General Rilldo bursts through the walls and attacks Goten, but he restrains him with Galactic Donut to allow the two to escape and reclaim the Dragon Balls. Pan and Hanna make way down the hall and destroy several Machine Mutants before making an entrance into the computer room. Pan finds Giru with Trunks whom is still metal and tries to blast him, but he returns the Dragon Balls without a hassle until he and Trunks are transported away. Pan asks Hanna to return the Dragon Balls to ship while she goes after Trunks. The room is nearly destroyed by an attack from the outside and goes over to the Machine to be transported as well. She ends up being transported to Dr. Myuu's lab where he is about to turn Trunks into a Machine Mutant. Hanna takes the Dragon Balls to the ship, but she trips over the corpse of Super Sigma and is surprised they have been defeated while emotional that they are destroyed. Several Prototype (Giru-looking) machine mutants surround Hanna along with Ballistos as they prepare to destroyed her for the Dragon Balls. However, a Prototype manage to catch her by surprise as the others rush her. However, she accidentally absorbs all the attacking Machine Mutants and while the other escapes with the Dragon Balls. However, with her new form - it takes no time whatsoever to capture the prototype and reclaim the Dragon Balls.

Hanna returns drops off the Dragon Balls before heading off to give Goten a hand and punches Rilldo in the face; knocking him to the ground with ease. Hanna merges with her absorption victims in order to prevent Rilldo from uses leverage on her to expel them before kicking him in the face and sending him into Goten as he punches him in the Goten. Hanna launches before her fists at Rilldo and manages to knock him away before sending a single fist into his gut as Goten knocks him down with a double axehandle. Hanna uses her Particle Cannon on Rilldo and nearly destroys the general while it melts away the city and leaves gaping hole in the forest. Goten attacks Rilldo and knocks him into the crater. However, he knocks him away and stomps on Goten's face. He goes after Hanna and punches her, but she is unaffected by the attack as she curses Rilldo for throwing her away just for having emotions despite becoming stronger. She fires her Electron Cannon at him and manages damage him as it is sent hurtling in the base. She continues to fight him inside base and manages to collapse most of the assembly area before blasting him into a door. She continues to pummel him until she backs him into a corner and uses Ultra Magma Particle Cannon on him and vaporises the entire south wing of the base; leaving a searing crater behind. Rilldo survives the attack and uses Metal Breath to covert the magma into metal before attempt to use it on Hanna, but she blasts it with a ki blast. Rilldo continues to fight her despite being at an advantage and mocks her for her emotions. Hanna kicks Rilldo in the arm and sends him flying before head butting him followed up with a rocket punch before Rilldo uses Metal Breath on her fist; turning it into metal. They continue to fight despite Hanna only having one hand before Rilldo manages to trick in her into cornering him again and insults her causing her to lose her will to fight. He turns her into metal before his Metal Needles energy attack to destroy her metal body before being attacked by Goten. He begins powering up after he promises to take him down and transforms into Super Saiyan.

Goten and Rilldo start to throw a bunch of attacks at each other but none of them seem to do any damage to neither of them. Goten uses Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and attempts to destroy Rilldo, but he uses Metal Breath to freeze the Ghost in place. It would seem that they are testing each other for weaknesses and strengths as they rush at each other. Goten uses a sweep kick to get Rilldo off the ground before using a suplex-like through, sending him into a metal tree before using Super Kamehameha on him. Goten is about to start taking the fight seriously when he is almost hit by Rilldo's Metal Breath. Goten uses Galactic Donut to restrain Rilldo and sends him into the ground with a double axe handle. Pan learns that she needs Giru to restore Trunks, but he tells her that he doesn't have the device necessary and that it is still at the base. She uses the device to teleport back to the base and finds Goten fighting Rilldo as the base as been mostly damaged while Goku watches as his son fight. He tells her that he'll help if Goten is incapable of sealing the deal as she looks for Giru's device to reverse Rilldo's Metal Breath only to find the most of the lab has been damaged. Goku helps her look and is unable to find it. Giru reveals his deception by extending it out of his body and goes over to Dr. Myuu to tell him of battle only to find that he already knows and is working on a replacement for Hanna and Super Sigma. Back on the battlefield; Rilldo is impressed with Goten's power only to be told that he is only going at half strength before powering up to Full Power. He is met with a compliment from Rilldo and in response Goten tells him to show his true powers. Rilldo asked how he knew he was at half-strength only to be told that it was obvious since he saw Rilldo stop every time he used Galactic Donut. Rilldo is impressed at how observant Goten is and tells him that he would make a good Machine Mutant before stating that he'll begin his transformation.

Rilldo responds by absorbing parts from Super Sigma and takes on his Hyper Meta form. He transforms and immediately attacks Goten, the two punch each other in the face simultaneously before exchange a flurry of physical attacks before hitting Goten with a Rocket Punch as Goten uses his energy to send Rilldo flying. As they stop themselves from hitting the ground; Rilldo starts turning everything to metal and controls it as he uses his Buzzsaw Assault against Goten, but he dodges the saws as Rilldo goes for a Hyper Drill Smash only for it to be caught by the young warrior and begins to crush it force Rilldo to kick him away and launch it similar to his Rocket Punch only for Goten to dodge it. Rilldo realises he is evenly matched with Goten and uses his Homing Drill Rocket against him only for Goten to destroy it with Kamekameha. Angered; Rilldo descends to the ground and covers himself with the metal. Meanwhile; Pan is about to find the Seven-Star Dragon Ball, but the base begins to morph around as if it is rejecting her. However, she destroys the walls with Maiden's Burst only to stop for a short second before using Super Maiden Burst giving her time to continue searching for Giru's device, but the base tries to "reject" her again only to given into her again and use Burst of Maiden's Rage; a combination of Super Maiden Burst and Maiden's Rage; destroying the west-wing. She manages to discover the Dragon Ball and takes it back to the ship. Rilldo emerges in his new form and expresses surprises that they already had a Dragon Ball and attempts to freeze Pan, but Goten uses a Ghost as shield. Giru sneaks onto the battlefield and brings the shattered parts of Hanna to building and restores her to normal. However, it is already to late as she is destroyed and places her in a secret location with the Dragon Balls. Pan and Goku realises that Rilldo can continuous regenrate due to planet being Metal and come up with plan to stop him permanently as Goten is being overpowered causing him to go Super Saiyan 2 and is able to match him once again. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and Pan releases her Full Power as she flies over to the ground beneath Goten. He joins the two as they begin to charge their Kamehameha while Rilldo charges his Deadly Metal Needles.

The three unleash their Family Kamehameha while Rilldo unleashes his energy needles causing their attacks to clash. Rilldo continues to fire energy needles while the three respond being increase their power. Goku encourages Pan and Goten to put more of an effort into the attack and increases the output; the output causes them to briefly lose their footing and are dragged into their ship. However, they managed to regain the footing and increase the output further as Goku turns Super Saiyan 2. Rilldo increases the number of energy needles and is able to gain the upperhand briefly before Goten powers up to Super Saiyan 3 and increases his energy wave further to point that his Kamehameha becomes the True Kamehameha. With that; he is able to increase their combined energy to new heights as it causes the ground beneath them to crumble away. Dr. Myuu watches the battle between Rilldo and the trio as the energy clash causes earthquakes and storms across the planet. The destructive energy clash gets more intense as the three begin to move forward in order to take the energy clash away from their ship and pushes Rilldo back. Giru watches the clash with Dr. Myuu while he restores Hanna's body and goes over to Trunks where he begins freeing him while making a copy of Trunks metal form. General Rilldo switches to his Metal Breath and continues to energy wave as trees around him turn to metal and the destroyed sections of the base along with the forest. Dr. Myuu orders Rilldo to move away from the base, but the three of them fly upwards until they are higher than Dr. Myuu before unleashing their ki and forcing him to hit the base. The base is almost destroyed as he manages to regain the upperhand, but an energy disc comes out of nowhere and severs Rilldo's head causing him to lose focus and allows the three of the unleash their power at once and decimate the entire area while vaporising Rilldo's body. They Family Kamehameha didn't just destroy the base, but it also left a gaping hole in the planet making it unstable and exposing the core. However, as they are distracted the three of them a hit by the Metal Breath and are instantly metalise. Dr. Myuu transports all three to him and stash them with the fake Metal Trunks as a Giru makes another fake Metalised character in shape of Android 17.

Fall of the Saiyans Edit

Giru replaces the three of them with fake Metalised version of themselves while freeing them as Trunks and Giru reveal they plans. Giru wasn't double-crossing them; he was double-crossing Dr. Myuu. Rilldo reforms his body using the metal around the base and returns to his base form while making his way towards the ship. However, it is shielded this time and is unable to enter it. He has the remaining members of the army find out how to remove shielding. Meanwhile; the others surprises Dr. Myuu and attempt attack him, but his minions get in the way as reveals even with Trunks no longer metal; he can make a copy of him and download his battle data and abilities to his Machine Mutant counterpart. He proves by using the fake Hanna metal form and transforms it into a machine mutant with all of Hanna's battle data and introduces her as Hanna 2.0, but she is instantly absorbed by Hanna as her emotions get the better of her and attempts to kill him. However, Dr. Myuu uses a code from his own programming to try to control her, but Pan is able to restrain her. Angering Pan for trying to turn Hanna against her she attacks Dr. Myuu as Trunks reveals that Giru had planned Dr. Myuu's destruction along time ago as he was a threat and wanted assistance in destroying him, but needed Dr. Myuu to let his guard down. He leads Goku and Goten upstairs as Dr. Myuu tries to stop them flying up to the top stairs, but Goten severs his hand and kicks him into his computer as for controlling Hanna. Trunks blasts open the doors and they begin approaching a capsule containing a small Machine Mutant. Meanwhile; in the Time Nest - Chronoa is watching the parallel timeline with Tokitoki and realises the threat they pose as Trunks explains that plans to turn the universe into Machine Mutants and to take over the Universe. She uses her Time Judgement to send a bolt of lightning towards M-2 of the current timeline and reduces it to dust along with all inhabits. Meanwhile; in the parallel timeline; Trunks explains that he rerouted the life support from Baby's capsule and that he'll die shortly. However, Dr. Myuu tries to stop them only to be blasted in the back with ki blast from Hanna and uses a code to detonate the explosive in her in response as he is partially vaporised by the blast cursing the Saiyans and causing Baby to awake at after hearing the word Saiyan. Unwilling to die and unable to contain his rage; Baby explodes using an Explosive Wave and destroys the capsule. He tries to battle against them, but he is easily overpowered by Pan who in return seemingly kills him with a Masenko. The planets stability begins to turn and they are forced to flee as they fight against the Machine Mutants. Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks to overpower each of them and manages to safely make it to ship. They blast off as Rilldo tries to stop them by extending his arms. Meanwhile; Baby survives and destroys Myuu's head revealing the Dragon Ball in it and takes uses the secret room which turns out to be a ship to escape the planet as Gotenks fire his Galick Kamehameha at Rilldo while Goku and Pan uses Kamehameha. Giru is able to get the ship into the stratosphere as he accesses Hanna's coding and has her use Ultra Magma Particle Cannon to assist them and their combined energy attack not only vaporises Rilldo, but destroys the entire planet as well along with Dr. Myuu's body.

The Grand Tour Team continue their search for the Dragon Balls as they are unable to locate them until they're planetary Dragon Radar locates a Black Star Dragon Ball in the star system and they learn that it is located on a starship that is drifting towards the system's star. Trunks realises that it is too dangerous to go near, but Goku is able to sense a fading life-force on the ship. Trunks asks him to use Instant Transmission, but he states that he already tried after he was turned into a kid and his range was severely cut. Goku offers to teach Trunks how to use it and spends several hours training him to use Instant Transmission; he manages to get on the ship and locates the Dragon Ball in kitchen before finding a green-haired boy. A robot activates and begins to approach Trunks. It begins to attack Trunks, but he easily dodges it before he uses Galick Gun to destroys it. Trunks goes over to the boy and decides to take him to hospital. As he does this; he fails to notice Baby in his liquefied form exit from the HWM 100 X and enters the green-haired boy's blood stream. Trunks takes the boy and they head off the to planet with another technological advanced to have a hospital. They locate Pital and stay at the hospital. Goku, Pan, and Goten eat the hospital food while Trunks makes adjustments on the Planetary Dragon Radar to make finding the Dragon Balls easier. Knowing that they only had one left to go; he wanted to leave, but the boy destroys hospital and attempts make his way to the Saiyans, but Goku baits him to release his host as he emerges as he reveals that he has moved into a toddler stage is able to far better in a fight with Pan before possessing Trunks. However, after brief battle - Trunks is able to fight off Baby's control and finally Baby releases his control after Goku mentions that their Saiyans on Earth as well and some of them are stronger. Baby flees the hospital be possessing numerous individuals before taking over a spaceship and takes over the alien pilot. He uses the parasites he planted their bodies to turn them into his thralls while Goku and the others remain on the planet. After finishing the repairs; they leave to go after the final Dragon Ball while Baby heads for Earth.

On Earth; Chi-Chi and Bulma wonders how long Goku and the others have left on their search. Gohan arrives with Videl and discusses his training with Piccolo before Vegeta and Bulla arrive with a stack of groceries. Gohan senses an unknown energy signal approaching Earth as a spaceship crashes into a mountain near West City. Baby is the only one to survive the crash, but his host's body is mangled and no longer usable. He instead takes Yamcha's body and flies towards the city where he is met with Gohan. Baby attacks Gohan with Yamcha's attacks, but Gohan overpowers him and deflects his Spirit Ball. Meanwhile; Chi-Chi and Bulma prepare lunch for Bulla and Vegeta as he trains and Bulla talks to Videl. Bulla senses Gohan fight Yamcha and finds it strange that Yamcha is going at a 100% with Gohan. Gohan is able to gain the upperhand and Baby identifies himself before tuffleizing Yamcha and becoming Baby Yamcha. Gohan realises that Baby is enhancing Yamcha's powers and transforms his Potential Unleashed form before attacking Baby and overpowering him despite Baby hitting Gohan with his Super Kamehameha. Baby realises that Yamcha's age is a weakness and leaves Yamcha's body as he reveals that he has now assumed his Teen form. He is unable to defeat Gohan, but is still able to wound him with his Kiai slash and enter his body. Baby attacks Vegeta while his training and destroys his training room as they continue to fight. Baby reveals his identity and Vegeta mocks Baby calling his possession a weakling's weapon and powers up to Super Saiyan in order to fight him, but even with his Super Saiyan form; he is unable to match Gohan's Potential Unleashed form and Baby's additional power. He powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and immediately fires a Big Bang Attack at Baby and sends him flying. However, he is still outmatched and is on the losing end until Piccolo arrives to assist with the fight. Vegeta and Piccolo team up and fight along side each other in order to save Gohan, but even with their combined effort they are barely able to harm Baby as he uses Kamehameha on the both of them and sends them away. Piccolo is almost killed by the attack while Vegeta is knocked into the ground. Baby tries to most of the city with Masenko before using Super Masenko against Piccolo. He responds with his own Masenko and an Energy clash ensues before Vegeta fires his Final Shine Attack to assist Piccolo, but the two of them are outclassed. Baby flies through both energy waves and impales Piccolo with a punch before kicking Vegeta away. As Vegeta gives into his rage; he blasts Gohan at point blank range with Super Big Bang Attack and manages to critcally wound him while Baby enters the cuts on Vegeta's body. Vegeta powers down and goes over to assist Piccolo before checking on Gohan, but he begins hearing Baby's voice as he begins taking over Vegeta. Despite having better resistance against Baby; Vegeta is finally taken over and begins his domination of Earth. Elsewhere; Goku and the others have just acquired the last Dragon Ball and decide to return home as quick as possible.

Baby's Domination Edit

Baby begins his domination by spreading his parasites to Bulma and Chi-Chi while Videl and Bulla realise something is up and flees West City. Baby follows them before transforming into Super Saiyan as Android 18 gets him by surprise and attacks him from behind, and sends him flying into Roshi's Island. Android 18 prepares to attack him, but Baby grabs her by the neck and sends her flying into Roshi's House as Roshi uses MAX Pwer Kamehameha on him. However, Baby gets behind him and knocks him down with a blow to the back of the head as Good Buu arrives. Baby is intrigued Buu's power as he attacks Bulla and Videl. However, Buu is angered by Baby's attack and uses Mystic Attack on him to grab him before punching him and sending him flying across the ocean. Baby uses Big Bang Attack on him, but Buu counters it with his Kamehameha. Baby powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and becomes so impressed with its power that he decides to remain in the form and use it as his standard form. He fires Final Flash at Buu and destroys most of the islands in the area as Buu uses Majin Kamehameha on him after getting behind him, but Baby fires his Reverse Big Bang Attack at and manages to counter the Kamehameha as both energy attacks explode. As a final effort; Buu uses Super Majin Kamehameha, but Baby dodges it and uses a ki blast to blast the Majin into bits before planting his parasitic egg in him before turning Videl and the others at Roshi's Island. Buu decides to save Uub and Mr. Satan by hiding them in his body as Baby takes over Earth completely. Baby orders Dende to wait for the Grand Tour Team to return as he leaves and notices that he missed two Humans. Uub convinces Buu to let him go and he goes after Baby himself and fights him as he grabs the power and retracts from both towers as he prepares to use it as a weapon against Baby. Uub manages to clobber Baby with it several times before being knocked away with a punch before being blasted with a One-handed Kamehameha. Baby recovers from his attack as Bulla, Gohan, Yamcha, and Videl arrive to assist their new leader and they surround Baby as the four of their transfer their powers to him. However, he blasts Yamcha away believing him to be holding back power and attempts to use Buu instead, but Buu rejects his calls forcing him to use Piccolo instead. As his transformation is about begin; Goku appears suddenly appears and knocks Baby into the ground. Uub fills in Goku about the details as the others arrive to assist.

Baby darts at Goku and knocks him away with a punch to the face and sends him flying. Goku is amazed at his powers in Vegeta and goes in for a second attack. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 and manages to hold his own, but is easily knocked away with ease despite being at Super Saiyan 3. The form gives out as his small form can't maintain Super Saiyan 3 for long and powers up to Super Saiyan as Baby continue his rituals as he transforms into his first Strongest Form. Baby overpowers Goku as he merciless pummels him in the face before hurling him into the ground as he fires his Tuffle Big Bang Flash at Goku. Baby calls to his mind slaves and asks them to share their malice and hate with him as he begins to further his transformation into his Strongest Form 2. He launches Galick Gun at him, but Goku counters with Super Kamehameha.However, Goku is overpowered resulting in him being engulfed in the attack, but he manages to use Instant Transmission to travel a short distance away and is able to survive the explosion. Baby is able to corner Goku with his raw speed and proceeds to overpower him as the others try to respect Goku's request in the not helping. Goku asks Buu to take Pan and hide her to protect her. He respects his wishes, but takes Goten and Trunks with him as well as he leaves the area. Buu simply states that he won't disrespect a warrior after he's resolved himself in a way that Goku has. Goku keeps trying to get an edge in the fight, but no matter what he does; he is overpowered easily and knocked around as Baby states that he is finished playing nice as begins gathering spiteful energy from his mind slaves and the energy sealed within. A large energy sphere begins to form from the energy as Goku is too battered to move. Unable to do anything; Goku simply watches Baby hurls his Revenge Death Ball at Goku as Gohan and Bulla watch. Goku tries everything to avoid it, but he even struggles to use the Instant Transmission pose before feinting. Kibito Kai teleports in on Old Kai's orders and flies towards to Goku as Baby is celebrating early for his supposed victory as the energy sphere collides with the ground and explodes. After the smoke clears; Goku is nowhere to be found and Baby concedes victory as he puts his plans into motion by summoning Ultimate Shenron and wishing a replica of Planet Plant to appear in Earth's orbit as Buu senses the disappearance of Goku's energy believing he is dead.

However, thanks to Kibito Kai; Goku survives the attack and is brought to the Sacred Kai Planet. Old Kai asks Kibito Kai to heal him as he decides to preform the Old Kai Unlock Ability on Goku. Goku asks why he is receiving the same training that Gohan underwent, but Old Kai simply tells him to accept the training. After being healed; Old Kai begins the ceremony. As the ceremony begins; Kibito Kai begins to create several artifacts including an oversize coffee grinder and waits for the ceremony to finish. Meanwhile; Baby begins transporting a large sum of humans to the new Planet Plant as Buu sneaks on board with the others while leaving Mr. Satan at Goku's House as Chi-Chi has already left. Buu releases the others as Uub arrives. However, Baby manages to discover them and orders Gohan to kill Pan only for Trunks to intervene and save her. Baby tries to activate the Tuffle egg he left in Trunks, but Buu reveals that he removed it while Trunks was inside him. Gohan transforms into his Potential Unleashed form and uses his Soaring Dragon Strike against him causing Trunks to stumble backwards before transforming into his Super Saiyan form. Gohan transforms further into Super Saiyan Potential Unleashed, but it appears that the transformation is just a cosmetic effect as he isn't any stronger than before despite still overpowering Trunks. Uub faces off with Baby, but he is greatly overpowered as he is knocked around like a ragdoll as the ship continues on its journey to the planet. As they break orbit; Baby opens the door - causing Uub and the others to be sucked while the passengers that were strapped in remain on the ship. Baby manages to recover and flies directly at Uub as he continues to pummel him, but Uub recovers and attempts to use Kamehameha on him, but Baby deflects it back at him. Meanwhile; Trunks continues to struggle against Gohan and attempts to transform further, but Gohan stops him with Tuffle Kamehameha. However, Baby decides to finish the fight and uses Revenge Death Ball once again, but Buu absorbs most of the attack before exploding and turning the area into a crater. Baby leaves with Bulla after everyone is set up in the area. Meanwhile; Goku gets annoyed at the length of the ritual and says that 20 hours is too long as the five hour half of the ritual is already complete. Kibito Kai suggest to continuing the ritual in the Room of Spirit and Time in order to decrease the time and Old Kai agrees. He summons a door on the Sacred Planet of the Kais so they don't have to go to Earth to get into the Room of Spirit and Time. However, after an hour - Goku reappears as he is about explain the next half of the training, but Old Kai says it is no longer necessary and reveals the purpose of the second half was to restore his tail, but it has already began growing. Old Kai says he wants to speed and the process and begin pulling tail. At first; Goku isn't sure, but he agrees. Meanwhile; Uub has been encompassed by Buu as he reveals Uub's history and previous life before telling him that it is time for the two become the same again as the pieces of Buu begin to merge with Uub before finally after a pink glow - Majuub is born. Majuub looks over to Gohan and notices that he was hit by the explosion, but survived despite being heavily injured. Majuub reveals that Buu is able to remove parasites from others due to the Grand Supreme Kai he absorbed. He uses Parasitic Purification to remove the parasite from Gohan before heading off to Baby as Goku is currently having his tail grown by force.

Majuub punches Baby in the face as he catches him by surprise and demonstrates a higher power than before. Thanks to the fusion; Majuub now matches Baby's power and is able to counter each of his abilities. They continue to battle for sometime as Goku's tail is already halfway grown. Majuub uses a healing ki blast and fires it into air before it comes back down on him after firing his Chocolate Kamehameha. The ki blast restores some of his stamina as well while healing him from Baby's attacks. He continues to attack him, but both their attacks barely do any damage to each other and only result in environment damages before Baby sends Majuub in to the ground with a ki blast. He uses his hair to whip Majuub away before uses Galick Gun as he falls to ground. Goku arrives as he watches Majuub become swallowed by the energy wave and is left battered and bruised on the ground. Goku shows off his tail as he powers up to his Potential Unleashed form and begins his assault against Baby. Despite his new powers; he barely reaches Baby's powers and is easily knocked away. The fight continues as Baby mercilessly pummels Goku while is able to get in a few punches. Meanwhile; Majuub awakens as Bulla is about take him prisoner, but he uses his Parasitic Purification on her and frees her from Baby's control. Noticing that his hold has weakened; Baby fires Super Big Bang Attack and manages to kill both Majuub and Bulla. As result of Baby killing Vegeta's daughter and Majuub - Goku's rage takes over and as result ascends into the Evolved Super Saiyan 3 form. Baby is intrigued by the new form and proceeds to attack Goku whom manages dodge his attack and kicks him in the face. Baby stumbles backwards from the kick and continues to attack until the form gives out due to his size. Realising that he was unable to use the form for more than a few seconds - he decides to use his Potential Unleashed form again despite it not being able to do any real damage. Goku continues to battle him, but is unable to land blow on Baby; causing him to become irritated both due to his rage and frustration at the fact that his Potential Unleashed state is not strong enough forcing him to combine his Evolved Super Saiyan 3 form with it; resulting in the Evolved SS3 Potential Unleashed form. He is able to outclass Baby by a small margin, but it isn't enough to defeat him for good as he is knocked down after he is forced back into his base form. Goku's frustration reaches its peak and causes his kid form before wishing to be an adult again. Chronoa hears his wish as she watches through the Scroll of Destiny and uses her Age Manipulation ability to age Goku until his was an adult again. He transforms into his Evolved Super Saiyan 3, but is knock down again; resulting in him opting to use his Evolved SS 3 Potential Unleashed. As before he is power difference is a mere margin, and powers down to his Potential Unleashed form. He begins gazing at Earth and before he begins to change. Old Kai chats "she was right" as the others are shocked as Goku transforms him into a Golden Great Ape.

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Angered and shocked at the site; Baby remembers his people's downfall at the hands of the Saiyans and says that the Golden Great Ape form is new to him as he goes in for an attack, but Goku knocks him down with ease. Goku uses Fire Breath on Baby and destroys a metro area before resorting his Freeze Breath and freezes half of the city along with Baby's Tower. Goku manages to knock Baby down as he prepares his Revenge Death Ball causing him to drop the energy sphere on himself and results in a small explosion. Annoyed that he was injured by his own attack; Baby fires Final Flash at Goku, but he simply moves out of the way as he stumbles towards a valley and begins destroy it. Pan tries to reason with him only to be knocked away as Goku's attention is drawn to the moon. Goku goes over to mountain and starts pining at Earth allowing Baby to escape as Pan correctly guesses that Goku has no control over himself. Pan tries to reach Goku and even uses her old martial arts outfit, but he knocks her away. A picture falls out of Pan's old outfit, and Goku picks it up. As Baby concludes that he can also transform; Goku remembers the photo and begins to take control. Baby orders Bulma to prepare the means for him to transform into a Golden Great Ape as Goku begins to transform. After large explosion and a planet-wide earthquake; Goku emerges in the new form that Old Kai announces as Super Saiyan 4 while Chronoa smiles and quotes that she is glad that Old Kai listened to her. Goku is baffled by the power, but takes no time to go after Baby and immediately kicks him in the back; sending him into the frozen straight. Baby orders Bulma to speed up the process as the two battle it out, but Goku easily overpowers him with each attack before pretending to be injured by each punch. After Baby's Revenge Death Ball has absolutely no effect on Goku; he questions Goku's new powers and Goku admits to pretending to be injure and compares his punches to a love tap. Goku fires his Kamehameha X10 at Baby, but Baby dodges the attack and tries to punch Goku, but his fist is caught by the Saiyan and is sent flying into the ground with a Dragonthrow. The battle continues on for sometime as Baby voice his frustration and attempts to destroy Goku with his Tuffle Big Bang Flash, but Goku dodges the attack and mocks Baby for not understanding the powers of Saiyan and tells him that he'll never be able to use Vegeta's full potential. Baby admires Goku's respect for Vegeta as his grabbed by the face and slammed into the ground. Old Kai notices that Goku's attacks are more brutal than usual and notes that Super Saiyan 4 seems to make him more beast-like. They fighting continues as Baby is hit by the Blutz Wave Generator and begins his transformation into the Golden Great Ape Form. Immediately after; Baby begins his assault and uses Flaming Death Ball against Goku; surprising the Saiyan that he can still talk normally. Baby says that it's his turn to go on the offensive and darts towards Goku.

Due to Baby's size; Goku is able to dodge his attack and proceeds to attacking him as they clash throughout the planet. However, Goku is eventually overwhelmed and knocked down with a few punches. He begins preparing another Flaming Death Ball but begins gathering hateful energy from his mind slaves as well as siphon hateful energy from Goku, Trunks, Goten, and his freed slaves. Trunks nearly collapses from having his hate siphoned and continues to empower his energy sphere with hate and spite until it is twice the size of Baby's Great Ape form. Baby calls it his Doom Ball and hurls it at Goku. Realising that the sphere could destroy the whole planet; Goku prepares his True Kamehameha X10 to counter it. However, Trunks doesn't believe it'll be enough and encourages Goten to fuse with him once again into Gotenks. They fuse as Super Saiyans and assist Goku, but using his Super Galick Kamehameha. With their combined effort - they are able to repel the Doom Ball into space. Gotenks powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and attempts to fight him, but Goku tells that he'd be wasting energy. He convinces Gotenks to let him deal with Baby himself; Gotenks agrees on the condition that he allows Gotenks to transfer his ki to Goku. Goku agrees and receives energy from Gotenks until he collapse from transferring almost all his ki to Goku. with Gotenks' Power; Goku's power increases and takes on to calling the form Full-Powered Super Saiyan 4 and proceeds to overwhelm Baby with his new power. Meanwhile; Old Kai wonders how they'll cure Baby's victims and Kibito Kai mentions that Majuub was able to cure Bulla and Gohan. Old Kai is reluctant in using the Dragon Balls, but relents after a bit. Kibito Kai uses Porunga to revive Majuub and along with Baby's' other victims before Kibito Kai asks Majuub to free everyone from Baby's control. He agrees with plan and needs a way to uses it on a planetary scale. Kibito Kai asks Porunga wait for the two other wishes as he takes Majuub to Dende and Mr. Popo to cure them. Dende suggests using the Lookout to use his abilities and as agrees the energy from his Parasitic Purification begin to free everyone infected by Baby. Meanwhie; Goku continues to battle as he overwhelms Baby with ease before Baby begins to sense that his control over Earth is wavering. In his haste; he gathers the rest of the hatred and malice from his power to create his Revenge Death Ball Final. Goku seems to be calm about the situation while the others panick at the sight of the Giant energy sphere. Goku uses the time that Baby is taking and decides to focus his energy by meditating. Baby thinks Goku is submitting and mocks him for his submission as the energy sphere is almost complete. Upon unleashing the energy sphere; Goku stands up and prepares to take it head on.

Goku is swallowed by the energy sphere as he collides with it but reveals that he went inside it on purpose to absorb the energy from the Revenge Death Ball Final. The energy continues to engulf Goku until it has been completely absorbed and gives Goku a new aura and muscle mass increase. Gotenks calls this new state the Ultra-Powered Super Saiyan 4 and watches as Goku takes down Baby with a single punch. Majuub arrives frees the rest of the mind-slaves from Baby's control as Goku shows relief for his resurrection as Goku uses Death Slicer on Baby, but Baby dodges only for Goku to smirk as he controls the destructo disc and severs Baby's tail. Baby begins reverting back to his previous state, but at this point Vegeta's size is too small for Baby; forcing him to leave his body. Old Kai decides to alert everyone to fact that when Baby used Ultimate Shenron; the clock for Earth's destruction as restarted and it's about to blow. Shocking; each of them while angering Gotenks. Majuub gives Gotenks a Senzu Bean to restore his energy and allows the fused warrior to transform immediately into his Super Saiyan 3 form and proceeds to attack Adult Baby. Goku ask Kibito Kai to begin the evacuation of Earth while he finishes the fight. The others go with Kibito Kai to help, and Mr. Satan convinces the planet to listen. Kibito Kai decides to use Porunga again to move everyone from Earth to Planet Plant. Meanwhile Baby and Gotenks continue to fight each other until Goku arrives and watches the fight for brief second before Gotenks flies next to him. They nod at each other and Gotenks says "let's do this" to Goku as he prepares his Big Tree Cannon while Goku prepares his Kamehameha X10. Baby tries to fire his Revenge Final Flash at them but they fire their attack and as the energy beams combine into the Big Tree Kamehameha; Adult Baby is engulfed by the blast and disintegrates as their energy beam sends Baby into the sun. Everyone is sent to Planet Plant except Piccolo who didn't want to be leave Earth as his death would rendered the Black-Star Dragon Balls inert and useless. Following Earth's destruction; the final wish is used to restore Earth as everyone returns. Goku and the others meet at Goku's house for a victory celebration; and Chi-Chi voices her approval of the restoration of Goku's adult form. Meanwhile; at the Time Nest Chronoa decides to use Face to erase the Black-Star Dragon Balls in the current timeline from existence and erase everyone's memory that knew of their existence. Meanwhile; Dr. Myuu in his second body watches a live video of Goku's fight with Baby and uses to get more snaps of Android 17 as begins his next project.

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  • Trunks (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Bizu
  • Trunks (Super Saiyan 3) vs. General Rilldo
  • Pan vs. Hanna (Unnamed Metalman Absorbed/Giru Absorbed)
  • Goku vs. Nezi, Bizu, and Natt
  • Pan & Hanna (Giru Absorbed) vs. General Rilldo
  • Goku vs. Super Sigma (Base/Flying Formation)
  • Goten vs. General Rilldo
  • Pan & Hanna (Metalman absorbed) vs. Machine Mutants
  • Hanna (Metalman absorbed) vs. Prototype Machine Mutants and Ballisto Machine Mutants
  • Goten & Hanna (Machine Mutants absorbed) vs. General Rilldo
  • Goten (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Full Power/Super Saiyan 2) vs. General Rilldo (Base/Hyper Meta-Rilldo/Meta-Rilldo)
  • Goten (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3), Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2), & Pan vs. General Rilldo (Meta-Rilldo)
  • Pan & Goten vs. Dr. Myuu
  • Hanna vs. Dr. Myuu
  • Pan vs. Baby (Infant form)
  • Goku, Gotenks, Pan, & Giru vs. General Rilldo (Meta-Rilldo) and Machine Mutants
  • Trunks vs. HWM 100 X (Baby infected)
  • Goten vs. Trunks (Baby Infected)
  • Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) vs. Yamcha (Baby Infected/Tuffleization)
  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Gohan (Baby possessed/Potential Unleashed)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2), & Piccolo vs. Gohan (Baby Possessed: Potential Unleashed)
  • Master Roshi (MAX Power) & Android 18 vs. Baby (Baby Vegeta: Super Saiyan)
  • Videl & Bulla vs. Baby (Baby Vegta: Super Saiyan)
  • Good Buu vs. Baby (Baby Vegeta: Super Saiyan/Baby Vegeta: Super Saiyan 2)
  • Uub vs. Baby (Baby Vegeta: Super Saiyan 2)
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 3/Super Saiyan) vs. Baby (Baby Vegeta: Super Saiyan 2/Strongest Form 1/Strongest Form 2)
  • Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Gohan (Baby infected: Base/Baby infected: Potential Unleashed/Baby Infected: Super Saiyan Potential Unleashed)
  • Uub vs. Baby (Strongest Form 2)
  • Majuub vs. Baby (Strongest Form 2)
  • Goku (Potential Unleashed/Evolved Super Saiyan 3/Evolved SS3 Potential Unleashed) vs. Baby (Strongest Form 2)
  • Goku (Golden Great Ape) vs. Baby (Strongest Form 2)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan 4) vs. Baby (Strongest From 2/Golden Great Ape)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan 4) & Gotenks (Super Saiyan) vs. Baby (Golden Great Ape)
  • Goku (Full-Powered Super Saiyan 4/Ultra-Powered Super Saiyan 4) vs. Baby (Golden Great Ape)
  • Goku (Ultra-Powered Super Saiyan 4) & Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Baby (Adult Body)
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