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This article is about the tournament based on Salagir's "Dragon Ball Multiverse" fanmanga, for the potential video game go here

BH Game 3 is the third version of the BH game, this time its a homage to DBMultiverse. It's hosted on Prince Bartek's birthday, and unlike DBM, it allows getting help and killing is forbidding


All fighters fight until they reach the goal in which they fight the prince himself, the organizators don't count as finalists. The more minutes the finalists lasts the more wishes he/she gets. The rules are bassicly the same as in the martial artists tournament: you lose if you kill somebody, also the people who aren't in the fight can help their fighters, attacking the organizator will resultalt in your death.

Universes and the charactersEdit

  • Organizators - Prince Bartek, The Queen, Evil Bardock, Evil Turles, Evil Kakarot, Bageta, Vegedock, Bio-Vegito, Bio-Vegeta, Jeice, North Supreme Kai, Mutaito, Broly, Raditz, Sansho, Cooler, Freeza, Salt
  • Main universe - Goku, Bardock, Gine, Turles, Pan, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, Videl, Uub, Buu, Mark, Bulma
  • Vegito universe - Vegito, Child of Vegito & Chi-Chi, Child of Vegito & Bulma, Child of Vegito & Bulchi, Bulchi, Pan, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, Videl
  • Future universe - Future Gohan, Future Videl, Future Pan, Future Trunks, Future #16
  • Royal demons - Princess Chi-Chi, Ox King
  • Mystic universe - Mystic Gohan, Princess Pan, Queen Videl, Mystic hound, Piccolo, Prince Goten, Princess Valese
  • Great Saiyaman universe - Greatsaiyamans 1-4
  • Saiyan universe - Prince Vegeta, Prince Plan, Princess Enscha, Kakarot, Ceri, Ninji, Pum, Raditz, Nappa, Bulma, Videl, Chi-Chi, Yamcha
  • Demon universe - Lord Piccolo , Pian, Gohan (Demon)
  • Great Yamcha universe - Yamcha desert bandit, Heirness Bulma, Boxer
  • Bojack universe - Bojack, Bido, Zangya, Bujin
  • Broly universe - Broly twins
  • Bardock universe - Bardock, other saiyans
  • Tullece universe - Turles
  • Mark universe - Super Mark, Buu
  • ARDBZ universe - Cell, Goku

Mentioned universesEdit

  • Gokules universe - Bartek saying that Pan must've had a horror seeing that "thing" as her grandpa
  • Gohaku universe - When Vegito asked Bartek for a challenger, Bartek then mentiones the fusion between Goku and Gohan. Vegito asked him to sent him there once the tournament is over
  • Baby Krillin universe
  • Dr. Willow universe - Seeing Dr. Willow in Goku's body, Bartek offered him to join the tournament, but he denied

The fightsEdit

  • Future Gohan vs Ceri
  • Future Videl vs Greatsaiyaman #2
  • Future Pan vs Super Mark
  • Evil Kakarot vs Bio-Vegeta
  • Evil Turles vs Mystic Gohan
  • Evil Bardock vs Pan (Strongest)
  • Lord Yamcha vs Prince Vegeta
  • Princess Pan vs Bojack
  • Pan vs Broly twin
  • Goku vs Broly
  • Bardock vs Queen Videl
  • Vegito vs Bio-Vegito
  • Bageta vs Vegedock
  • Future #16 vs Kakarot
  • Pum vs Broly twin
  • Pian vs Sansho
  • Bido vs Nappa
  • Raditz vs Prince Raditz
  • Good Turles vs Turles
  • Salt vs Gohan (Demon)
  • Gine vs Great saiyaman #4
  • Gotenks (GT universe) vs Ninji

Beta fightsEdit

Future Gohan was stated to fight Greatsaiyaman but Greatsaiyaman was too powerful for him


  • Prince Bartek - himself
  • Pan, Princess Pan, Future Pan, Pan (Strongest), Great saiyaman 4, Pum, Pian - sailorsilverstar


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